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Player Information
Name: Nathanial Johnson
Birth: March 22, 1989 (1989-03-22) (age 25)
Country: USA USA
Race: Protoss
Team: League of Extraordinary Gamers
Alternate IDs: NanMan, TheRealNanMan

Nathanial "NanMan" Johnson is an up-and-coming commentator and streamer in the SC2 community. He currently hosts Sc2 Up & Coming, a weekly podcast dedicated to the up-and-coming Starcraft II scene. He casts many leagues and tournaments, such as the Playhem Daily, ESEA, and AGL Invitational. He also cast local events such as the DC LAN.


NanMan began playing StarCraft II during the Beta, he played Terran until release date. At which point he immediately switched back to the first race he ever learned in Brood War, Zerg. In January 2011, he switched to Protoss, and has not switched race ever since.

In November 2010, he began commentating his own ladder games before jumping into casting amateur tournaments. Now, NanMan commentates weekly Open Tournaments, Team Leagues, various Show Matches, and YouTube videos.

On July 9, 2012 NanMan started a weekly podcast known as Sc2 Up & Coming. SC2 Up & Coming is a weekly podcast, dedicated to the up-and-coming Starcraft II scene. Each week the show focuses on the players, teams, and leagues.

Another good place to find out information on his weekly casting schedule as well as other important links. [Stream] NanMan

NanMan was a regular caster for the 2014 Deimos Esports Team League that took place from January 31st to April 13th.

Notable Casting Events and VoDs[edit]

  • NanMan's Week of Show Matches:

Interviews and V-Logs[edit]



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