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[e][h]TerranIcon.png Liberator
Liberator in fighter mode.png
Unit Information
Air Unit
Built From:
Minerals.gif 150 Vespene-terran.gif 150 Buildtime terran.gif 43 Supply-terran.gif 3
Attack 1:
Targets: Ground
Damage: 75 (+5)
DPS: 65.8 (+4.4)
Cooldown: 1.14
Range: 10 (+4)[note 1]
Attack 2:
Targets: Air
Damage: 5 (+1) (x2)
DPS: 7.8 (+1.4)
Cooldown: 1.29
Range: 5
Icon Hitpoints.png 180 Icon Armor.png 0 (+1)
10 (Fighter)
13 (+4) (Defender)
Strong against:
Weak against:


The Liberator can switch between two Gunship roles called Defender Mode as a Stationary Siege unit, it's fast aerial Fighter Mode and is produced from a Starport. Both modes have a 2 second transformation time between them. In Fighter Mode, it fires two air-to-air missiles that deal 10 damage with a small area of effect. In the stationary Defender Mode firing on a targeted area deals high single-target damage against ground units but cannot fire at structures.

Harassment before production of Liberators will stop the enemy from gaining an air advantage (That is strong against the costly production of Starports in general). Liberators are extremely strong against opposing enemy siege units as none shoot up (except High Templar / Archons) and force the enemy, that needs to keep it's army together, from simply crashing and possibly overwhelming friendly units (also giving some room for friendlies to retreat).


Defender Mode
Defender mode.png
Duration: 2.88 s
Hotkey: E
Deploys into Defender Mode. In this mode, Liberators inflict single target damage to ground units. Liberators in this mode cannot move.
Fighter mode liberator.png
Duration: 1.46 s
Hotkey: D
Reverts to Fighter Mode. In this mode, Liberators can move, but they can only target air units.


Advanced Ballistics
Advanced Ballistics (Patch 3.1.2).jpg
Minerals.gif 150     Vespene-terran.gif 150     Buildtime terran.gif 79 Hotkey: N
Researched from: Tech Lab
Requires: Fusion Core
Increases the range of Liberators in Defender Mode by 4.

Adds +4 to casting range of the Defender Mode (from 5 to 9). The sight range of the Liberator in Defender Mode also increases by 4.

Competitive Use[edit]

  • Usually the end game goal of Mostly Marine compositions with enough Medivacs and the opponent has adjusted to Widow Mines that have a similar function to Liberators but lack the shear range.
  • Can control choke points and air, but is too expensive and fragile to engage anti-air units without assistance.
  • As the Factory is usually building Reactors or Tech Labs for other buildings, but can be used to produce a few Siege Tanks and the Starport for Medivacs. Liberators tend to be built later on after a decent number of Medivacs for harassment and healing are present.
    • Versus Terran, this problem comes down to who has more Vikings and a possibly Raven's for Point Defence Drones to have air superiority. Liberators are less common in this TvT mirror match as a result.


  • In combination with either Widow Mines or Marines can defend positions and reinforce harassing (Medivacs) or pressuring (Siege Tank) armies on the other side of the map.
  • Can be used in a similar manner to Banshees and the Raven Autoturrets for harassment.

Vs.ProtossIcon.png Protoss[edit]

Vs.TerranIcon.png Terran[edit]

  • Vikings on paper have every single advantage, except speed. Do not blindly produce Liberators in Terran versus Terran.

Vs.ZergIcon.png Zerg[edit]



Patch Changes[edit]

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  1. In the SC2 editor, the range of the Liberator in Defender mode is 15, and the Advanced Ballistics upgrade adds 3 to give 18 range. However, given the casting range, the actual maximum distance a Liberator can reach is theoretically 10 without the upgrade, and 14 with the upgrade.


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