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[e][h]OSC All Stars
League Information
South Korea
Single-elimination bracket
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The OSC All Stars is a weekly tournament open to Oceanic, SEA, Chinese, North American and Latin American citizens/permanent residents. Games are played on KR server.


  • Single-elimination bracket.
  • Bo3 until the semifinals.
  • Semifinals and finals are Bo5.

Prize pool[edit]

Standard Prize Pool[edit]

$100 and 370 OSC points are divided among participants as follows:

Place Prize (USD) OSC Points
1st $75 130
2nd $25 80
3rd-4th - 40
5th-8th - 10
9th-16th - 5

Cup #12[edit]

$200 and 600 OSC points are divided among participants as follows:

Place Prize (USD) OSC Points
1st $100 200
2nd $60 125
3rd-4th $20 45
5th-8th - 15
9th-16th - 5
16th-32nd - 2.5



# Date 1st 2nd SF SF
1 #1 2016-09-15 China Zicon small.png iAsonu Sweden Zicon small.png Winter China Zicon small.png Punk China Picon small.png Jieshi
2 #2 2016-09-22 China Zicon small.png iAsonu China Picon small.png Cyan Mexico Ticon small.png MajOr China Picon small.png MacSed
3 #3 2016-09-29 China Picon small.png Cyan Mexico Zicon small.png JimRising Australia Ticon small.png Seither India Zicon small.png DemiLove
4 #4 2016-10-06 Mexico Zicon small.png Cham Taiwan Picon small.png Nice Mexico Zicon small.png JimRising India Zicon small.png DemiLove
5 #5 2016-10-13 Taiwan Picon small.png Nice India Zicon small.png DemiLove China Picon small.png Dajiba China Zicon small.png Silky
6 #6 2016-10-20 Sweden Zicon small.png Winter China Ticon small.png Chick India Zicon small.png DemiLove Vietnam Zicon small.png MeomaikA
7 #7 2016-10-27 Taiwan Picon small.png Nice China Picon small.png Cyan China Zicon small.png BreakingGG India Zicon small.png DemiLove
8 #8 2016-11-03 China Picon small.png Cyan India Zicon small.png DemiLove Taiwan Picon small.png Nice Sweden Zicon small.png Winter
9 #9 2016-11-10 China Ticon small.png TIME China Zicon small.png BreakingGG China Picon small.png Cyan Vietnam Zicon small.png MeomaikA
10 #10 2016-11-17 China Picon small.png MacSed China Picon small.png Rushcrazy China Zicon small.png BreakingGG Mexico Zicon small.png Cham
11 #11 2016-11-24 Brazil Ticon small.png Kelazhur China Zicon small.png Silky China Picon small.png Cyan Australia Zicon small.png Wally
12 #12 2016-12-01 Mexico Zicon small.png Cham Brazil Ticon small.png Kelazhur Australia Ticon small.png Seither China Picon small.png Cyan
13 #13 2016-12-08 Canada Zicon small.png Scarlett China Zicon small.png BreakingGG China Picon small.png Cloudy Mexico Zicon small.png Cham
14 #14 2016-12-15 China Zicon small.png BreakingGG Mexico Zicon small.png Cham Taiwan Picon small.png Nice India Zicon small.png DemiLove


