Nydus Worm (Legacy of the Void)

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This article is for the Legacy of the Void multiplayer version. For the previous expansions' multiplayer version, see Nydus Worm (Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm).
[e][h]Zerg Nydus Worm
Unit Information
Armored Ground Structure
Minerals 100 Gas 100 Game Speed 14 Supply 0
200 Armor 1


The Nydus Worm is a Zerg structure used to move units quickly around the map. In LotV, the Nydus Worm was changed. Nydus Worms are invincible while emerging.[1] The main effect of this change is that workers will no longer be a viable defense against nydus worms.[2]

To enhance the diversity and strength of harass options for Zerg, the Nydus Worm can no longer take damage until it is finished unburrowing. A main effect of this change is that workers will no longer be a viable defense versus Nydus worms.
Blizzard, Legacy of the Void Beta Preview

After the Nydus Network is created, you can build a Nydus Worm anywhere where you have vision without the need for Creep or a Drone. The Worm takes 20 seconds to be set up, before emerging from the ground and settling into position. Once in position, it acts as an exit to the Nydus Network, allowing the player to transfer units from the Network to the Worm exit almost instantly. Upon completion of the Nydus Worm, a global sound effect will be heard from all players. Once the Worm is completed, it cannot be relocated and will act as an immobile structure.


Hotkey: L
The Nydus Worms and Nydus Networks can load a maximum of 255 ground units into a shared underground network.


  • When created, the Nydus Worm generates Creep around itself.
  • Nydus Worms act as both entrances and exits; Units can safely retreat back into the Nydus they came from and will take no harm should the Nydus Worm get destroyed "behind" them.
  • The maximum number of units that a Nydus Network can hold is 255, and the maximum cargo space that a Nydus Worm has is 1020.
  • Units take .25s to enter the Nydus Worm and .5s to exit it. This can be done with a rally point.
  • Drones can be rallied directly onto mineral patches or extractors and - with the help of the Shift key - back to the Nydus. The same can be done on the other side to a Hatchery. This can have limited usefulness as a quick way to mine distant, risky, or unclaimed enemy expansions, and is generally preferable to long-distance mining. However, the unloading has to be ordered manually for each instance.
  • Spine Crawlers and Spore Crawlers are considered buildings and cannot be transferred.

Competitive Usage


  • The Nydus Worm can be used to quickly reinforce an attacked base, as well as expanding to an island location.
  • The Nydus Worm can also be used to place troops in a location that is prime for flanking the opponent's army.
  • Nydus Worms are also popular as a "scare tactic" by spawning them inside an enemy's mineral line.
  • During a Drop, a Nydus Worm can be spawned behind your dropped army to allow for a quick retreat and immediate redeployment at another Nydus Worm.
  • A Nydus Worm can be summoned on an opponent's natural cliff: it will generate Creep and any Drones brought through the canal can immediately morph into Spine Crawlers.
  • Nydus Worms can be used for immediate army reinforcements, similar to proxy Pylons for Protoss.
  • Nydus Worms can also be used as a tool to break containments, via attacking the enemy's army from multiple sides.

Vs. Protoss

The Nydus Worm can be useful if the enemy Protoss decides to cannon you out. You can move one Overlord into a corner of the enemy base and Nydus in with Zerglings. This completely bypasses the need to kill the Cannon or Pylons outside your base. It is, however, advisable to kill them if you want to expand.

Vs. Terran

A Nydus Worm network is greatly beneficial against slow and immobile mech armies. Use the Nydus Worm to harass your enemy and to force his army to retreat to his base. Tactics include sending Banelings into the enemy's mineral line and sniping critical buildings (e.g. Armory) with Speedlings. While sending armies through, you might also send one or more Infestors, burrow and hide it, then wait until the Terran has supposedly cleaned up everything, just to snipe another building or mineral line with Infested Terrans.

A Nydus Worm can also be used to sandwich a stationary mech or bio ball army from two sides. Burrow a Zergling at critical locations to have the vision for popping the sandwich Nydus exit.

If your main army is stationed far away from your base, you may also use the Nydus for retreats to your base or for reinforcements.

Vs. Zerg

The Nydus Network has uses with Roaches on long distance map vs some Muta builds. A well used Nydus at the right time can win you the game. But often this becomes an all-in. If it does not succeed, it puts you behind and may lose you the game. You need to prepare for the worm as well, with well placed Overlords.



Patch Changes

No patch changes so far in LotV.

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