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This article is for the Multiplayer version of this unit, for the Wings of Liberty Single Player version see: Marine (Wings of Liberty Campaign).

[e][h]Terran Marine
Unit Information
Small Ground Unit
Built From:
Minerals 50 Gas 0 Game Speed 25 Supply 1
Ground Attack:
6 (+1)
Ground DPS:
10.5(+1.7) (Stimpack)
Air Attack:
6 (+1)
Air DPS:
10.5(+1.7) (Stimpack)
.8608 (-0.28693)
45 (+10) Armor 0 (+1)
2.25 (+1.125)
Cargo Size:
Strong against:
Weak against:


The Marine is the starting Terran combat unit, produced from a Barracks. It deals ranged damage to both air and ground targets, at 6.97 damage per second unupgraded. When upgraded with Stimpack it can sacrifice 10 hit points in order to increase its rate of fire and movement speed by 50% for a limited amount of time.

Marines work very well with Medivacs which heal them and in groups with Marauders to round out their offensive capability. They can be loaded into a Bunker, protecting them and increasing their range by one. Marines are a commonly used unit and form the backbone of biological builds — and in fact, from this the most popular Terran army — due to their low cost, ranged attacks against ground and air and strong upgrades. With Combat Shields giving Marines an extra 10 health (which can make the difference in battles against units such as the Colossus) and with Stimpack greatly increasing their movement speed and damage output, Marines in numbers can be a formidable force from early to late game.

Interestingly, Marines recover from firing faster than other units, allowing them to stutter-step micro more effectively than other units.


Marines can be upgraded with Stimpacks from a Tech Lab connected to a Barracks.

Range: Self-Cast
Duration: 15 s
Hotkey: T
Increases the movement speed and firing rate by 50% at the cost of 10 HP for a Marine or 20 HP for a Marauder.


These upgrades are researched at the Barracks' Tech Lab.

Minerals 100     Gas 100     Game Speed 170 Hotkey: T
Researched from: Tech Lab
Every Marine and Marauder gain the Stimpack ability.
Minerals 100     Gas 100     Game Speed 110 Hotkey: C
Researched from: Tech Lab
Every Marine gains a Combat Shield that gives 10 hitpoints.

In TvT, Combat Shield is actually superior to Stimpack, all other things being equal. A marine with a shield will survive a fight with a standard 'stimmed' marine with 7 HP. Combat Shield also takes less time to research so in early Marine vs Marine skirmishes one should not necessarily get the Stimpack upgrade first by default. In addition, a standard Siege Tank (unsieged) does 15 damage vs marines so it can kill a 45 HP marine in 3 shots. However, it requires a 4th shot to kill a marine with CS (55HP). Against Banshees, it increases the amount of shots a Marine can take from 2 to 3, but the range and speed advantages of the Banshee are still substantial. In this circumstance, it is better to get Stimpack so that Marines can run down the Banshee without being kited.

Combat Shield provides the same substantial increase in durability in TvP. The benefit is most noticeable against units that take a small number of attacks to kill marines. Standard Zealot damage of 16 kills a 45 HP marine in 3 attacks, but requires a 4th attack to kill a marine with a CS - effectively a 33% tougher marine. A Dark Templar can kill a basic marine with a single attack, but needs to slice twice to kill a marine with shields. Stalkers require 6 shots instead of 5 to kill a Marine with Combat Shield, but like against Banshees, it is better to get Stimpack to prevent the Stalker from kiting Marines without Marauder support.

Combat Shield is also essential for Marine-heavy compositions in TvZ. To kill a Marine, Zerglings require 11 hits instead of 9, Roaches need 4 shots instead of 3, Hydralisks need 5 attacks rather than 4, and Queens need 7 attacks instead of 6.

Stimpack is usually researched before Combat Shield unless the Terran player is planning a timing attack. This is because Marauders are essential against Stalkers and Roaches, and thus are usually produced from the Barracks after the Tech Lab is attached. Stimpack affects both Marauders and Marines, so it is more useful early-game. Cloaked Banshees can also pose a very large threat if they are not taken out quickly, so Stim is necessary to deal with this potential threat.

Competitive Usage[edit]


Marines are known to be one of the highest damage per cost units in the game. They are available all game long, benefit a lot from good micro, are cheap, easily massed, and good general purpose units. This makes them the backbone of many Terran army compositions, in competition with Siege Tanks which only attack ground and need support.

Vs. Protoss[edit]

Unlike in Brood War, Marines are now a viable component of the Terran army. When combined with Marauders and Ghosts, Marines rip through most Protoss units. However, caution must be exercised around Colossi and High Templars with their area effect damage, and those two units can devastate a Marine/Marauder army, even with Ghost support. Therefore, as the game progresses, Terran will usually incorporate units such as Vikings or Banshees into the army to counter Colossi. Care must also be taken when engaging units backed by the Sentry. The Sentry's Guardian Shield effectively cuts the damage done by the marine by 1/3, while the forcefields are able to prevent Marines from kiting Zealots or allow the Stalker to kite the shorter-ranged Marines.

As Marines are among the only unarmored Terran units that can attack air, they are also an effective counter against Void Rays. Marines are also effective against other Protoss air units, including Phoenixes and Carriers, although they struggle against large numbers of both.

Marines gain an additional role once Medivacs are added to the Terran army. Protoss units general benefit from being near each other and supporting each other, leading to a Death Ball style of play. By loading small groups of Marines into Medivacs and using the gained mobility to harass Protoss expansions, the Terran player can force the Death Ball to split up, or at least back off.

Vs. Terran[edit]

Marines in TvT are a strong addition to any composition. Another use for Marines is in early game pushes, such as an early Marine/Tank push, or 2 Barracks proxies.

Marines are almost universally used in the early game in all TvT matchups, especially in conjunction with Siege Tanks. The main purpose for the most basic Terran unit is to either harrass the opponent via Medivac drops, which can destroy a mineral line in a matter of seconds, especially once the Stimpack upgrade has been researched, and also to act as a buffer between the opponents forces long enough for your own Siege Tanks to enter Siege Mode, which forces the opponent to continue attacking and face major losses, or retreat, giving up a significant position on the map.

Vs. Zerg[edit]

Marines are often the core component of a TvZ army. Siege Tanks accompany the marines to thwart Banelings and make casting Fungal Growths more difficult or to contain such units as the Swarm Host or Roach. If one loses his Marines, Mutalisks will reign superior and either kill all your units and end the game, or contain you and gain superior map control. Once upgrades and Medivacs come into play, Marines will be very effective against Zerglings and Mutalisks, therefore requiring the Zerg to increase the Baneling count.


Marines are good with:



Marine's quotes (video and sound) - YouTube video.

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