Infinite Edge

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[e][h]Infinite Edge eSports
INFED Logo.jpg
Team Information
Robert "Rob" Hamilton
Team Captain:
Alex "PurGE" Bird
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:
Picon small.png 3
Ticon small.png 8
Zicon small.png 4


Infinite Edge eSports, often abbreviated as INFED, is a Global Starcraft 2 team based in the United Kingdom, with headquarters in Scotland. INFED were founded in early 2015 from a collection of other teams on the European server, with the intention of providing a comfortable and stable practice environment for some of Europe's most promising up and coming players. They currently participate in the online European circuit, from the Russian Starcraft 2 Team League, to Alpha SC2 Team League, to Psy-eSports-League, placing high in all three and establishing Infinite Edge as one of Europe's leading Starcraft II teams.


Infinite Edge was established from foundations of numerous other clans on the European server, most notably The Drunken Harbour, by a handful of previous members, with the goal of providing a comfortable and intensive practice environment for some of the UK's lesser known players. With the addition of high-level European players such as GamerRichy, RobbyG, and ColonelK, Infinite Edge has quickly become one of Europe's leading Starcraft II teams in the online scene.


ID Name
UKUnited Kingdom TTicon small.png noX Phil Townsley
UKUnited Kingdom TTicon small.png Rob Robert Hamilton
SwedenSweden TTicon small.png GuSty Gustav Kämpendal
SwedenSweden PPicon small.png FläskFräsarn Simon Boras
UKUnited Kingdom TTicon small.png GamerRichy Richard Cox
LuxembourgLuxembourg PPicon small.png Pond Tadhg O'Dea
UKUnited Kingdom ZZicon small.png PurGE Alex Bird
GermanyGermany ZZicon small.png Zippy Michael Regel
UKUnited Kingdom TTicon small.png Finnz Luke Finlayson
RomaniaRomania TTicon small.png RobbyG Robert Irimias
NorwayNorway TTicon small.png Scythe Stian Johnsen
UKUnited Kingdom PPicon small.png Colonelk Will C
UKUnited Kingdom ZZicon small.png MrTea Dalton Gray


ID Name Position
ScotlandScotland TTicon small.png Boab Robert Hamilton Team Owner & Manager
EnglandEngland ZZicon small.png PurGE Alex Bird Team Captain
Czech RepublicCzech Republic PPicon small.png Pharaphobia Honza Drlý Caster