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Adam Simmons

Adam "Madals" Simmons is a StarCraft II caster. Beginning in January 2012 with his YouTube channel, Madals has steadily grown within the SC2 community, having had the opportunity to cast multiple online and offline events.


Madals is best known for his work on YouTube, where he has cast on average 1 SC2 game per day for over 2 years. More recently, he has started to stream on Twitch covering many ESL events such as Go4SC2, ESL Pro Series and many others. In addition to ESL events, Madals has covered many smaller events such as the Dutch Starcraft League, ESET UK Masters and many events for Multiple within the UK.


Since the start of the World Championship Series in its current format, Madals has been the only caster within WCS EU Challenger to cover every season to date.

Show Matches[edit]

Starting in May 2014, Madals has begun to host show matches funding from casting revenue. Below is a list of planned or concluded events:

Date Players Format Prize pool Result VODs Thread
2014-05-29 Norway Zicon small.png Snute Russia Ticon small.png Happy Best-of-7 $200 ($150/$50) 4-0 Snute Vod1.pngVod2.pngVod3.pngVod4.png Announcement
2014-06-03 South Korea Zicon small.png Sacsri Finland Picon small.png Welmu Best-of-9 $200 ($150/$50) 5-1 Sacsri Vod1.pngVod2.pngVod3.pngVod4.pngVod5.pngVod6.png Announcement
2014-06-24 Norway Zicon small.png Snute Canada Picon small.png HuK Best-of-9 $400 ($300/$100) 5-4 HuK Vod1.pngVod2.pngVod3.pngVod4.pngVod5.pngVod6.pngVod7.pngVod8.pngVod9.png Announcement
2014-07-04 Poland Zicon small.png Nerchio Denmark Ticon small.png Bunny Best-of-9 $200 ($150/$50) 5-2 Bunny Vod1.pngVod2.pngVod3.pngVod4.pngVod5.pngVod6.pngVod7.png Announcement
2014-07-21 Germany Zicon small.png TLO Netherlands Picon small.png Grubby Best-of-9 $400 ($262.50/$137.50) 7-2 TLO Vod1.png Vod2.png Vod3.png Vod4.png Vod5.png Vod6.png Vod7.png Vod8.png Vod9.png Announcement
2014-09-02 Norway Zicon small.png Snute South Korea Zicon small.png Life Best-of-7 $400 + $50 4-1 Life Vod1.png Vod2.png Vod3.png Vod4.png Vod5.png Vod.png Announcement

DingIt Showmatches[edit]

Date Players Format Prize pool Result VODs Thread
2014-11-11 South Korea Zicon small.png Sacsri South Korea Picon small.png First Best-of-7 $200 ($150/$50) 4-3 First Vod.png Announcement
2014-11-19 Netherlands Picon small.png Harstem Germany Zicon small.png TLO Best-of-7 $200 ($150/$50) 4-1 Harstem Vod.png Announcement
2014-11-25 Canada Zicon small.png Scarlett Canada Picon small.png HuK Best-of-7 $200 ($150/$50) 4-3 Scarlett Announcement
2014-12-02 France Picon small.png Lilbow South Korea Zicon small.png HyuN Best-of-7 $200 ($150/$50) 4-1 Lilbow
2014-12-11 South Korea Zicon small.png Solar South Korea Ticon small.png Polt Best-of-7 $200 ($150/$50) 4-2 Solar
2014-12-18 South Korea Zicon small.png Sacsri Netherlands Picon small.png Harstem Best-of-7 $200 ($150/$50) 4-1 Sacsri
2015-01-08 Netherlands Zicon small.png Ret Finland Picon small.png Welmu Best-of-7 $200 ($150/$50) 4-1 Ret Announcement
2015-01-15 Russia Ticon small.png Happy Poland Zicon small.png Nerchio Best-of-7 $200 ($150/$50) 4-3 Happy
2015-01-21 Mexico Ticon small.png MajOr Australia Zicon small.png PiG Best-of-7 $200 ($150/$50) 4-0 MajOr Announcement
2015-02-01 France Zicon small.png MarineLorD Ukraine Picon small.png Bly Best-of-7 $200 ($150/$50) 4-2 MarineLorD
2015-02-08 South Korea Zicon small.png HyuN Netherlands Picon small.png Harstem Best-of-7 $200 ($150/$50) 4-1 HyuN
2015-04-26 Netherlands Picon small.png Harstem South Korea Ticon small.png Heart Best-of-7 $200 ($150/$50) 4-1 Heart Vod.png Announcement
2015-05-10 South Korea Picon small.png StarDust Brazil Ticon small.png Kelazhur Best-of-7 $200 ($150/$50) TBC TBC Announcement

DingIt $5k Invitational[edit]

In April 2014, Madals will cast DingIt Round Robin Invitational, a 6-player Roud Robin tournament. See more details on the tournament page.