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[e][h]Protoss Oracle
Unit Information
Air Unit
Built From:
Minerals 150 Gas 150 Game Speed 50 Supply 3
Ground Attack:
15 (Spell) (Pulsar Beam)
Ground DPS:
+10 vs Light (Spell)
Bonus DPS:
+11.6 vs Light
100 Plasma Shield 60 Armor 0(+1)


The Oracle is a flying harassment and support caster for the Protoss that is produced from the Stargate. While fairly expensive and fragile, the Oracle is a very mobile unit and has several useful spells. Its attack, Pulsar Beam must be activated for an energy cost before it can be used and also drains energy while the ability is activated. It rapidly destroys workers and other light units, although anti-air units and structures will quickly kill it. The Oracle is also an effective scout and can be used as a temporary detector.


Caster: Oracle
Energy 75
Radius: 6
Hotkey: R
Reveals enemy units and buildings within target area.
Caster: Oracle
Energy 50
Radius: 14
Hotkey: T
Grants detection within the Oracle’s sight range.
Activate Pulsar Beam
Caster: Oracle
Energy 25 (-1.4/s)
Hotkey: C
Charges the Oracle's Pulsar Beam, which does 15 (+10 vs Light) spell damage to ground units while active.

Note: Revelation and Envision are sometimes confused. Revelation grants the player vision of enemy units within the area of effect, whereas Envision turns the Oracle into a detector, both abilities being active for a limited time.

Competitive Use


Vs. Protoss

Proxy Stargate play has seen some competitive play, and if unscouted can cause serious damage to the opponents economy.

Vs. Terran

Oracle play against Terran can be a gamble due to Marines. Against a greedy or unprepared Terran an Oracle opening will do devastating damage to the economy. If the Terran player scouts the build or amasses a large number of marines though, the build can be shut down quite quickly. However, surviving oracles are still useful support units, as their fast speed will help deal with small terran drops in conjunction with photon overcharge. Some players also utilize revelation to great effect in scaring away drops and spotting the late game terran army to get off critical storms.

It is important to note that a single Oracle can take up to five Marines without Combat Shield, while two Oracles are only able to eliminate a group of eight or less Marines, these facts are important to remember while going for an Oracle rush or defending one.

Vs. Zerg

Due to their low health and Zerg players always having anti-air in their base (Queens), Oracles are seldom seen in the matchup for harassment. However, oracles can still be useful in mid- and late-game because of their Revelation ability, especially when used on packs of Mutalisks to make the protoss player prepeared for harassment. Also, it may be worth noting that Oracles can kill Larva very quickly because they die from a single oracle attack even at full health, which can leave the Zerg unable to produce additional units.


The early Oracle model bears many similarities to the Stasis Orb of the Wings of Liberty alpha
  • The unit model was based on the Stasis Orb design, adjusted to fit a Dark Templar theme.[1]
  • Revelation puts a seal on units in the area the ability was cast on, the seal lasts for 60 Seconds and reveals the units it is placed upon.
    • With this ability and the Oracle's fast movement speed, tracking and spotting enemy armies becomes a simple task. This ability does not detect Cloaked or Burrowed units. Units that burrow or cloak while under the effects of Revelation will once again be revealed after unburrowing or uncloaking.
  • Activate Pulsar Beam is a spell that costs 25 energy to activate and 1.4 energy per second thereafter; it enables the Oracle to attack ground units with a high-damage beam that can two-shot workers and marines without Combat Shield. The Pulsar Beam is the main weapon of the Oracle and can take out a large number of workers in a short time. Therefore it is important to activate the ability at the last possible second to deal maximum damage. Also it is important to note that the Sentry's Guardian Shield does not reduce the damage of the Pulsar Beam.
  • Envision is the least used spell of the Oracle, it is used mostly as way to survive against cloaked threats until the more reliable way of detection can be brought to the field, the Observer. The Oracle can be more cost-efficient by harassing or scouting, but it is important to remember that this ability exists for the rare situations where it becomes a vital tool.


The Oracle and Tempest were designed so that Protoss could make more use of the Stargate in the early-game and that it would be possible to go for Stargate based armies in the late-game, given that it was an unpopular choice for most of Wings of Liberty (outside of PvP and PvZ early-game, and PvZ extreme late-game). Besides the Warp Prism, it was felt that the Protoss race lacked a way for harassment, and that is another reason why the Oracle was created.



Oracle's quotes (video and sound) - YouTube video.

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