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Keyd Team, or just KT, is a Brazilian Multi-Gaming Organization created on September 6th, 2010 which used to have a Starcraft 2 squad.

[e][h]Keyd Team
Team Information
Eduardo "Kkanon" Kim
Igor "iGprO" Corrêa
Rafaell "Barker"
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:
Picon small.png 1
Ticon small.png 2
Zicon small.png 1


Keyd was previously known as "iMBalanced Team". The name change happened after an import-export company with the same name became its sponsor.



  • November 20th, Capoch and ReasoN finish the Brazil Game Show tournament in 3rd and 4th place respectively.



  • March 20th, Maker and Everize join Keyd.[2]
  • April 11th, Capoch's contract runs out, and is not renewed. To compensate, Keyd acquires Shylde and Holly from Korean Style.[3]
  • April, lamp retires from StarCraft II.[4]
  • April 25th, ReasoN and Keyd part ways.[5]
  • April 26th, kelseN and bush are acquired from Zerg Gosu Team.[6]
  • June 14th, Potiguar got 1th place after defeating Tunico in the WCS Brazil Nationals. He also won a $4000 prize in addition to the $2000 2nd place prize.
  • July 14th, Tunico ended up in 4th place in the WCS South America finals.
  • September 29th, Everize was announced as a new player for Pulse Esports.[7]
  • November 2nd, both, Potiguar and Holly, played at MLG Fall Championship. Holly lost both matches while Potiguar was dropped, after beating SuGaReeBoY, to the losers bracket by JYP. He was able to advanced three more rounds in the loser's brackets until he faced elimination. Benq sponsored both players.
  • November 12th, Keyd expands itself and presents a League of Legends line up.
  • November 27th, Keyd expands itself and now presents a Combat Arms line up.


  • February 3rd, Tunico wins first place in the local tournament that took place as part of IEM São Paulo. HollyOPK places third in the same tournament.
  • February, Breno "Shakti" leaves Keyd Team for War Live Team; HollyOPK switches to Keyd's lineup of League of Legends.
  • February 18th, Rafael "Breakdown" Eiji and Lucas "Kim" Kim join the team, from the teams Heroes of Fire and Korean Style, respectively.

Player Roster[edit]


ID Name New Team
BrazilBrazil TTicon small.png HorNyOne Bruno de Almeida Horn Retired
BrazilBrazil PPicon small.png Kelsen Rogério Trevisan Retired
BrazilBrazil TTicon small.png Kim Lucas Kim
BrazilBrazil ZZicon small.png Fortune Nik Nevermann
BrazilBrazil TTicon small.png lamp Bruno Kaneko Retired
BrazilBrazil TTicon small.png Naxx Bruno Cirilo Retired
BrazilBrazil PPicon small.png Potiguar Aderson Jamier Retired
BrazilBrazil ZZicon small.png Tunico Renan Guilhem
ChileChile PPicon small.png Rantech Jose Recart Isuruslogo std.png Isurus Gaming
BrazilBrazil ZZicon small.png ReasoN Paulo Cesar Zerggosuteamlogo std.png Zerg Gosu Team
BrazilBrazil ZZicon small.png uNreaL Bruno Russi
BrazilBrazil PPicon small.png Filho João Andrade Zerggosuteamlogo std.png Zerg Gosu Team
ArgentinaArgentina PPicon small.png Capoch Patrício del Olmo Isuruslogo std.png Isurus Gaming
MexicoMexico TTicon small.png Maker Ricardo Flores Teamlegionlogo std.png Team Legion
BrazilBrazil TTicon small.png Lienchi Vinicius Cardoso Zerggosuteamlogo std.png Zerg Gosu Team
BrazilBrazil TTicon small.png Bush Igor Costa
PolandPoland TTicon small.png Everize Hubert Kabak Pulse Esports std.png Pulse Esports
BrazilBrazil ZZicon small.png Shakti Breno War Live TeamLogo filler std.png War Live Team
krSouth Korea PPicon small.png Holly Abraham Hak Jae Kim Retired


ID Name Position
BrazilBrazil ZZicon small.png Kkanon Eduardo Kim President
BrazilBrazil PPicon small.png iGprO Igor Corrêa Director
BrazilBrazil TTicon small.png Barker Rafaell Barker Manager


ID Name Position
BrazilBrazil ZZicon small.png keydCapeta Elmir Nascimento Manager

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