Major Tournaments

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Major Tournaments feature a large prize pool and a good number of top-tier players. They are generally one-time events which take place online.

Legacy of the Void Tournaments


Start Month Tournament Prize Pool P# Location Winner Runner-Up
April 2017 WCS Austin - Europe Qualifier $10,000 16 Online Germany Protoss ShoWTimE Finland Zerg Serral
April 2017 WCS Austin - Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and Japan Qualifier $10,000 16 Online Taiwan Protoss Has Hong Kong Protoss Bistork
March 2017 WCS Austin - North America Qualifier $10,000 16 Online USA Protoss Neeb Kazakhstan Protoss PiLiPiLi
March GPL 2017 Season 1 $24,407 8 China Shanghai China Zerg iAsonu China Terran TIME
March 2017 WCS Austin - Oceania, SEA Qualifier $10,000 16 Online Australia Protoss Probe Australia Terran iaguz
March Copa América 2017 Season 1 $10,000 16 Brazil Online Mexico Terran MajOr Mexico Zerg Cham
March 2017 VSL Season 1 - Individual League $8,840 16 South Korea Seoul South Korea Zerg Impact South Korea Protoss herO
February Ting Open Season 3 $5,000 32 USA Online/Offline South Korea Terran GuMiho USA Protoss Neeb
January OSC Championship Season 5 $10,000 50 Online TBD TBD
January Cheeseadelphia 4 $4,000 64 USA Offline USA Zerg JonSnow USA Zerg Suppy
January OSC Championship Season 4 $10,000 50 Online South Korea Terran ByuN South Korea Terran KeeN


Start Month Tournament Prize Pool P# Location Winner Runner-Up
December National Electronic Sports Open 2016 $11,055 8 China Shenzheng China Zerg iAsonu China Protoss Cyan
December GPL 2016 Grand Finals $17,305 8 China Shanghai China Zerg TooDming China Zerg iAsonu
November Nordic Championship 2016 €5,000 4 Sweden Jönköping Norway Zerg Snute Sweden Zerg Zanster
November World Cyber Arena: Americas Qualifier $13,900 8 Online Brazil Terran Kelazhur Canada Zerg Scarlett
November WESG 2016 - Asia-Pacific Qualifier $16,023 16 South Korea Gyeonggi South Korea Terran TY South Korea Terran Maru
November StarCraft II Cataclysm Tournament $6,470 16 Online/Offline South Korea Protoss Zest South Korea Zerg ByuL
October WESG 2016 - North & South America Qualifier $27,428 12 Brazil Sao Paulo Canada Zerg Scarlett Mexico Terran MajOr
October Copa América 2016 Grand Finals $10,000 8 Brazil Offline Brazil Terran Kelazhur Mexico Zerg Cham
October 2016 Kung Fu Cup Season 2 $23,000 16 China Online South Korea Zerg TRUE China Zerg TooDming
October WESG 2016 - Europe & CIS Qualifier $27,428 20 Ukraine Kiev Poland Zerg Nerchio Poland Zerg Elazer
October WESG 2016 - Asia-Pacific China Qualifier $8,088 18 China Suzhou China Zerg iAsonu China Terran XY
September Kings of the North Season 3 $3,796 8 Canada Toronto Canada Zerg Scarlett Brazil Terran Kelazhur
September World Cyber Arena 2016: China Season 3 $15,330 8 China Online China Zerg TooDming China Terran Coffee
August World Cyber Arena 2016: Europe Qualifier $15,082 8 Online France Protoss PtitDrogo Poland Zerg Nerchio
August WESG 2016 - Africa & Middle East Qualifier $27,428 8 United Arab Emirates Dubai France Zerg Stephano South Africa Protoss Drager
August NEO Star League 2016 International $62,500 16 China Shanghai Norway Zerg Snute China Protoss Cyan
