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Creator: IronManSC
TLPD: International Korean
Tileset: Bel'Shir
Size: 128x135
Spawn Positions: 2 at 5,11
Versions: (TLPD)


Competition Span: 2012-01 – present


Ohana is a two-player map originally developed by ESV's IronManSC and the map-making team The Planetary Workshop and later developed by the ESV Mapmaking Team.[1] The original version took 2nd place in TeamLiquid's Map Contest, behind Cloud Kingdom.[2]

Versions of the map have been used in the NASL Open Tournament 2 and for the 2012 GSL Season 2. The ladder edition is part of the 1v1 map pool since Season 7 (10th of April 2012).



The map was originally developed by IronManSC and The Planetary Workshop and was released as TPW Ohana. After placing 2nd in the TLMC, the ESV Mapmaking Team reworked the map and released the refined versions ESV Ohana RE, ESV Ohana, and finally ESV Ohana LE, the later being the version used in the Season 7 map pool.

Overlord Positioning[edit]

Team Dignitas' Apollo suggested the following overlord positions in Episode 6 of his Learn2Play series:

vs. Protoss
vs. Terran
vs. Zerg


  • In Hawaiian, 'ohana means family.[3] The phrase "Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind — or forgotten." which originates from the Walt Disney Feature Animation film "Lilo & Stitch"[4][5] became a meme in the StarCraft community after commentator MrBitter repeated it during HomeStory Cup V.


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