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[e][h]NCM Clan
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Team Information
Alexander "Bash" Bojko
Alexander "Darkkey", Kirill "miZnIce", Dmitry "sochineniya"
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:
Picon small.png 0
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NCM Clan was a Russian StarCraft 2 team that disbanded on October 1, 2012.


The NCM Clan was founded in late September 2010.



Player Roster[edit]

At time of Disbandment[edit]

ID Name New Team
RuRussia PPicon small.png Affect Roman Sklenin
MdMoldova ZZicon small.png Ink Dmitry Zakhvatov
RuRussia PPicon small.png inNirvana Marat Faridov Gosustyle std.png GosuStyle
RuRussia PPicon small.png InTheDark Ivan Pirogov
skSlovakia PPicon small.png Ladabaz Matěj Zabadal
RuRussia ZZicon small.png Revolver Pavel Belov Vega squadron std.png Vega Squadron
RuRussia PPicon small.png Roll Sergey Moroz 3dclanlogo std.png 3D Clan
UaUkraine TTicon small.png OutSide Roman Emelianov 3dclanlogo std.png 3D Clan
RuRussia TTicon small.png Yda4niGG Vasiliy Egorov


ID Name Position
RuRussia RRicon small.png Darkkey Alexander Leader
RuRussia TTicon small.png IgorGHK Igor Streamer
MdMoldova PPicon small.png Bash Alexander Bojko Orga
RuRussia TTicon small.png miZnIce Kirill Kuzminov Manager
RuRussia TTicon small.png sochineniya Dmitry Manager

Notable Former[edit]

ID Name New Team
MdMoldova ZZicon small.png Korvin uPro LegendsLogo filler std.png uPro Legends
RuRussia PPicon small.png Siw Vladimir Syzranov Empirelogo std.png Team Empire
RuRussia ZZicon small.png Nce Alexander Novoselov N/A
RuRussia PPicon small.png Elbegast Pavel Semenov ImbaFXOlogo std.png Guild of Imbalance
RuRussia TTicon small.png Creed Andrey Romanov Roxicon std.png RoX
PlPoland ZZicon small.png Breathe Maciej Leśniak N/A
eeEstonia pPicon small.png RelaX Dmitry Dudakov Cascadelogo std.png Cascade
ukraineUkraine zZicon small.png DwC Oleksandr Ageiev N/A
ruRussia ZZicon small.png LuckyFish Ivan Lapshin N/A
RuRussia PPicon small.png NeiSp Kirill
MdMoldova PPicon small.png Kareon Arthur Gerasimov
BgBulgaria ZZicon small.png AzisMraZish Vasil Troyan
RuRussia TTicon small.png BoBr Vladislav
KzKazakhstan PPicon small.png Masterok Azamat Turganbaev
RuRussia PPicon small.png negative Vasiliy Danilishin
RuRussia PPicon small.png WhatNext Ilya Braslavsky

Team Achievements[edit]

Date League Result
2012-01-05 Cascade Clan League Season 2 NCMClanlogo std.png NCM 3 : 2 Cascadelogo std.png Cascade
2012-04-12 sc2aLone Season 1 NCMClanlogo std.png NCM 4 : 1 Cascadelogo std.png Cascade
Date Event Result
2011-05-01 First Pirate League 5th/6th NCMClanlogo std.png NCM 2 : 3 7xTeamlogo std.png 7x Team
2011-05-20 SC2aLone Season 2 NCMClanlogo std.png NCM 3 : 4 Squelch KommandoLogo filler std.png Squelch Kommando
2011-11-01 Vanguard Marsch Season 2 NCMClanlogo std.png NCM 1 : 3 3dclanlogo std.png 3D Clan
2012-01-21 sc2aLone Season 7 NCMClanlogo std.png NCM 4 : 3 Gosustyle std.png GosuStyle

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