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In Starcraft: Brood War, custom made maps created mostly by professional Korean mapmakers played a role in developing the game which cannot be overestimated. How this is going to continue is difficult to determine. The automated matchmaking on may force a lower number of regularly used maps.

Novice Version[edit]

Some of the standard maps also have a novice version, which is designed to help newer players. The novice versions differ from the standard version as they also include destructible rocks which are placed in rushing paths to slow the game down. This provides early game protection for newer players, which affords them time to explore and learn both the interface and game. These novice maps are used in the Practice League, which is a league that new players are able to play in to learn the game prior to their placement matches.

Map Features[edit]

Mapmaking Teams[edit]


  • Map of the Month is an organization dedicated to highlighting and promoting well-made maps.
  • Map Jam & Challenge is an on-going monthly competition to inspire creativity in mapmaking.
  • See Community Maps for a list of community-made maps listed by mapmaker.
  • See Melee Maps for some custom made maps.
  • See Category-Maps for a list of everything map related on Liquipedia.
  • See for a list of every Starcraft II map with ratings by users.

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