Marine (Legacy of the Void)

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This article is for the Legacy of the Void multiplayer version. For the previous expansions' multiplayer version, see Marine (Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm).

This article is for the Multiplayer version of this unit, for the Wings of Liberty Single Player version see: Marine (Wings of Liberty Campaign).

[e][h]TerranIcon.png Marine
Marine sc2.png
Unit Information
Small Ground Unit
Built From:
Minerals.gif 50 Vespene-terran.gif 0 Buildtime terran.gif 18 Supply-terran.gif 1
Attack 1:
Targets: Ground / Air
Damage: 6 (+1)
DPS: 9.8 (+1.6)
14.7 (+2.4) (Stimpack)
Cooldown: 0.61 (-0.21)
Range: 5
Icon Hitpoints.png 45 (+10) Icon Armor.png 0 (+1)
3.15 (+1.57)
Cargo Size:
Strong against:
Weak against:


Marines are the all-purpose infantry unit produced from a Barracks with a Reactor. Having the quickest and cheapest production of all Terran units make the Mineral backbone that scales very well with Stimpack Engineering Bay upgrades and Medivacs from the Starport. Before Stimpack, Marines are less than effective against Zerglings and Zealots; at least one Bunker and Supply Depots to wall-off is recommended for the early game.

However, Marines an take advantage of kiting and Stutter Steping from distance. In the Mid-Late Game, high health Marauders or Hellbats can be used to Tank damage for the lower health Marines. Medivacs can also Load 8 Marines per ship to harass the opposing bases and use unpassable ground to retreat behind safely.


Stimpack can be researched from a Tech Lab connected to a Barracks and can then be used on Marines and Marauders, at the cost of 10hp and 25hp per stim. Note that using Stimpack when it is already in effect does nothing but refresh the duration.

Range: Self-Cast
Duration: 11 s
Hotkey: T
Increases the movement speed and firing rate by 50% at the cost of 10 HP for a Marine or 20 HP for a Marauder.


These upgrades are researched at the Barracks' Tech Lab.

Minerals.gif 100     Vespene-terran.gif 100     Buildtime terran.gif 121 Hotkey: T
Researched from: Tech Lab
Every Marine and Marauder gain the Stimpack ability.
Combat Shield.png
Minerals.gif 100     Vespene-terran.gif 100     Buildtime terran.gif 79 Hotkey: C
Researched from: Tech Lab
Every Marine gains a Combat Shield that gives 10 hitpoints.

Competitive Usage[edit]


  • Can be used for a fast two base timing with the first 2 Medivacs and Stimpack (usually timed to finish together) for harassing or early pressure with a quick retreat.
  • Can be combined with the firepower of Siege Tanks or Widow Mines and lose some mobility for firepower,

Vs.ProtossIcon.png Protoss[edit]

  • Marines have massive swings in army value, on both sides of the armies, with Adepts that depends on which unit as what upgrades and abilities.
  • The Sentry's Guardian Shield effectively cuts the damage done by the marine by 1/3.
  • Caution must be exercised with Marines and Widow Mines when around Colossi and High Templars with their area effect damage. Colossi hard countered by Vikings, while High Templar have a weird "counters each other thing" going on with Ghosts and EMP Round ability.

Marines gain an additional role once Medivacs are added to the Terran army. Protoss units general benefit from being near each other and supporting each other, leading to a Death Ball style of play. By loading small groups of Marines into Medivacs can stop Protoss from taking riskier and distance mining bases to far out the way for a ground army to defend effectively.

Vs.TerranIcon.png Terran[edit]

  • Combat Shielded Marines will survive a fight with a Stimpack-upgraded Marine with 7 HP. Combat Shield also takes less time to research, so in early Marine vs Marine skirmishes, one should not necessarily get the Stimpack upgrade first by default in TvT.
  • Against Banshees it is recommended to get at least one Viking, as Cyclones are slower than an un-upgraded Banshee moving and attacking,
  • Marines are usually the focus in the early game, especially with Siege Tanks for a mid-game.
    • An Unsieged Tank does 15 damage to marine's health, so it can kill a 45 HP marine in three shots, four shots after Combat Shields.

Vs.ZergIcon.png Zerg[edit]

Marines are often the core component of a TvZ army. Siege Tanks accompany the marines to thwart Banelings and make casting Fungal Growths more difficult or to contain such units as the Swarm Host or Roach. If one loses their Marines, Mutalisks will reign superior and either kill all your units and end the game, or contain you and gain superior map control. Once upgrades and Medivacs come into play, Marines will be very effective against Zerglings and Mutalisks, therefore requiring the Zerg to increase the Baneling count.


Marines are good with:




Marine's quotes (video and sound) - YouTube video.

Patch Changes[edit]

No patch changes so far in LotV.