July Cheesadelphia Summer 2016 $4,000 64 USA Philadelphia South Korea Zerg TRUE Brazil Terran Kelazhur
June ESL Meisterschaft - Summer Season 2016 €4,300 8 Germany Cologne Germany Protoss GunGFuBanDa Germany Zerg HaNfy
June Copa América 2016 Season 3 $10,000 16 Brazil Online Mexico Terran MajOr Brazil Terran Kelazhur
June GPL 2016 Season 2 $14,200 32 China Shanghai China Zerg TooDming China Terran XY
June E-Sport SM 2016 Finals $4,257.22 2 Sweden Offline Sweden Zerg Zanster Sweden Zerg SortOf
June Ting Open Season 2 $5,000 32 USA Online South Korea Terran ByuN South Korea Zerg Solar
May World Cyber Arena 2016: China Summer Qualifier $15,330 8 China Online China Zerg iAsonu China Terran XY
April World Cyber Arena 2016: Asia Spring Qualifier $15,330 8 China Online South Korea Protoss Patience South Korea Terran ByuN
March World Cyber Arena 2016: China Spring Qualifier $15,330 8 China Online China Protoss Cyan China Zerg TooDming
March 2016 Kung Fu Cup Season 1 $23,000 16 China Online South Korea Protoss Stats South Korea Terran TY
March Copa América 2016 Season 2 $10,000 16 Brazil Online Mexico Zerg Cham Brazil Terran Kelazhur
March ESL Meisterschaft - Spring Season 2016 €3,200 8 Germany Cologne Germany Terran HeRoMaRinE Germany Zerg Lambo
February Ting Open Season 1 $5,000 32 USA Online South Korea Zerg Rogue Poland Protoss MaNa
February Copa América 2016 Season 1 $10,000 16 Brazil Online Brazil Terran Kelazhur Mexico Terran MajOr
February IEM Season X - Taipei $25,000 8 Taiwan Taipei South Korea Protoss sOs South Korea Terran ByuN
January GPL 2015 Grand Finals $20,500 8 China Shanghai China Zerg XiGua China Zerg TooDming


Start Month Tournament Prize Pool P# Location Winner Runner-Up
December GPL 2015 Season 3 $7,500 16 China Online China Protoss Jieshi China Protoss Cyan
November GPL 2015 International Challenge $33,000 8 China Shanghai Norway Zerg Snute China Zerg iAsonu
November SanDisk SHOUTcraft Invitational II $20,000 8 South Korea Online South Korea Zerg Solar South Korea Terran TY
October ESL Meisterschaft - Winter Season 2015 €3,200 8 Germany Cologne Germany Protoss ShoWTimE Germany Terran HeRoMaRinE
May Legacy of the Ultras $7,500 22 Germany Online Poland Zerg Nerchio South Korea Zerg TRUE

Heart of the Swarm Tournaments


Start Month Tournament Prize Pool P# Location Winner Runner-Up
November National Electronic Sports Open 2015 $11,395 26 China Shanghai China Zerg TooDming China Protoss MacSed
October Copa América 2015 Grand Finals $10,000 8 Online Mexico Terran MajOr Brazil Terran Kelazhur
October Kung Fu Cup 2015 #2 $19,200 16 China Online South Korea Zerg Life South Korea Protoss Stats
October World Series of Video Games 2015 $20,000 8 Maldives Maldives USA Zerg JonSnow China Protoss MacSed
September Gfinity Summer Masters II $10,000 8 United Kingdom London South Korea Terran KeeN France Terran MarineLorD
September World Leisure Games 2015 Iron Curtain Cup $14,200 24 China Qingdao South Korea Zerg Leenock China Zerg TooDming
August Hell, It's Aboot Time $17,000 16 Canada Toronto South Korea Zerg HyuN South Korea Zerg Jaedong
August Gfinity Summer Masters I $10,000 8 United Kingdom London South Korea Zerg DeParture South Korea Protoss First
August 4Gamers StarCraft II Tournament $9,476 32 Taiwan Taipei South Korea Zerg HyuN South Korea Terran Bomber
