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Lazarus Gaming
Team Information
Location: USA United States
Manager: USA Noah Lazarus
Website Twitter Aligulac
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:


Protoss 0Terran 0Zerg 0Random 0
Created: 2010
Disbanded: 2011-05-09


Lazarus Gaming was a StarCraft II team which was formed in 2010 by Noah Lazarus, a former Internet entrepreneur who made a small fortune in the iPhone app business. Their first official event was 2010 MLG Dallas, where LGPainUser finished 3rd.

The team disbanded on May 9, 2011[1], as Noah Lazarus admitted he was too busy to manage the team and had to disband it.

Roster before disbanding[edit]

ID Name New Team
USA Protoss Agh Josh Bland Quantic Gaming Quantic Gaming
USA Zerg HDstarcraft Alex Do VP Gamers VP Gamers
USA Protoss iNkA Kelby Williams Quantic Gaming Quantic Gaming
USA Terran PainUser Taylor Parsons VP Gamers VP Gamers
USA Protoss ReSpOnSe Jonathan Layman NewRoSoft NewRoSoft
USA Protoss Shew Alex Raymond Team Clash Team Clash
USA Zerg sycknesS Ryan Mitchell
USA Zerg Zelniq Jason Choe Quantic Gaming Quantic Gaming


ID Name New Team
tTerran Envy
zZerg Kangwook
USUSA PProtoss RaNgeD Austin King NewRoSoft NewRoSoft



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