# Date 1st 2nd SF SF
15 #15 2017-01-12 China Ticon small.png Chick China Zicon small.png Silky Taiwan Picon small.png Nice Kazakhstan Picon small.png PiLiPiLi
16 #16 2017-01-19 Mexico Ticon small.png MajOr Brazil Ticon small.png Kelazhur Mexico Zicon small.png Cham China Zicon small.png iAsonu
17 #17 2017-01-26 Australia Ticon small.png iaguz Mexico Ticon small.png MajOr Mexico Zicon small.png Cham China Zicon small.png BreakingGG
18 #18 2017-02-02 Mexico Zicon small.png Cham Vietnam Zicon small.png MeomaikA Peru Zicon small.png BLord Sweden Zicon small.png Winter
19 #19 2017-02-09 China Ticon small.png TIME China Ticon small.png Chick Australia Ticon small.png Azure Australia Ticon small.png iaguz
20 #20 2017-02-16 Brazil Ticon small.png Kelazhur Mexico Ticon small.png MajOr China Zicon small.png Punk China Ticon small.png Chick
21 #21 2017-02-23 Mexico Ticon small.png MajOr China Zicon small.png Punk China Ticon small.png Chick Brazil Ticon small.png Kelazhur
22 #22 2017-03-02 Brazil Ticon small.png Kelazhur China Zicon small.png BreakingGG China Ticon small.png Chick Canada Picon small.pngZicon small.png Scarlett
23 #23 2017-03-09 Brazil Ticon small.png Kelazhur Mexico Zicon small.png Cham China Picon small.png Jieshi China Ticon small.png Chick
24 #24 2017-03-16 Mexico Zicon small.png Cham China Picon small.png Cloudy China Ticon small.png Chick Taiwan Picon small.png Nice
25 #25 2017-03-23 China Ticon small.png Chick China Picon small.png 夜蝶 China Picon small.png Rushcrazy China Zicon small.png Silky
26 #26 2017-03-30 Brazil Ticon small.png Kelazhur China Picon small.png Cyan China Zicon small.png BreakingGG Sweden Zicon small.png Winter
27 #27 2017-04-06 China Zicon small.png BreakingGG India Zicon small.png DemiLove Australia Zicon small.png Peppy Vietnam Zicon small.png MeomaikA
28 #28 2017-04-13 China Zicon small.png BreakingGG Australia Ticon small.png iaguz China Ticon small.png Chick India Zicon small.png DemiLove
29 #29 2017-04-20 China Ticon small.png Chick Vietnam Zicon small.png MeomaikA Taiwan Picon small.png Nice Australia Ticon small.png Azure
30 #30 2017-04-27 Canada Picon small.pngZicon small.png Scarlett Vietnam Zicon small.png MeomaikA China Ticon small.png Chick Taiwan Picon small.png Nice
31 #31 2017-05-04 Canada Picon small.pngZicon small.png Scarlett China Picon small.png Cloudy India Zicon small.png DemiLove China Zicon small.png Silky
32 #32 2017-05-11 India Zicon small.png DemiLove Taiwan Picon small.png Nice China Ticon small.png Chick Taiwan Zicon small.png Cell
33 #33 2017-05-18 Taiwan Picon small.png Nice China Picon small.png 夜蝶 Australia Zicon small.png Ascarecrow China Zicon small.png BreakingGG
34 #34 2017-05-25 China Picon small.png Cyan Vietnam Zicon small.png MeomaikA China Zicon small.png LeiFeng New Zealand Zicon small.png Crimson
35 #35 2017-06-01 Canada Zicon small.png Scarlett China Ticon small.png Chick China Zicon small.png Silky Vietnam Zicon small.png MeomaikA
36 #36 2017-06-08 Canada Zicon small.png Scarlett China Picon small.png Cyan Mexico Zicon small.png Cham Australia Ticon small.png Azure
37 #37 2017-06-15 Taiwan Picon small.png Nice China Picon small.png Cyan USA Zicon small.png Silky Vietnam Zicon small.png MeomaikA
38 #38 2017-06-22 Taiwan Picon small.png Nice China Picon small.png MacSed China Ticon small.png Ein Mexico Zicon small.png JimRising
39 #39 2017-06-29 China Ticon small.png Chick India Zicon small.png DemiLove Taiwan Picon small.png Nice Vietnam Zicon small.png MeomaikA
40 #40 2017-07-06 Taiwan Picon small.png Nice China Picon small.png Cyan Canada Zicon small.png Scarlett Vietnam Zicon small.png MeomaikA
41 #41 2017-07-13 China Ticon small.png Chick China Picon small.png Cyan India Zicon small.png DemiLove Vietnam Zicon small.png MeomaikA
42 #42 2017-07-20 China Ticon small.png Shana India Zicon small.png DemiLove Taiwan Picon small.png Nice China Picon small.png Cyan
43 #43 2017-07-27 USA Picon small.png Neeb Canada Zicon small.png Scarlett China Ticon small.png Shana China Ticon small.png Chick
44 #44 2017-08-03 Canada Zicon small.pngPicon small.png Scarlett China Picon small.png Cyan India Zicon small.png DemiLove Australia Zicon small.png Ascarecrow
45 #45 2017-08-10 China Ticon small.png Chick Canada Picon small.png Scarlett India Zicon small.png DemiLove Vietnam Zicon small.png MeomaikA
46 #46 2017-08-17 China Ticon small.png Shana China Picon small.png Firefly China Picon small.png Jieshi Taiwan Zicon small.png Cell
47 #47 2017-08-24 China Ticon small.png Chick China Ticon small.png Shana India Zicon small.png DemiLove China Picon small.png Firefly
48 #48 2017-08-31 USA Picon small.png Neeb India Zicon small.png DemiLove China Ticon small.png Chick China Ticon small.png Shana
49 #49 2017-09-07 China Picon small.png Cyan Hong Kong Zicon small.png GogojOey Vietnam Zicon small.png MeomaikA
50 #50 2017-09-14 Mexico Ticon small.png SpeCial China Picon small.png Rushcrazy China Zicon small.png Sakya Taiwan Zicon small.png Cell
51 #51 2017-09-21 China Picon small.png Cyan China Ticon small.png Shana Vietnam Zicon small.png MeomaikA USA Picon small.png Astrea
52 #52 2017-09-28 China Picon small.png Cyan China Picon small.png Firefly Singapore Ticon small.png Elusory China Zicon small.png Sakya
53 #53 2017-10-05 Mexico Ticon small.png SpeCial China Ticon small.png Shana Taiwan Picon small.png Nice Mongolia Zicon small.png Sioras
54 #54 2017-10-12 Taiwan Picon small.png Nice Mongolia Zicon small.png Sioras Hong Kong Zicon small.png GogojOey
55 #55 2017-10-19 Space filler flag.png Space filler race.png TBD Space filler flag.png Space filler race.png TBD Space filler flag.png Space filler race.png TBD Space filler flag.png Space filler race.png TBD