July ASUS ROG Summer 2015 $15,000 32 Finland Helsinki South Korea Zerg Losira France Protoss PtitDrogo
May 3rd Hong Kong Esports Tournament $10,000 16 Taiwan Taipei South Korea Protoss PartinG South Korea Zerg Leenock
May E-Sport SM 2015 $12,061 4 Sweden Jönköping Sweden Zerg Zanster Sweden Zerg SortOf
May 2015 G-League $14,526 8 China Shanghai China Zerg iAsonu China Terran XY
May GPL 2015 Season 2 $10,560 20 China China China Protoss Jim China Zerg iAsonu
May Gfinity Spring Masters II $10,000 16 United Kingdom London South Korea Zerg Solar South Korea Zerg Hydra
April Kung Fu Cup 2015 #1 $21,120 32 China Online South Korea Protoss Trap Norway Zerg Snute
April Gamers Assembly 2015 $5,495 72 France Poitiers France Zerg FireCake South Korea Zerg TRUE
April Copenhagen Games Spring 2015 $10,000 32 Denmark Copenhagen South Korea Protoss PartinG South Korea Terran FanTaSy
March Gfinity Spring Masters I $10,000 16 United Kingdom London South Korea Protoss PartinG South Korea Zerg Hydra
March GPL 2015 Season 1 $10,560 20 China China China Zerg iAsonu China Zerg TooDming
March Fragbite Masters Season 4 $12,000 16 Sweden Online Denmark Terran Bunny Russia Terran Happy
February ESL Meisterschaft - Spring Season 2015 $3,591 8 Germany Cologne Germany Zerg Lambo Germany Terran HeRoMaRinE


Start Month Tournament Prize Pool P# Location Winner Runner-Up
December TeSL 2014-2015: Season 2 $9,947 12 Taiwan Taipei South Korea Protoss Ruin South Korea Zerg Check
December SOC 2013-2014: Grand Finals $13,040 16 China Shanghai China Protoss Jim China Protoss MacSed
December National Electronic Sports Open 2014 $11,395 26 China Qingdao China Protoss Jim China Protoss MacSed
November Kung Fu Cup 2014 #1 $4,892 16 China Online South Korea Protoss PartinG Taiwan Zerg Sen
November Fragbite Masters Season 3 $20,300 16 Sweden Stockholm South Korea Terran MMA Germany Protoss GunGFuBanDa
November PughCraft Invitational #2 $4,500 32 United Kingdom Online South Korea Protoss Rain South Korea Protoss Trap
November Copa América 2014 Grand Finals $11,000 8 Peru Lima Mexico Terran MajOr Canada Protoss HuK
November IeSF 2014 World Championship $10,000 14 Azerbaijan Baku South Korea Protoss Zest Sweden Zerg Zanster
October National Electronic Sports Tournament 2014 $15,149 8 China Kunshan China Terran XY China Zerg iAsonu
October BoGou Cup: Grand Finals $6,532 16 China Online China Protoss Top China Terran XY
October 32 Boys 1 Cup $4,000 32 Canada Online South Korea Protoss PartinG South Korea Terran GuMiho
October TeSL 2014-2015: Season 1 $10,370 12 Taiwan Taipei South Korea Protoss Ruin Taiwan Protoss Has
October GPL 2014 Season 2 $13,000 32 China China China Zerg TooDming China Protoss Top
October 2014 Gigacon $10,000 Norway Norway Norway Zerg TargA Norway Zerg Snitchables
September 2014 G-League $14,625 8 China Shanghai China Protoss Jim China Zerg iAsonu
September Connecting Professional E-sports #1 $6,500 16 Europe Online South Korea Zerg Solar South Korea Protoss Dear
September Who's The Best European $4,000 16 Europe Online Poland Protoss MaNa France Protoss Lilbow
August Red Bull Battle Grounds: Global $9,000 6 USA Santa Monica South Korea Zerg DongRaeGu South Korea Zerg Solar
