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[e][h]Team Mistral
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Team Information
Kevin "Wistiti" Feron
Team Captain:
Kevin "Wistiti" Feron
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:
Picon small.png 5
Ticon small.png 2
Zicon small.png 5


Mistral eSport is one of the oldest French multigaming team. It was reported to have closed in February after the manager left, but the team's staff decided to keep it open, after reducing the number of players in the team.


  • April 4-6, six of the players from Team Mistral competed in the Gamers Assembly 2015.[1]
  • February 15, Snitchables wins the HadeLan in Norway.[2]
  • February 18, sTk announces his retirement from StarCraft II, and decides to start a new career in Heroes of the Storm.[Citation needed]
  • April 19-20, Team Mistral is actually playing the Gamers Assembly at Poitiers in France.[3]
  • May 1, After 2 weeks of test, Clyde and team Mistral decided to continue the story together, so a new member joins the Team : a Terran GM : Clyde.
  • October 12, Clyde decides to stop StarCraft II and then leaves Team Mistral, a campaign of recruitment starts then for Mistral.
  • November 20, After several weeks of recruitment, Mistral eSport welcomes Makouni, Kurtis, Suladan, FullBuster, Amaryllis and welcomes back Arès.
  • November 24, Armax decides to leave Team Mistral.
  • November 30, Team Mistral takes the decision to be more international again, some new players should join the team in a near future.
  • December 12, After 2 weeks Team Mistral is proud to announce the recruitment of ShimOon, KimG and Snitchables!
  • January 14, Mistral closes its SC2 divisions.[4]
  • August 15, Mistral recruits a new SC2 division, the old BlackListed SC2 players.[Citation needed]
  • August 24, sTk joins Mistral eSport.
  • September 24, Doomro leaves Team Mistral due to inactivity.
  • September 25, SmelC joins Mistral eSport.
  • September 27, BiGuP, Xanatos, Saph and Arès leave Team Mistral.
  • October 2, SmelC leaves Mistral eSport.
  • October 4, Team Mistral recruits 3 new players, sAsMaDjOkEr, Zbelin and Lind.
  • October 13, A new player joins Mistral eSport, Armax.
  • December 9, Team Mistral gets a new player in its SC2 squad to complete its squad, Stounay.
  • December 14-15, Armax and ZBelin are actualy playing the HF Lan#6.[5]
  • January 18, YoDa joins Mistral eSport.[6]
  • January 25, knoxville joins Mistral eSport.[7]
  • February 1, Mistral e-Sport allegedly disbanded.
  • February 3, The Staff of Mistral issue a press release, saying that Mistral has not disbanded, but it was just their Manager, Romain "NiTRO" Destenay, that was leaving. The StarCraft 2 roster was reduced to: Nbs, Bly, YoDa, AnX, and their two female players.[8]
  • February 12, Bly is announced to have joined Team Acer.[9]
  • March 10, MISTRAL announce their restructuring, with most of their team gone, they set up an Academy.[10]
  • July 16, MISTRAL announced their new Starcraft II team.[11]
  • July 24, Cookie joins after leaving TeamReacT; Kreator joins.[12]
  • July 28, Sheggi is recruited from Team MegashocK.[13]
  • September 26, DnE, MeYera, YajEed and RyF leave, while Finnish players Akke and Hiiva are recruited.[14]
  • November 11, Satiini and knoxville recruited by Mistral eSport.[15]
  • December 18th, Satiini leaves and rejoins incredible Panic after promises are not fulfilled by Mistral eSport.[16]
  • November 13, Nbs joins Mistral eSport.[17]
  • November 20, ZlaTaN and poZZno join the team.[18]
  • November 30, Bly, who was still looking for a team after Virus Gaming shutdown, joins Mistral eSport.[19]

Player Roster[edit]

Active Roster[edit]

ID Name 2013 2014
beBelgium tTicon small.png Suladan Benjamin Legat - -
deGermany tTicon small.png ShimOon Simon Seelhorst - -
frFrance pPicon small.png Lind Thibault Poiret - -
frFrance pPicon small.png sAsMaDjOkEr Sylvain Barre - -
beBelgium PPicon small.png Makouni Corentin Lacroix - -
beBelgium pPicon small.png Stounay Jerry Laurent - -
beBelgium PPicon small.png Arès Vincent Desmarez - -
frFrance zZicon small.png Zbelin Thierry Albaret - -
frFrance zZicon small.png Dizdemon Loïc Poulain - -
beBelgium zZicon small.png Wistiti Kevin Feron - -
fiFinland zZicon small.png Clockwork Kim Gripenberg - -
noNorway zZicon small.png Snitchables Ruben Drange - -

Notable Former[edit]

ID Name New Team
frFrance tTicon small.png sTk Brice Raffestin Retired
dkDenmark pPicon small.png Pink Alexander Haugsted Fnaticlogo std.png Fnatic
beBelgium zZicon small.png Armax Maxime Van Espen Aaalogo std.png against All authority
frFrance tTicon small.png Clyde Maël Deyra
seSweden zZicon small.png hOpe Dan Gustafsson Gosustyle std.png GosuStyle
uaUkraine pPicon small.png knoxville Oleg Skobelev
plPoland pPicon small.png paL Maciej Matuszewski MaxFloPlaYlogo std.png MaxFloPlaY
deGermany pPicon small.png Sheggi Marvin Sommer NoNeSportslogo std.png NoN-eSports
fiFinland tTicon small.png Satiini Juha-Matti Bäckström IncrediblePaniclogo std.png incredible Panic
ltLithuania tTicon small.png Nbs Kisielus Laurynas Retired
uaUkraine zZicon small.png Bly Aleksandr Svusuyk Teamacerlogo std.png Acer
plPoland tTicon small.png Druzdil Wojtek Pawlowicz MaxFloPlaYlogo std.png MaxFloPlaY
uaUkraine zZicon small.png UkraineStar Igor Kobylyansky Nrslogo std.png NewRoSoft
usUSA zZicon small.png Navi Taylor Stone
noNorway tTicon small.png Cookie Tobias Reimers Aposislogo std.png Aposis Gaming

Team Achievements[edit]

Date League Result Winnings
2015-03-28 Division 1 Pandaria Season 12 1st
2015-04-26 Division 2 SC2Improve Team League Season 4 1st
2014-11-20 Division 1 SC2Improve Team League Season 3 9th
2014-11-20 Division 1 Pandaria Season 11 6th
2014-09-25 Proleague France Season 1 7th
2014-08-05 Pandaria Summer League 3rd-4th
2014-06-14 Division 1 Pandaria Season 10 4th
2014-03-06 Division 1 Pandaria Season 9 4th
2013-11-22 Division 2 SC2Improve Team League Season 2 1st
2013-10-31 Division 1 Pandaria Season 8 5th
2013-06-15 Division 3a SC2CL Season 9 2nd


ID Name Position
Belgium Wistiti Kevin Feron Manager/Player



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