OSC CN Weekly

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[e][h]OSC CN Weekly
League Information
South Korea
Single-elimination bracket
Prize pool:
Start Date:
Liquipedia Tier:

The OSC CN Weekly is a weekly tournament for CN, TW, HK + Macau citizens/permanent residents.


  • Single-elimination bracket.
  • Bo3 until the semifinals.
  • Finals are Bo5.

Prize pool[edit]

$50 and 160 OSC Points are divided among participants as follows:

Place Prize (USD) OSC Points
1st $35 60
2nd $15 30
3rd/4th - 15
5-8th - 5
9-16th - 2.5


# Date 1st 2nd SF SF
1 #1 2017-05-01 China Ticon small.png Coffee Taiwan Zicon small.png Rex China Picon small.png Cyan China Zicon small.png Sakya
2 #2 2017-05-08 China Ticon small.png Coffee China Ticon small.png Chick China Zicon small.png 淡然 Taiwan Zicon small.png Rex
3 #3 2017-05-15 China Picon small.png Cyan China Zicon small.png Silky Taiwan Zicon small.png Rex China Ticon small.png Shana
4 #4 2017-05-22 China Ticon small.png Chick Taiwan Zicon small.png Rex China Zicon small.png Sakya China Ticon small.png Ein
5 #5 2017-05-29 China Ticon small.png Chick China Picon small.png Cyan China Picon small.png Cloudy China Zicon small.png Silky
6 #6 2017-06-05 China Picon small.png Cyan Taiwan Picon small.png Nice China Ticon small.png Ein China Zicon small.png BreakingGG
# Date 1st 2nd 3rd
7 #7 2017-06-19 2017-06-19 China Ticon small.png Shana China Zicon small.png Sakya China Ticon small.png Chick
8 #8 2017-06-26 2017-06-26 China Ticon small.png Chick China Zicon small.png Sakya Taiwan Zicon small.png inthehope
9 #9 2017-07-04 2017-07-04 Taiwan Picon small.png Nice Taiwan Ticon small.png NaXin China Zicon small.png mihu
10 #10 2017-07-11 2017-07-11 China Ticon small.png Chick Taiwan Zicon small.png Cell Taiwan Ticon small.png NaXin
11 #11 2017-07-18 2017-07-18 Taiwan Zicon small.png Rex China Ticon small.png Chick China Picon small.png Firefly
12 #12 2017-07-25 2017-07-25 China Ticon small.png Chick China Ticon small.png Shana China Picon small.png MacSed
13 #13 2017-08-01 2017-08-01 China Ticon small.png Ein Taiwan Picon small.png Has China Zicon small.png danran
14 #14 2017-08-08 2017-08-08 Taiwan Picon small.png Has Taiwan Picon small.png Nice Taiwan Zicon small.png Cell
15 #15 2017-08-15 2017-08-15 Taiwan Picon small.png Nice China Ticon small.png Ein China Ticon small.png Shana
16 #16 2017-08-22 2017-08-22 Space filler flag.png Space filler race.png TBD Space filler flag.png Space filler race.png TBD Space filler flag.png Space filler race.png TBD
17 #17 2017-08-29 2017-08-29 Space filler flag.png Space filler race.png TBD Space filler flag.png Space filler race.png TBD Space filler flag.png Space filler race.png TBD


Medals won per Race[edit]

Race Total
Zicon small.png Zerg 1 6 7
Ticon small.png Terran 9 5 14
Picon small.png Protoss 5 4 9

Medals won per Player[edit]

Ticon small.png Chick 
Ticon small.png Coffee Picon small.png Cyan Picon small.png Nice 
Ticon small.png Ein Picon small.png Has Zicon small.png Rex Ticon small.png Shana 
Ticon small.png Chick Picon small.png Nice Zicon small.png Rex Zicon small.png Sakya 
Zicon small.png Cell Picon small.png Cyan Ticon small.png Ein Picon small.png Has Ticon small.png NaXin Ticon small.png Shana Zicon small.png Silky 

Medals won per Country[edit]

Country Total
China China 11 8 19
Taiwan Taiwan 4 7 11