August Destiny I $4,000 16 USA Online South Korea Terran INnoVation Canada Protoss HuK
August 2nd Hong Kong Esports Tournament $10,000 16 Hong Kong Hong Kong South Korea Zerg RagnaroK South Korea Protoss Hurricane
August Gfinity G3 $30,000 12 United Kingdom London Denmark Terran Bunny South Korea Zerg HyuN
July GPL 2014 Season 1 $13,000 32 China Online China Protoss Jim China Zerg XiGua
July 2014 ACL Pro Circuit: Sydney $7,500 24 Australia Australia South Korea Zerg KingKong Australia Terran iaguz
July The Big One $5,000 16 Canada Online South Korea Zerg Life South Korea Zerg HyuN
June EPS Germany Summer 2014 $13,000 8 Germany Cologne Germany Terran HeRoMaRinE Germany Protoss ShoWTimE
June Red Bull Battle Grounds: North America $9,000 6 USA Santa Monica Canada Zerg Scarlett South Korea Terran Polt
June E-Sport-SM 2013-2014: Finals $22,640 8 Sweden Jönköping Sweden Zerg Zanster Sweden Terran ThorZaIN
June SanDisk SHOUTcraft Invitational $10,000 8 South Korea Online South Korea Protoss herO South Korea Terran Flash
May TeSL 2013-2014 Super League Season 4 $10,262 12 Taiwan Taipei South Korea Protoss Daisy Taiwan Zerg Sen
May Fragbite Masters 2014 Spring $24,500 16 Sweden Online South Korea Zerg HyuN Spain Zerg VortiX
May Lone Star Clash 3 $15,000 16 USA Austin South Korea Zerg Jaedong South Korea Terran Polt
May TaKeTV ULTRA Invitational $6,000 32 Germany Krefeld Norway Zerg Snute South Korea Zerg HyuN
April Copenhagen Games Spring 2014 $10,000 32 Denmark Copenhagen South Korea Zerg HyuN Russia Terran Happy
April Gamers Assembly 2014 €3,000 81 France Poitiers South Korea Terran ForGG France Terran Dayshi
April Insomnia51 $4,200 16 United Kingdom Coventry Netherlands Protoss Harstem Poland Zerg Tefel
March Vasacast Invitational 2014 $5,000 32 Italy Online Spain Zerg VortiX South Korea Terran jjakji
March SeatStory Cup $15,000 16 Germany Krefeld Norway Zerg Snute South Korea Zerg HyuN
March TeSL 2013-2014 Super League Season 3 $10,262 12 Taiwan Taipei South Korea Protoss San Taiwan Zerg Sen
February EPS Germany Spring 2014 $13,000 8 Germany Cologne Germany Protoss ShoWTimE South Korea Protoss Patience
February bLAN 2014 Winter $6,522 Norway Gloppen Norway Zerg Snute Norway Zerg TargA
February MLG Ender's Game on Blu-ray Tournament $5,000 16 Online Canada Terran MaSa USA Protoss State
February Twitch Ender's Game on Blu-ray Tournament $5,900 16 Online USA Protoss Minigun USA Protoss Astrea
January Invitational $6,000 16 Europe Online South Korea Protoss MC South Korea Protoss HerO
January MLG GameOn Invitational 2014 $5,000 16 Online Canada Zerg Scarlett Mexico Terran MajOr
January Esports Champions League 2013 Grand Finals $18,000 12 China Beijing Taiwan Zerg Sen China Protoss MacSed


Start Month Tournament Prize Pool P# Location Winner Runner-Up
December Svenska E-sportcupen 2013 Grand Finals $30,600 4 Sweden Göteborg Sweden Protoss NaNiwa Sweden Protoss Bischu
December Numericable M-House Cup 3 $8,820 8 France Marseille South Korea Zerg Jaedong South Korea Zerg Solar
December SHOUTcraft America Winter $5,000 8 Online Canada Protoss HuK Canada Terran MaSa
November TeSL 2013-2014 Super League Season 2 $14,635 12 Taiwan Taipei South Korea Protoss San Taiwan Zerg Sen
November Copa America 2013 Grand Finals $6,200 8 Argentina Buenos Aires Mexico Terran MajOr Mexico Zerg JimRising
