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To read about Natus Vincere's activities in Dota 2, see Natus Vincere.
Natus Vincere
Team Information
Location: Ukraine Ukraine
Sponsor: Alienware
Kiev CyberSport Arena
Website Twitter TLPD HotS TLPD International Aligulac
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:


Created: 2011-04-11


Natus Vincere, also known as Na`Vi and sometimes NaVi, is a Ukrainian multigaming team which had a StarCraft II section from April to December 2011. Before that, Natus Vincere was famous for its successful Counter-Strike team, which won IEM World Championships IV and V, World Cyber Games 2010, Electronic Sports World Cup 2010, and DreamHack Winter 2010. Na`Vi's staff claims that "Natus Vincere" is the Latin sentence for "Born for Victory", but a more accurate translation might be "Born to Conquer".

On December 30th 2011, the team announced that it was closing its StarCraft II section, citing lack of notable results from the squad as the reason motivating its decision. However, the team expected to form a new SC2 squad in September 2012 [1].

Months after having made their intention of returning to Starcraft 2 clear, Na`Vi announced a merger with the FXO.EU team on the 9th of April 2013, recruiting all of FXO's European roster, including Strelok, BabyKnight, LoWeLy, HappyZerg, Minato and their management. As part of the partnership, FXOpen became a sponsor of Na`Vi.[2]

On the 1st of November, Na'Vi disbanded its StarCraft II team after FXOpen withdrew their sponsorship, leaving the organisation without any SC2 players.[3]



  • November 3rd, Natus Vincere denies the rumors saying that they are about to create a StarCraft II team with players such as Kas, Strelok, and White-Ra. [4]


  • April 11th, Natus Vincere officially opens its StarCraft II division, with Hireling, HappyZerg, ALF, Panda, and BabyKnight. [5]
  • July 21st, Natus Vincere sends its player HappyZerg in Korea. He is planning to stay a month in the GOMTV Foreigner House and to try to get a spot in GSL Code A. [6]
  • September 23rd, Natus Vincere launches a high-scale players selection in order to form its 2012 squad. [7]
  • December 30th, Natus Vincere disbands its StarCraft II roster [1].


  • February 1st, Natus Vincere announces a streaming partnership with TwitchTV.[8]
  • April 9th, Natus Vincere announce a merger with FXO.EU, acquiring the team's European section, including Strelok, BabyKnight, LoWeLy, Minato and HappyZerg. Hireling is also recruited as a caster; this notably marks the return of BabyKnight, HappyZerg, and Hireling to their team.[2]
  • August 31st, BabyKnight and Na'Vi decide not to renew the contract.[9]
  • November 1st, Natus Vincere disbands the StarCraft II roster after FXO withdraws its sponsorship.[10]

Player Roster[edit]

At time of Disbanding[edit]

Best Yearly Results:

Player Name 2010 2011 2012 2013 New Team
UkraineUkraine zZicon small.png HappyZerg Svyatoslav Vlasyuk Y- Y- Y- LB6Challenger League Ro16 World Championship Series Esfxtv std.png ESFXtv
BelarusBelarus zZicon small.png LoWeLy Anton Plebanovich Y- D2Ro32 Assembly A44th World Championship SeriesWorld Cyber Games Y-
UkraineUkraine zZicon small.png Minato Vitaly Ponomarenko Y- Y- Y- Y- Cascadelogo std.png Cascade
UkraineUkraine TTicon small.png Strelok Eugin Oparyshev B6Ro16 Intel Extreme Masters A55 - 6th IGN ProLeague B6Ro16 Intel Extreme Masters B6Premier League Ro16 World Championship Series Ailogo std.png Alien Invasion


ID Name New Team
DenmarkDenmark pPicon small.png BabyKnight Jon Andersen Milllogo std.png Millenium
UAUkraine ZZicon small.png ALF Aleksander Yatsenko ZZZZZLogo filler std.png
RURussia PPicon small.png Panda Vasiliy Kuznetsov ZZZZZLogo filler std.png


ID Name Position
Russia zOo Vladimir Ahlebinin Director
Russia Fairon Artem Bykov Team Manager
Ukraine Hireling Denis Shubovskiy Caster


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