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This article is for the Multiplayer version of this unit, for the Wings of Liberty Single Player version see: Marauder (Wings of Liberty Campaign).

TypeGround Unit
DescriptionHeavy assault infantry.
Built FromBarracks
CostMinerals 100 Gas 25 Game Speed 30 Supply 2
AttributesArmored, Biological
Ground Attack:   10(+1)
Ground DPS:   6.7(+0.7)
10(+1) (Stimpack)
Bonus:   +10(+1) vs Armored
Bonus DPS:   +6.7(+0.7) vs Armored
+10 (+1) (Stimpack)
Range:   6
Cooldown:   1.5 (-0.50)
Defense 125 Armor 1 (+1)
Speed2.25 (+1.125)
Cargo Size2
Strong Against
Weak Against


Produced from a Barracks with a Tech Lab, most of this unit's attention will be against other armored units such as the Roach or the Stalker. Being almost the opposite of a Marine this unit is meaty and slow firing, and will take some attention during battles to make this unit target Armored units to do full damage. Supplementing this is the Marauder's long range and heavy damage every individual shot. Their health and armor make them somewhat better of a meatshield than Marines as well.

Marauder's Concussive Shells ability trap enemy units and stop priority targets from retreating without taking more damage, which works well with Stimpack's effect.

Marauders are extremely effective in groups, especially when paired up with complementary units such as Marines and Medivacs; known as the ever popular MMM or Terran Bio. This unit stands to take down the larger ground enemies and buildings faster than Marines can, and although the targets are different, are micro'ed and worth cost-wise about the same as Marines.


  • Marauders have a range of 6 and stand behind Marines when issued attack-move command.
  • Control+Click a Marauder and all nearby will be selected.
    • Use this to micro Marauders forward when needed to tank against, for example, Banelings.


Marauders can be upgraded with Stimpacks and Concussive Shells from a Tech Lab connected to a Barracks.

Range: Self-Cast
Duration: 15 s
Hotkey: T
Increases the movement speed and firing rate by 50% at the cost of 10 HP for a Marine or 20 HP for a Marauder.
Duration: 1.5 s
Slows an enemy's movement speed by 50% when hit by the Marauder's attack. The slowing effect does not stack, but the timer is refreshed by subsequent hits. Massive units are immune to the slow.


These upgrades are researched at the Barracks' Tech Lab.

Minerals 100     Gas 100     Game Speed 170 Hotkey: T
Researched from: Tech Lab
Every Marine and Marauder gain the Stimpack ability.
Minerals 50     Gas 50     Game Speed 60 Hotkey: G
Researched from: Tech Lab
Marauders gain the Concussive Shells ability.

Competitive Usage[edit]


With the Concussive Shells upgrade, Marauders can kite many non-massive units with ease. This makes them highly effective against early- and mid-game compositions from any of the three races, and allows them to retreat fairly easily, as no concussed unit is faster than a Marauder with Stimpack. Combined with their bonus against Armored units and considerable health, they are generally the heavy lifters of a Terran biological army.

With their high health and better armor they can be sent to the front of a Bio army to tank melee units, although they are not effective damage-wise against what are light and mobile assailants.

Vs. Protoss[edit]

The Marauder is one of the key components of a Bio-heavy unit composition. The Marauder's extra damage against Armored units is particularly effective against Stalkers and Colossi. Additionally, Marauder Concussive Shells will prevent a retreating Protoss army from getting too far, then allowing the Terran player to hunt them down if they have enough forces to do so. Approaching Zealots without Charge can be kited with the additional help of Stimpack.

Without the armor damage bonus, they deal rather less damage to Zealots however, and pure Marauder blobs can be defeated by Zealots with Charge, necessitating the more versatile Marine. Powerful support options in the later game such as the High Templars' Psionic Storms or Colossi with Extended Thermal Lances that complement Zealots rip through them as well, although they tend to fare somewhat better than Marines. Marauders tend to still be useful in the late-game however when the focus of Terran production is to deal with a Colossi and Stalker ball, where Marauders can be clean-up duty with Vikings hunting Colossi.

Marauders can be even more effective when their attack bonus is combined with the benefits of a Ghost's EMP to take down heavy units like the Immortal, demanding less additional Marines.

Vs. Terran[edit]

While the TvT playstyles currently favors heavy Mech usage, Marauders retain their value for several reasons:

  • Prior to the switch into Factory tech, a Terran player typically will have 2 Barracks up already. After the Tech Lab is built, Marauders can continually be produced from these to maximize unit production.
  • Marauders are cheap - at only 100/25/2, they are a very "lean" unit compared to the more (gas-)expensive and supply-consuming Siege Tanks and Thors.
  • Marauders do +10 damage against Armored units. Combined with effective Stimpack usage, they have almost the same DPS against armored units as Siege Tanks. Consider that supply-wise you can have 3 Marauders for every 2 Tanks, this advantage is escalated.
  • At 125HP, each Marauder can soak up 3 shots from a Tank's siege cannon. They also move faster than any Mech unit, allowing them to establish superior concaves on grouped Tanks.
  • Marauder slow is effective against Hellions. Having one or two marauders in a clump of marines can negate the kiting which Hellions can do.

Vs. Zerg[edit]

Against a heavy Roach army, the Marauder, when supported with Marines and Medivacs, is an outstanding choice thanks to its Armored attack bonus and high durability. Marauders are also used to soak damage from Banelings in place of the more vulnerable Marines. Pure Marauders will fall to swarms of Zerglings though, so it is important to keep them supported by Marine and Hellion lines to prevent your Marauders from being quickly surrounded. However, the Marauder is used less frequently against Zerg than are Marines as Marauders are nearly useless once Zerg reaches a critical amount of Mutalisks, while Marines in large numbers with Siege Tank support can deal decent damage to Mutalisk and stand better to deal with any army that comes later, such as Roach-Hydralisk.



Marauder's quotes (video and sound) - YouTube video.

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