November Dailymotion Cup 2013 $7,500 16 Online South Korea Protoss Squirtle South Korea Protoss San
November National Electronic Sports Tournament 2013 $9,804 16 China Shanghai China Protoss Top China Terran Loner
November 2013 G-League $14,880 8 China Shanghai China Protoss Jim China Protoss MacSed
November Liga Exodo 2013 $20,000 32 Mexico Online/Offline Mexico Terran MajOr Venezuela Zerg ByRada
October IEF 2013 $18,000 16 South Korea Seongnam USA Terran Xenocider Finland Protoss Welmu
October EPS Germany Winter 2013 $13,500 12 Germany Cologne Germany Terran HeRoMaRinE Germany Protoss Socke
October WCG 2013 Chinese National Finals $14,715 16 China Chengdu China Protoss Jim China Protoss MacSed
September TeSL 2013-2014 Super League Season 1 $14,921 12 Taiwan Taipei Taiwan Zerg Sen Sweden Protoss SaSe
September Fragbite Masters 2013 $24,700 32 Online South Korea Protoss StarDust Sweden Protoss NaNiwa
August Millenium Show Cup $4,050 16 France Paris South Korea Terran ForGG Norway Zerg Snute
August 1st Hong Kong Esports Tournament $13,000 8 Hong Kong Hong Kong South Korea Protoss Hurricane South Korea Zerg KingKong
August StarsWar League Season 3 $16,000 16 China Shanghai South Korea Protoss PartinG South Korea Protoss HerO
August LANHAMMER 2013 $7,500 USA San Francisco Canada Protoss HuK USA Protoss Minigun
August WCG 2013 South Korea Qualifier South Korea Seoul South Korea Protoss PartinG South Korea Protoss Sora
August CPL Championship 2013 $6,500 8 China Shenyang China Protoss Jim South Korea Terran MarineKing
July 2013 TWOP $3,343 12 Taiwan Taichung South Korea Protoss Genius South Korea Terran TY
July Red Bull Training Grounds 2 $10,000 8 USA Orlando Norway Zerg Snute Canada Protoss HuK
June EPS Germany Summer 2013 $12,400 12 Germany Cologne Germany Protoss HasuObs Germany Protoss Tarrantius
June 2013 Asian Indoor-Martial Arts Games 9 South Korea Incheon South Korea Protoss sOs South Korea Terran Flash
June Red Bull Training Grounds $8,600 8 USA Santa Monica South Korea Zerg Golden South Korea Terran Sound
June Ritmix Russian StarCraft 2 League Season 5 $9,000 32 Online South Korea Zerg Life South Korea Terran Bomber
June E-Sport SM 2012-2013 $23,062 8 Sweden Jönköping Sweden Protoss NaNiwa Sweden Terran ThorZaIN
May Numericable M-House Cup 2 $9,450 8 France Marseille South Korea Zerg Curious South Korea Terran ForGG
May TeSL 2012-2013 Second Half Season 2 $14,622 12 Taiwan Taipei South Korea Protoss San Taiwan Zerg Sen
May ESET Masters 2013 $26,900 32 Germany Cologne South Korea Protoss StarDust South Korea Zerg Golden
May GeForce E-Sports 2013 $10,595 4 China Shanghai South Korea Terran YoDa China Protoss MacSed
May SHOUTcraft America $10,000 16 USA New York City Canada Zerg Kane USA Protoss State
April 2013 GIGABYTE Pro League 1 $6,600 8 Online South Korea Protoss Squirtle Norway Zerg Snute
March TeSL 2012-2013 Second Half Season 1 $14,700 12 Taiwan Taipei Taiwan Zerg Sen Taiwan Terran Ball
March ESET UK Masters 2013 Season 1 $15,570 24 United Kingdom Telford Norway Zerg Snute South Korea Terran Sting
February EPS Germany Spring 2013 $10,750 12 Germany Cologne Germany Protoss HasuObs Germany Protoss Socke

Wings of Liberty Tournaments


Start Month Tournament Prize Pool P# Location Winner Runner-Up
