Mothership Rush All In

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[e][h]ProtossIcon.png Mothership Rush All In
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The Mothership can be used to cloak both units and buildings as a defensive tactic and Mass Recall units into the opponent's base for an attack.
Strategy Information
PvP, PvT, PvZ


HuK used this build first against Pinder, then against Drewbie in the finals of the Gosucoaching weekly tournament. Huk used it against SeleCT at MLG D.C.,but didn't turn out well. During the group stages of DreamHack SteelSeries LAN-tournament, at DreamHack Winter 2010, he once again employed this technique against Tarson and won the game.


Complete and utter surprise of the opponent during a huge, detection-necessary, micro-heavy rush.

Basic Build Order[edit]

Basic Build
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  • 9 Pylon -> Scout [1]
  • 15 Pylon
  • 16 Assimilator (1)
  • 17 Pylon
  • 18 Assimilator (2)
  • 18 Gateway (1) [2]
  • 22 Cybernetics Core
  • 28 Stargate
  • 28 Pylon
  • 30 Gateway (2) [3]
  • 34 Fleet Beacon
  • (400 Minerals, 400 Gas) Mothership
  1. Chronoboost Nexus until 30.
  2. Start slowly building Zealots and Stalkers for Mass Recall
  3. Start saving Chrono Boost for the Mothership.

See SC2planner build order (Mothership Rush All In)


Because detection and anti-air makes the Mothership weaker, you probably want to hide your Stargate and definitely the Fleet Beacon (which broadcasts your intent).


This build gets better the later your opponent has detection and AA, but is very weak to a rush.




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