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Karont3 e-Sports Club
Team Information
Location: Spain Spain
Manager: José Luis "Ryo" Moreno Durán
Sponsor: Karont3 Gaming Solutions
Ozone Gaming
Versus Gamers
Website Twitter Aligulac
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:


Picon small.png 1Ticon small.png 0Zicon small.png 1
Created: 2012-02-23
Disbanded: 2013-05-31
Recent Player Trades: 2013-05-30 - LucifroN, VortiX leave


Karont3 e-Sports Club is a semi-professional Spanish electronic sport organisation. In February 2012, the organisation recruited three grandmaster players in Spain after their performances at LVP. After the departure of their flagship players, LucifroN and VortiX, the organisation decided to close the Starcraft II division.




Player Roster[edit]

Active at time of Dissolution[edit]

Best Yearly Results:

ID Name 2010 2011 2012 2013 New Team
esSpain ZZicon small.png LoLvsxD Rubén Pons Serrano Y- Y- G4Ro64 DreamHack Y- Aprender logo std.png Aprender
esSpain tTicon small.png LucifroN Pedro Moreno Durán B6Ro16 Intel Extreme Masters A8Ro8 DreamHack A33rd World Championship Series A8Premier League Ro8 World Championship Series Mouzlogo std.png mousesports
seSweden PPicon small.png viPro Rasmus Östersjö Y- G4Ro64 DreamHack D2Ro32 DreamHack Y- Complexitylogo std.png compLexity Gaming
esSpain zZicon small.png VortiX Juan Moreno Durán Y- Y- A22nd World Championship Series B6Premier League Ro16 World Championship Series Intel Extreme Masters Mouzlogo std.png mousesports


ID Name Position
esSpain pPicon small.png Ryo José Luis Moreno Durán Manager

Team Achievements[edit]

Date Event Result
2013-03-21 Acer Teamstory Cup European Qualifiers Gold.png/Silver.png Karont3 Karont3 std.png 5 : 1 Property std.png Team Property
Date Event Result
2012-04-21 IPL Team Arena Challenge 3 Qualifier 2 Gold.png/Silver.png Karont3 Karont3 std.png 5 : 3 Itsgosulogo std.png It's Gosu eSports

Highlight Videos[edit]



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