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Natural Expansion is a regular StarCraft 2 talk show hosted by Jonathon Wardí Ward. Each show consists of guests who discuss multiple topics relevant to StarCraft 2 news, game play and eSports with the aim of providing an easy and regular way for people to stay informed about the scene as well as hearing the opinions of pros and community figures.

Episode List[edit]

Date # Topics Participants VODs
2016-07-10 #1
  • WCS Challenger League Results
  • DreamHack Valencia Preview
  • New WCS & Ladder Map Pool
  • Queen and Spore Balance Update
  • TvZ Discussion
Wardí, uThermal, Beastyqt VOD - MP3
2016-07-29 #2
  • DreamHack Valencia / ShoutCraft / WCS Qualifiers : Recap
  • WCS Qualifiers
  • Tournament Formats : Pros & Cons
  • Community Feeedback : Patching fast or slow
  • IEM Shanghai / Proleague / Neo Star League : Discussions & Preview
Wardí, NoRegreT, NSGJoe, ZombieGrub, feardragon VOD - MP3

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