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Mechanical Units[edit]

Units in Starcraft II can be tagged with one or more Attributes that determine bonus damage, affect targeting, and/or can influence spells and abilities.

The Mechanical units, categorized by race, are listed below.


Heart of the Swarm[edit]


Heart of the Swarm[edit]


Units with Bonus Damage Against Mechanical[edit]


Positive Spells and Abilities[edit]

This is a list of beneficial spells and abilities that can only affect units with the attribute of Mechanical.

Minerals *
Gas *
Hotkey: R
SCV's and MULE's can Repair friendly mechanical units and Terran buildings.

* Cost and time varies depending on unit.

Unaffected Spells and Abilities[edit]

This is a list of spells and abilities that cannot affect units with the attribute of Mechanical; although other attributes may allow them to still be cast upon the unit.

Energy 25
Range: 10
Duration: 0.5 s
Damage: 25(+25 vs psionic)
Hotkey: R
The Ghost snipes a single, biological unit for 25(+25 vs psionic) damage. This ability can be queued for multiple snipes.
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