Nocturnal Gamers

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[e][h]Nocturnal Gamers
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Team Information
David "PraetorFenix" Fortier
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:
Picon small.png 1
Ticon small.png 2
Zicon small.png 7

Nocturnal Gamers is a Canadian clan focused on Starcraft II. It was created with the purpose of uniting French Canadians.

Current Players[edit]

Main Squad[edit]

ID Name 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
caCanada zZicon small.png DieZacro Francis Carignan - - - - -
usUSA zZicon small.png Geeden Drew Morris - 17 - 32nd 2014_Red Bull_Battle_Grounds:_Atlanta - - -
caCanada pPicon small.png PraetorFenix (Captain.png) David Fortier - - - - -
caCanada tTicon small.png Sottorks Richer Morin - - - - Challenger League 13 - 16th 2017_WCS_Austin/Qualifiers/North_America
caCanada zZicon small.png ZenedoR Mathieu Brochu Hazen - - - - 49 - 64th 2017 WCS Montreal
usUSA zZicon small.png Ophidian Ryan Cimera - - - - -
caCanada zZicon small.png Zode Randy Renaud - - - - -
caCanada zZicon small.png Cereal Joshua LeBlanc - - - - -
usUSA zZicon small.png BOOOOOOOOOoM - - - - -
usUSA tTicon small.png Term Felix P - - - - -


ID Name 2013
caCanada TTicon small.png InSTinK Francis Dufresne Y-
caCanada TTicon small.png DeathRow Pierre-Luc Aspirot Y-
caCanada tTicon small.png Buda Dustin Jackson Y-
caCanada tTicon small.png Names David Desrochers Y-
caCanada tTicon small.png Sleeper Charles Provencher Y-
caCanada tTicon small.png ShuriKn Frédéric Nicholson Y-
caCanada tTicon small.png Warshop Carl-André Corbeil Y-
caCanada tTicon small.png Benzo Alex Aspirot Y-
caCanada tTicon small.png LuvKill Stephane Simard Y-
caCanada tTicon small.png Warz Janic Duplessis Y-
caCanada zZicon small.png Marthy Carl Germain Y-
caCanada zZicon small.png rEdEEmEd Pierre Luc Morin Y-
caCanada zZicon small.png SmashBros Samuel Chenier Y-
caCanada pPicon small.png Muve Marc-Olivier Hamel Y-
caCanada pPicon small.png SpiZe Keven Langlois Y-
caCanada pPicon small.png Eclipze Christopher Lowe Y-
caCanada pPicon small.png Vlare Adam Mirski Y-
caCanada pPicon small.png Button Tristan Nigro Y-
caCanada pPicon small.png Legosu Simon Bienvenue Y-
caCanada pPicon small.png Yepp Sylvain Simard Y-
caCanada pPicon small.png Saiyen Patrice Beaudry Y-
caCanada pPicon small.png Veezy Charles Vinette Y-
caCanada pPicon small.png Merci Simon Péloquin Y-
caCanada pPicon small.png Adonisto Normand Raymond Y-
caCanada pPicon small.png ThatBlackGuy Reeno Y-
caCanada pPicon small.png LeBrun Guillaume Lebrun Picard Y-
caCanada pPicon small.png Hazikan Olivier Brochu Hazen Y-


ID Name New Team
caCanada zZicon small.png Jig Simon Lacasse-Labelle Rootlogo std.png ROOT Gaming
caCanada pPicon small.png MikeRoss Antoine Dessureault RivalGaminglogo std.png Rival Gaming
caCanada pPicon small.png desRow Marc-Olivier Proulx
caCanada pPicon small.png DeathEnD Martin Roberge Complexitylogo std.png compLexity Gaming

Team Achievements[edit]

Date League Result
2013-08-31 Union of Americas Star League Season 2 Nocturnalgamerslogo std.png 0 : 5 EternalDreamerslogo std.png
2013-11-01 ThunderDog Esports League
2013-12-14 Thunderdog eSports Christmas Cash Tournament Nocturnalgamerslogo std.png 1 : 3 Microgamerz std.png
2016-11-28 Alpha Team League Season 7 Nocturnalgamerslogo std.png 3 : 2 Psistormgaminglogo std.png


ID Name Position
Canada PraetorFenix David Fortier Manager
Canada InSTinK Francis Dufresne Manager
Canada Yepp Sylvain Simard Founder