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In Starcraft: Brood War, custom made maps created mostly by professional Korean mapmakers played a role in developing the game which cannot be overestimated. How this is going to continue is difficult to determine. The automated matchmaking on may force a lower number of regularly used maps.

Map Features[edit]

Mapmaking Teams[edit]

Retired/Inactive Mapmaking Teams[edit]


  • Map of the Month is an organization dedicated to highlighting and promoting well-made maps.
  • Map Jam & Challenge is an on-going monthly competition to inspire creativity in mapmaking.
  • See Community Maps for a list of community-made maps listed by mapmaker.
  • See Melee Maps for some custom made maps.
  • See Category-Maps for a list of everything map related on Liquipedia.
  • See for a list of every Starcraft II map with ratings by users.

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