February Ritmix Russian StarCraft 2 League Season 4 $7,500 24 Online South Korea Zerg HyuN Spain Terran LucifroN
January ESET Winter Masters 2012 Finals $15,750 8 Germany Hamburg South Korea Protoss StarDust Germany Terran GoOdy


Start Month Tournament Prize Pool P# Location Winner Runner-Up
December NEO Star League 2012 Season 2 $13,315 16 China Shanghai South Korea Protoss Lure China Zerg XiGua
December Numericable M-House Cup €6,000 8 France Marseille South Korea Terran MarineKing Ukraine Zerg DIMAGA
December THOR Open 2012 $21,700 8 Sweden Stockholm Spain Zerg VortiX Norway Zerg Snute
December MLG Tournament of Champions $7,000 8 Online South Korea Protoss PartinG South Korea Protoss Rain
November 2012 G-League Season 2 $12,000 8 China Shanghai China Protoss Jim China Zerg XiGua
November ESET UK Masters 2012 £5,000 16 United Kingdom Telford United Kingdom Protoss BlinG Germany Terran KrasS
November Ritmix Russian StarCraft 2 League Season 3 $7,500 24 Online South Korea Protoss Oz Spain Zerg VortiX
November Acer StarCraft Challenge €5,750 8 Germany Berlin South Korea Protoss Sage Norway Zerg Snute
November Lone Star Clash 2 $15,000 16 USA Austin, TX France Zerg Stephano South Korea Terran Bomber
November IEF 2012 $17,000 12 China Wuhan Sweden Protoss SaSe China Zerg TooDming
October WCG 2012 Chinese National Finals $7,352 22 China Shanghai China Protoss XluoS China Protoss MacSed
October World e-Sports Masters 2012 $31,000 8 China Hangzhou South Korea Zerg Leenock South Korea Protoss JYP
October ASUS ROG The GD Invitational $10,000 8 Sweden Stockholm Sweden Terran ThorZaIN Finland Protoss elfi
October IeSF 2012 World Championship ₩5,000,000 28 South Korea Cheonan Austria Protoss monchi Romania Protoss NightEnD
October ESL Pro Series Germany Winter Season 2012 €11,600 12 Germany Cologne Austria Protoss monchi Germany Zerg XlorD
September HyperX 10-Year Anniversary Tournament $15,000 720 USA Las Vegas South Korea Zerg Jaedong South Korea Protoss MC
September MSI Pro Cup Worldwide €5,000 8 Online South Korea Zerg HyuN Canada Zerg Scarlett
September 2012 MLG vs Proleague Invitational $10,000 48 Online South Korea Zerg soO South Korea Protoss Oz
September EPS Berlin Open €10,000 12 Germany Berlin Germany Protoss HasuObs Russia Zerg sLivko
August League $8,900 9 Online Spain Terran LucifroN Ukraine Terran Kas
August Ritmix Russian StarCraft 2 League Season 2 $7,500 32 Online South Korea Zerg Leenock Canada Zerg Scarlett
August Campus Party Europe $25,000 16 Germany Berlin South Korea Terran SuperNova Norway Zerg Snute
August WCS North America $60,000 32 USA Raleigh, NC Canada Zerg Scarlett USA Zerg ViBE
August WCS Oceania $15,000 8 Australia Sydney Australia Zerg mOOnGLaDe Australia Zerg MaFia
August Asia Starcraft League $3,833 128 Online South Korea Terran Maru South Korea Zerg BBoongBBoong
July WCG 2012 South Korea Qualifier South Korea Busan South Korea Protoss YongHwa South Korea Terran MarineKing
July WCS South America $30,600 16 Brazil São Paulo Chile Zerg KiLLeR Peru Terran Fenix
July FXOpen Invitational Series - #6 $5,000 64 Online South Korea Protoss Squirtle South Korea Protoss PartinG
June E-Sport SM 2011-2012: Finals $14,400 8 Sweden Jönköping Sweden Terran ThorZaIN Sweden Zerg SortOf
