North American Star League Season 3

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[e][h]North American Star League Season 3
League Information
North America
Canada Toronto
Group Stage online
Single-elimination playoff offline
Prize pool:
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:
France Zicon small.png Stephano
South Korea Picon small.png Alicia
South Korea Picon small.png MC
Netherlands Zicon small.png Ret
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:
Picon small.png 14
Ticon small.png 15
Zicon small.png 16

The North American Star League Season 3 is the third season of the North American Star League. 45 players compete for a $100,000 prize pool over a three-month season.


The North American Star League, often abbreviated as NASL, is a competitive StarCraft 2 league that was introduced in February 2011. For Season 3, NASL underwent a number of branding and employee changes. The organization updated the look of their logo, and hired the casting duo of MrBitter and RotterdaM as well as a third caster, Frodan.[1] A number of changes were made to their regular season play as well: effort is made to play and cast games live, and the winner of each match throughout the regular season is awarded $150.[2]

Finally, it was announced that the Season 3 finals are going to be held at the International Centre in Toronto, Canada,[3][4] together with the World Championship Series: Canadian Nationals and the The Collegiate Starleague Canadian Championships. The event is cast by Gretorp & Frodan, RotterdaM & MrBitter, iNcontroL & IdrA, Day[9] & Soe and hosted by Clutch & Lauren Elise, with Kadium & Elemental casting in French.


  • Toronto, Ontario
  • International Center


The third season is composed of several stages:

Map Pool[edit]

The original map pool for the season was The Shattered Temple, Tal'Darim Altar, ESV Ohana, TPW Odyssey, Bel'Shir Beach Winter, Antiga Shipyard, Daybreak,Shakuras Plateau and Dual Sight. During the season The Shattered Temple, Tal'Darim Altar and TPW Odyssey were removed from the map pool and Cloud Kingdom was added.

Prize Pool[edit]

A total prize pool of $100,000 is distributed throughout the season, with $150 awarded for each match won during the Divisions, and an undisclosed amount awarded to the winners of the Wildcards.[5]

The remaining $60,000 is distributed as follows:


Players (45)
Protoss Protoss (14) Terran Terran (15) Zerg Zerg (16)
Liquidlogo std.png
South Korea HerO
Eglogo std.png
South Korea PuMa
Gamabearslogo std.png
Taiwan Sen
SlayerSlogo std.png
South Korea Puzzle
Eglogo std.png
Sweden ThorZaIN
Mousesportslogo std.png
Sweden MorroW
Itsgosulogo std.png
South Korea HwangSin
Complexitylogo std.png
USA qxc
Rootlogo std.png
Peru CatZ
Mousesportslogo std.png
Poland MaNa
Alternatelogo std.png
Italy ClouD
Alternatelogo std.png
Germany DarKFoRcE
SlayerSlogo std.png
South Korea Alicia
Complexitylogo std.png
South Korea GanZi
InfintySevenlogo std.png
South Korea CrazymoviNG
Rootlogo std.png
Canada TT1
Liquidlogo std.png
Sweden Jinro
Liquidlogo std.png
Germany TLO
Liquidlogo std.png
Eglogo std.png
United Kingdom DeMusliM
FXOlogo std.png
Belarus LoWeLy
IncrediblePaniclogo std.png
USA CrunCher
FXOlogo std.png
Russia Brat_OK
Rootlogo std.png
Fnaticlogo std.png
Romania NightEnD
Dignitaslogo std.png
South Korea SeleCT
Liquidlogo std.png
South Korea Zenio
Mousesportslogo std.png
Germany HasuObs
Fnaticlogo std.png
South Korea Rain
Mtwlogo std.png
Ukraine DIMAGA
InfintySevenlogo std.png
USA Axslav
TSLlogo std.png
South Korea Polt
Infinitylogo std.png
Norway TargA
Eglogo std.png
Canada HuK
SlayerSlogo std.png
South Korea Ryung
Liquidlogo std.png
Sweden HayprO
Logo filler std.png
Ukraine White-Ra
FXOlogo std.png
Ukraine Strelok
Eglogo std.png
Sklogo std.png
South Korea MC
Fnaticlogo std.png
South Korea aLive
Liquidlogo std.png
USA Sheth
Dignitaslogo std.png
Sweden SjoW
Milleniumlogo std.png
France Stephano
Liquidlogo std.png
Netherlands Ret


Divisions Overview[edit]

  • The winner of each division advances to the main event bracket
  • Of the second place finishers in each division, the three with the best record advance to the main event bracket
  • Players ranked 9-22 (14 players) in the league are placed into a wildcard playoff with the top two of the open tournament to determine the remaining 8 spots in the offline finals
  • Players ranked 23-33 (11 players) in the league are eliminated but will be invited to return next season
  • Players ranked 34-45 (bottom 12) in the league are eliminated and will not return