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NOM (NO Mercy) Gaming was an Israeli StarCraft II clan.

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NOM-Gaming was created to be a leader in the Israeli StarCraft 2 scene and to provide a competition to other Israeli teams such as eSrael and PwR. They recruited an international team, but left after two months after none of the promises, including salaries and travel expenses, were fulfilled.



  • In June, NOM-Gaming was created, and with its creation the first MOM-Gaming Tournament was launched.
  • October marked NOM-Gaming's first international tournament when Blight was invited to participate in the Electronic Sports World Cup 2011.
  • In November NOM-Gaming launched the NOM Gaming Tournament Series, a monthly tournament with cash prizes for the Israeli community.
  • In December, NOM-Gaming recruited Plato, who recently moved to Korea, to their ranks. Plato became the first Israeli player to be employed as a full-time professional StarCraft II player by an Israeli team.[1]


  • On the 27th of May, Plato leaves the team and retires from competitive StarCraft 2.[2]
  • On the 3rd of June, Michael "Blight" Ramot, transferred to Pw Gaming.
  • On the 4th of June, Rmdx and Giantt left NOM-Gaming.[3]
  • June, the entire team leaves NOM Gaming after none of the promises are fulfilled.[4]

Player Roster[edit]

At the time of Dissolution[edit]

ID Name 2011 2012 New Team
ilIsrael pPicon small.png YuvalShot Yuval Shahar - - Esraellogo std.png eSrael
seSweden zZicon small.png Naugrim Mattias Ottosson - - Mymlogo std.png Meet Your Makers
deGermany pPicon small.png kAra Thomas Ciolak - - Teamreplikalogo std.png Team Replika
plPoland zZicon small.png Matiz Mateusz Kowalski - - Teamreplikalogo std.png Team Replika
plPoland pPicon small.png TheFreShOne - -
ilIsrael pPicon small.png Adonminus Mark Ioshpa - - Esraellogo std.png eSrael
seSweden tTicon small.png Bourneq - -
ilIsrael zZicon small.png Omer Omer Yempel - 49th MLG Esraellogo std.png eSrael


ID Name New Team
ilIsrael tTicon small.png Blight Michael Ramot PWlogo std.png Pw Gaming
deGermany tTicon small.png Rmdx Dennis Hawelka
bgBulgaria zZicon small.png Giantt Danail Lazov QnatekLogo filler std.png Qnatek
ilIsrael pPicon small.png Plato Adam Zippor Retired
ilIsrael zZicon small.png Pure N/A
ilIsrael zZicon small.png Gulzar N/A
ilIsrael pPicon small.png regba N/A
ilIsrael zZicon small.png CtrlAltDefeat N/A


ID Position
IsraelIsrael TTicon small.png FrasE Team Manager

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