June ESL Pro Series Germany Summer Season 2012 €10,000 12 Germany Germany Zerg Hanfy Germany Protoss HasuObs
June GIGABYTE ESPORTS LAN Invitational $11,000 24 USA Pomona, CA South Korea Zerg Monster South Korea Zerg Sleep
May StarsWar 7 $5,500 4 China Shanghai China Protoss MacSed Taiwan Zerg Sen
May Ritmix Russian StarCraft 2 League $7,000 24 Europe Ukraine Terran Kas Ukraine Protoss fraer
April NVIDIA Gaming Festival 2012 $8,000 8 China Shanghai China Protoss MacSed South Korea Zerg Moon
April 2012 G-League Season 1 $14,120 8 China Shanghai South Korea Protoss TAiLS China Zerg TooDming
April GGA Cup $6,600 32 Online South Korea Zerg HyuN South Korea Zerg Revival
April MLG Spring Arena 1 $10,900 8 USA New York City South Korea Zerg DongRaeGu South Korea Terran MarineKing
April Copenhagen Games Spring 2012 €6,500 23 Denmark Copenhagen Ukraine Terran Kas Finland Protoss Welmu
April The Gathering 2012 €13,375 48 Norway Hamar Spain Terran LucifroN Russia Terran Brat_OK
March IPL Tournament of Champions $12,000 16 Online South Korea Terran jjakji South Korea Protoss Creator
March NEO Star League 2012 Season 1 $13,166 16 China Shanghai China Protoss LoveCD China Terran Loner
March Lone Star Clash $10,000 16 USA TX France Zerg Stephano South Korea Terran Polt
February ESL Pro Series Germany Spring Season 2012 €10,000 12 Germany Germany Protoss HasuObs Switzerland Zerg biGs
January FXOpen Invitational Series - #5 $5,000 32 Online South Korea Zerg DongRaeGu South Korea Terran MarineKing
January AoL: The King of Kongs $3,500 8 South Korea South Korea Zerg DongRaeGu South Korea Zerg LosirA


Start Month Tournament Prize Pool P# Location Winner Runner-Up
November 2011 G-League Season 3 $27,800 10 China Shanghai China Zerg XiGua China Protoss LoveCD
November AoL: Team Ace Invitational $17,700 20 South Korea South Korea Terran Mvp South Korea Terran GanZi
November IPL4 UK Qualifier $20,000 32 United Kingdom Telford France Zerg Stephano South Korea Protoss TAiLS
November Battle in Berlin $10,000 8 Germany Berlin Poland Zerg Nerchio Germany Terran GoOdy
November ASUS ROG Stars Invite $10,000 8 Finland Helsinki USA Zerg IdrA South Korea Terran SeleCT
November World GameMaster Tournament 2012 $6,103 20 China Beijing South Korea Terran Lyn China Zerg XiGua
October 2011 G-League Season 2 $26,700 8 China Shanghai South Korea Terran Lyn China Protoss LoveCD
October Samsung European Championship 2011 $6,000 16 Poland Warsaw France Protoss ToD Poland Zerg Nerchio
October IeSF 2011 World Championship $26,000[1] 24 South Korea Andong Sweden Terran SjoW Netherlands Protoss Grubby
September Arena of Legends 1 $5,760 12 Online South Korea Terran MarineKing South Korea Zerg DongRaeGu
September China 1st 3D Electronic Games $19,680 8 China Beijing China Terran Loner South Korea Zerg Moon
September 2011 Southeast Asian Invitational $13,000 8 Australia Australia Zerg mOOnGLaDe New Zealand Zerg JazBas
September DreamHack Valencia Invitational $15,000 8 Spain Valencia South Korea Zerg DongRaeGu Sweden Terran ThorZaIN
August 2011 Taiwanese Invitational $24,500 16 Taiwan Taipei Taiwan Zerg Sen Taiwan Protoss Nifi
August 2011 Chinese Invitational $18,000 8 China Shanghai China Zerg XiGua China Zerg Uhen
