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[e][h]It's Gosu eSports
Team Information
Andre "Gretorp" Hengchua
Bernie "Fujikura" Catalan
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:
Protoss 0
Terran 0
Zerg 0
Random 0
Recent Player Trades:
2013-01-09 - Glon joins
2013-01-02 - Kyhol leaves


It's Gosu eSports was an international progaming team based in North America. With the acquisition of All4ONE Gaming in June 2011, the online gaming community It's Gosu created It's Gosu eSports to support progaming teams for StarCraft 2, League of Legends, Dota 2, and Heroes of Newerth.

On February 1, 2013, It's Gosu merged with 4Not to recreate Quantic Gaming.




  • March 26, It's Gosu eSports announces Razer as a new sponsor.[7]
  • May 1, YaTa joins It's Gosu eSports.[8]
  • May 7, ViBE and It's Gosu eSports part ways.[9]
  • May 10, It's Gosu eSports announces NOS Energy Drink as a new sponsor.[10]
  • June 1, It's Gosu eSports announces that Illusion, former oGs player, joined the team, now under the name IceCream.[11]
  • August 24, Perfect joins It's Gosu eSports.[12]
  • September 5, tgun and It's Gosu eSports part ways.[13]
  • December 17, Fujikura confirms that IceCream has retired and wbc, Gatored, and YaTa have left the team.[14]
  • December 19, STX is removed from the roster.[15]
  • December 20, MaximusBlack and Apocalypse join after Quantic Gaming disbands.[16]


Player Roster[edit]

Players at Time of Merging with 4Not[edit]

ID Name 2010 2011 2012
krSouth Korea tTerran Apocalypse Kim Min Hyung - - 33 - 40th MLG
caCanada TTerran dde Lee Dong Yeon - 29th MLG 25 - 32nd MLG
USAUSA ZZerg Glon Bryan Gemler - - 33 - 40th MLG
krSouth Korea PProtoss HwangSin Hwang Seung Hyuk - 9 - 16th North American Star League Season 2 7 - 8th MLG
caCanada pProtoss MaximusBlack Jeffrey Johnston - - 61+ MLG
CanadaCanada ZZerg Ostojiy Christopher Ostojic - 31st MLG 25 - 28th MLG
USAUSA PProtoss Perfect Michael Thompson - - 61+ IGN ProLeague
USAUSA TTerran Pokebunny Nick Taber - 13 - 16th Intel Extreme Masters -
USAUSA PProtoss Rhythm Christopher Guzman - - -


ID Name New Team
USAUSA ZZerg daisuki Peter Yoo VVv Gaming vVv Gaming
USAUSA TTerran linko Bo Huang N/A
CanadaCanada ZZerg Zerker Marc Schulmeister N/A
USAUSA TTerran NamhciR Richard Chembars N/A
USAUSA ZZerg ViBE Dan Scherlong ROOT Gaming ROOT Gaming
KRSouth Korea PProtoss Kingdom Young Hoon Moon N/A
AustraliaAustralia ZZerg tgun Bradley Seymour Team Immunity Team Immunity
USAUSA PProtoss wbc Won Tae Lee N/A
USAUSA PProtoss Gatored Ben Brewer N/A
USAUSA PProtoss Ascension Alexander Ly N/A
South KoreaSouth Korea TTerran IceCream Jo Jae Won Retired
usaUSA PProtoss YaTa Jason Hoang N/A
USAUSA TTerran STX Caleb Richards N/A
CanadaCanada TTerran Kyhol Kyle Hollett N/A
usUSA tTerran Sonkie Nikolaus Cassidy N/A


ID Name Position New Team
USA Fujikura Bernie Catalan Manager Quantic Gaming Quantic Gaming
USA Gretorp Andre Hengchua Team Coach

Team Achievements[edit]

Date League Result
2012-04-01 Team League It's Gosu eSports It's Gosu eSports 5 : 2 LighT eSports LighT eSports
2012-03 ESEA Season 10 It's Gosu eSports It's Gosu eSports 5 : 4 CheckSix Gaming CheckSix Gaming
2012-07 ESEA Season 11 It's Gosu eSports It's Gosu eSports 1 : 3 CheckSix Gaming CheckSix Gaming
2012-11 ESEA Season 12 It's Gosu eSports It's Gosu eSports 3 : 2 Monomaniac eSports Monomaniac eSports



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