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Mechanical Units

Units in Starcraft II can be tagged with one or more Attributes that determine bonus damage, affect targeting, and/or can influence spells and abilities.

The Mechanical units, categorized by race, are listed below.


Heart of the Swarm


Heart of the Swarm


Units with Bonus Damage Against Mechanical


Positive Spells and Abilities

This is a list of beneficial spells and abilities that can only affect units with the attribute of Mechanical.

Minerals *
Gas *
Hotkey: R
SCVs and MULEs can Repair friendly mechanical units and Terran buildings. * Cost and time varies depending on unit.

Unaffected Spells and Abilities

This is a list of spells and abilities that cannot affect units with the attribute of Mechanical; although other attributes may allow them to still be cast upon the unit.

Energy 25
Range: 10
Duration: 0.5 s
Damage: 25(+25 vs psionic)
Hotkey: R
The Ghost snipes a single, biological unit for 25(+25 vs psionic) damage. This ability can be queued for multiple snipes.