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  Legacy of the Ultras
> 15 May
  NationWars III
> 19 Nov
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  Starcraft League 2015
> 15 Aug
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DreamHack  2015 DH LotV Championship
> 26 Nov
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  GPL 2015 International
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  SHOUTcraft Invitational II
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  NESO 2015
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World Championship Series  2015 WCS Global Finals
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Date Player Old New Ref
2015-11-26 South Korea Terran sKyHigh CJ Entus
Coach [1]
2015-11-26 South Korea Protoss Sora
South Korea Protoss Trust
CJ Entus
None [2]
2015-11-25 South Korea Terran EJK None
Team Gravity [3]
2015-11-24 South Korea Zerg Leenock
South Korea Terran KeeN
2015-11-23 South Korea Protoss Pigbaby None
Retirement [5]
2015-11-23 Sweden Zerg SortOf None
Team prOperty [6]
2015-11-18 South Korea Zerg Revival None
Retirement [7]
2015-11-18 South Korea Terran Heart None
Retirement [8]
2015-11-17 South Korea Protoss Creator None
Jin Air Green Wings [9]
2015-11-13 Mexico Zerg JimRising None
ROOT Gaming [10]
2015-11-12 Kazakhstan Protoss PiLiPiLi None
PSISTORM Gaming [11]
2015-11-12 South Korea Terran Aphrodite MVP (team)
None [12]
2015-11-04 Denmark Protoss SpaceMarine None
Redbloods [13]
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November 19, 2014
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October 6, 2015 — Blizzard Entertainment releases Patch 3.0.
September 13, 2015 — Legacy of the Void cinematic revealed and release date announced
June 17, 2015 — Whispers of Oblivion, prologue to Legacy of the Void, announced
May 27, 2015 — Legacy of the Void Balance Patch 2.5.2!
May 11, 2015 — Legacy of the Void Balance Update Preview!
April 27, 2015 — Legacy of the Void Balance Update Preview!
March 24, 2015 — New Ladder Maps for 2015 Season 2
March 18, 2015 — Beta of Legacy of the Void to start on March 31, 2015
March 11, 2015 — WCS Season 2 Schedule & Format Changes
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Featured article

Lee "Life" Seung Hyun is a professional Zerg player from South Korea currently playing for the team KT Rolster. Life reached the top level of the competitive scene at fifteen years of age, rising to prominence throughout 2012. The year culminated in a triumph in the 2012 GSL Season 4, where Life became the youngest player to have ever won a major StarCraft II South Korean league, as well as the first royal roader in StarCraft II (excluding the first GSL).

Life first received recognition when he joined team ZeNEX in March 2011 for being the youngest professional player on a South Korean team at the time. Despite not appearing in any major leagues until November of that year, Life started to make a name for himself as a rather successful competitor in Korean online events. He was highlighted in January 2012 as the third youngest player to appear in a televised StarCraft II match at age of 15 years and 11 days when he competed in a set of the GSTL Season 1. Even though his debut in GSL Code A in February turned out to be a setback, Life strengthened his reputation as a very promising player, gathering multiple successes in Korean online events. He began to gain more international exposure as well, making worthy appearances in the IPL Tournament of Champions and in the Iron Squid – Chapter I. From April to July, Life became a major asset to ZeNEX in team leagues as he all-killed Team Liquid in the GSTL Season 2.

In August, he became a member of the team StarTale when it absorbed ZeNEX, allowing him to be involved in a more effective training regimen. During the summer, Life got his big break in the TSL 4, placing second in the league. He then achieved an unprecedented run in the GSL Season 4, coming all the way from the up & down matches to the grand finals where he defeated Mvp, one of the best StarCraft II players at the time, to win the Code S as its first royal roader. This crowning achievement was followed two weeks later by his first title in a foreign event - winning the MLG Fall Championship. In 2014, he made another Cinderella run at the WCS Global Finals, winning the world championship at just 17 as the 14th seed and the only Zerg to make the quarterfinals.