August 2011 North American Invitational $24,000 8 USA Irvine, CA South Korea Terran SeleCT USA Zerg Sheth
August 2011 Latin American Invitational $24,000 8 USA Irvine, CA Mexico Terran MajOr Chile Zerg KiLLeR
August 2011 European Invitational $24,500 8 Poland Warsaw Netherlands Zerg Ret Sweden Protoss NaNiwa
August ESL Pro Series Germany - Season 19 €11,900 16 Germany Germany Protoss Socke Germany Terran GoOdy
August CPL Invitational 2011 $7,400 10 China Shenyang South Korea Terran MarineKing Sweden Protoss SaSe
August WCG 2011 Chinese National Finals $6,987 16 China Shanghai China Zerg XiGua China Zerg F91
July Torneo ESL StarCraft II €9,350 16 Spain Spain Germany Protoss HasuObs Germany Protoss Socke
June LG Cinema 3D Special League $35,000 16 South Korea Seoul South Korea Zerg DongRaeGu South Korea Terran sC
June GeForce Pro/Am $10,500 64 Online South Korea Terran MMA South Korea Terran Mvp
June FXOpen Invitational Series - #4 $5,000 16 Online South Korea Terran MarineKing South Korea Terran TheStC
June HomeStory Cup #3 €5,000 32 Germany Krefeld Canada Protoss HuK Sweden Protoss NaNiwa
June 2011 G-League Season 1 $27,800 16 China Shanghai China Zerg XiGua China Protoss LoveTT
May Tactic 3D Online Tourney $5,000 Online Canada Terran dde USA Zerg IdrA
May Dailymotion Cup 2011 €5,000 32 Online Poland Zerg Nerchio Sweden Zerg MorroW
April StarsWar Killer 6 $8,500 32 China Shanghai South Korea Protoss MC China Protoss LoveCD
April Copenhagen Games Spring 2011 $9,500 64 Denmark Copenhagen South Korea Protoss MC Ukraine Terran Kas
April IGN ProLeague Season 1 $5,000 16 Online USA Zerg IdrA Canada Protoss KiWiKaKi
April The Gathering Easter 2011 $8,000 64 Norway Sweden Terran SjoW Sweden Protoss SaSe
April DreamHack Stockholm Invitational $15,000 8 Sweden Stockholm South Korea Protoss MC Ukraine Protoss White-Ra
April Gamers Assembly 2011 €5,100 96 France Poitiers France Protoss Adelscott France Terran AureS
March Gadget Show Live Invitational £5,000 6 United Kingdom Birmingham Sweden Protoss NaNiwa Germany Protoss Socke
March ESL Pro Series France Season X €5,000 20 France France Protoss ToD France Protoss Adelscott
February ESL Pro Series Germany - Season 18 €12,000 16 Germany Germany Protoss Socke Germany Protoss HasuObs
February Sennheiser Cup Season 1 €5,000 16 Germany Ukraine Terran Strelok Ukraine Terran Kas
January Gainward Tournament $8,600 64 South Korea South Korea Terran Mvp South Korea Zerg NesTea
January Black Dragon League $6,000 16 Online Sweden Protoss NaNiwa Germany Protoss Socke
January HomeStory Cup #2 €2,800 16 Germany Krefeld Ukraine Protoss White-Ra Sweden Protoss NaNiwa
January European Championship $8,200 12 United Kingdom London Germany Random TLO Sweden Terran SjoW
January World GameMaster Tournament 2010 $5,281 8 China Beijing China Zerg XiGua China Protoss xiaOt


Start Month Tournament Prize Pool P# Location Winner Runner-Up
November Root Gaming's WARZONE $3,500 32 Online Ukraine Protoss White-Ra Taiwan Zerg Sen
November GomTV GSTAR All-Stars Invitational $13,000 16 South Korea Busan South Korea Zerg Kyrix South Korea Terran MarineKing
September ESL Pro Series France Season IX €3,500 16 France France Terran SarenS France Terran AureS
August ESL Pro Series Germany - Season 17 €11,500 16 Germany Germany Protoss Socke Italy Terran ClouD