Medals won per Race[edit]

Race Total
Zicon small.png Zerg 14 23 37
Ticon small.png Terran 21 11 32
Picon small.png Protoss 16 20 36

Medals won per Player[edit]

x7 Ticon small.png Chick Picon small.png Nice 
Picon small.png Cyan Zicon small.png Scarlett 
Ticon small.png Kelazhur 
Zicon small.png Cham Ticon small.png MajOr 
Zicon small.png BreakingGG 
Picon small.png Neeb Ticon small.png Shana Ticon small.png TIME Zicon small.png iAsonu 
Zicon small.png DemiLove Picon small.png MacSed Zicon small.png Winter Ticon small.png iaguz 
x8 Picon small.png Cyan 
Zicon small.png DemiLove 
Zicon small.png MeomaikA Picon small.png 夜蝶 
Zicon small.png BreakingGG Ticon small.png Chick Ticon small.png Shana 
Zicon small.png Cham Picon small.png Cloudy Ticon small.png Kelazhur Ticon small.png MajOr Picon small.png Nice Picon small.png Rushcrazy Zicon small.png Scarlett Zicon small.png Silky 
Zicon small.png GogojOey Zicon small.png JimRising Picon small.png MacSed Zicon small.png Punk Zicon small.png Sioras Zicon small.png Winter Ticon small.png iaguz 

Medals won per Country[edit]

Country Total
China China 23 29 52
Mexico Mexico 8 5 13
Taiwan Taiwan 7 2 9
Canada Canada 6 2 8
Brazil Brazil 5 2 7
USA USA 2 0 2
India India 1 7 8
Australia Australia 1 1 2
Sweden Sweden 1 1 2
Vietnam Vietnam 0 4 4
Hong Kong Hong Kong 0 1 1
Mongolia Mongolia 0 1 1

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