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Numericable M-House Cup2
Numericable M-House Cup.jpg
League Information
Organizer: Millenium
Sponsor: Numericable
Game Version: Heart of the Swarm
Server: Europe
Event Type: Offline
Location: France France
Format: 1v1
Prize pool: 6,000 EUR
Start Date: 2013-06-01
End Date: 2013-06-02
Links: Website
Gold.png South Korea Zicon small.png Curious
Silver.png South Korea Ticon small.png ForGG
Bronze.png South Korea Picon small.png Squirtle
Copper.png South Korea Zicon small.png HyuN
Player Breakdown
Number of Players: 8
Picon small.png 4   Ticon small.png 2   Zicon small.png 2   
Akilon Wastes • Bel'Shir Vestige • Cloud Kingdom • Daybreak • Neo Planet S • Newkirk Precinct • Whirlwind
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The Numericable M-House Cup 2 is an offline competition based on the concept of TaKe's HomeStory Cup. It will gather eight players (four invites and four who will have qualified for the event) in Millenium's team house in Marseille, France, where they will battle for a 6 000 EUR prize pool. The event will be broadcast by Millenium for the French stream, and by Nathanias and MaddeLisk for the English stream.

Prize Pool[edit]

6000 EUR divided among participants as follows:

Place Prize (EUR) Player Team
Gold.png1st €3000 South Korea Zicon small.png Curious Startalelogo std.png StarTale
Silver.png2nd €1500 South Korea Ticon small.png ForGG Milllogo std.png Millenium
Bronze.png3rd €900 South Korea Picon small.png Squirtle IMlogo std.png Incredible Miracle
Copper.png4th €200 South Korea Zicon small.png HyuN Qantic std.png Quantic Gaming


  • Group Stage :
    • 2 groups of 4 players
    • GSL style double-elimination groups:
  • The 4 players of each group are split into two pairs and play each other in best of 3 matches.
  • The winners of these matches will then face each other in the Winner’s match.
  • The victor places first in the group and advances to the next round.
  • The losers of the initial matches face each other in the Loser’s match.
  • The loser places fourth in the group, will drop out of the tournament.
  • The loser of the Winner’s match and the winner of the Loser’s match will face each other in a fifth match.
  • The winner gets second place in the group and advances to the playoffs.
  • The loser places third in the group and will drop out of the tournament.
  • Playoffs:
    • Semifinals: Best of 5
    • 3rd Place Match: Best of 5
    • Final: Best of 7


Protoss Protoss (4) Terran Terran (2) Zerg Zerg (2)
Qualified (3)
Milllogo std.png
Belgium Feast
Milllogo std.png
France Dayshi
Nrslogo std.png
Finland Welmu
Azubulogo std.png
South Korea TOP*
Invited (5)
IMlogo std.png
South Korea Squirtle
Milllogo std.png
South Korea ForGG
Qantic std.png
South Korea HyuN
XMG std.png
France ToD
Startalelogo std.png
South Korea Curious


Group Stage[edit]

Group A[edit]

Group A
June 1, 2013
1. South Korea Ticon small.png ForGG 2-0 4-1
2. South Korea Zicon small.png Curious 2-1 5-2
3. Finland Picon small.png Welmu 1-2 2-4
4. Belgium Picon small.png Feast 0-2 0-4

Group B[edit]

Group B
June 1, 2013
1. South Korea Zicon small.png HyuN 2-0 4-0
2. South Korea Picon small.png Squirtle 2-1 4-3
3. France Ticon small.png Dayshi 1-2 3-5
4. France Picon small.png ToD 0-2 1-4


 South Korea ForGG
ForGG Ticon small.png
Picon small.png Squirtle
June 2, 2013
 South Korea Squirtle
 South Korea Curious
Curious Zicon small.png
Zicon small.png HyuN
June 2, 2013
 South Korea HyuN
 South Korea ForGG
ForGG Ticon small.png
Zicon small.png Curious
June 2, 2013
 South Korea Curious
3rd Place Match
 South Korea Squirtle
Squirtle Picon small.png
Zicon small.png HyuN
June 2, 2013
 South Korea HyuN

Racial Distribution[edit]

  Protoss TerranZergRandom
Group Stage

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