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[e][h]Incredible Miracle
Team Information
Kang Dong Hoon (강동훈)
2011 GSTL February IPL Team Arena Challenge 1 IPL Team Arena Challenge 3 2013 Global StarCraft II Team League Season 1 
Solo Achievements
2010 GSL Open Season 22011 GSL January2011 GSL March Code A2011 GSL World Championship2011 GSL May2011 GSL July2011 MLG Pro Circuit: Anaheim2011 GSL AugustBlizzCon 2011 StarCraft II InvitationalWorld Cyber Games 20112012 GSL Season 22012 GSL Season 3IEM Season VII - CologneIEM Season VII - KatowiceIEM Season VII - World Championship2013 WCS Season 1 Europe2014 MLG Anaheim
Recent Player Trades:
2014-07-31 - ByuL leaves
2014-07-23 - Trap, Squirtle, Mvp, YongHwa leave
2014-07-22 - Ruin leaves


Incredible Miracle is a top Korean StarCraft II team. It was founded in 2010 by five former StarCraft: Brood War players: ZergBong/NesTea, Mvp, ChRh/KYumer, TT and LosirA.[1][2] Later on, Junwi would join the team after leaving the Old Generations team. NesTea would end up winning the GSL 2 and was thus the first player on IM guaranteed Code S entry to the 2011 GOMTV tournaments.

At the start of the GOMTV Sponsorship League, IM had two Code S players, NesTea and Mvp. Both NesTea and Mvp are easily considered two of the very best players of Starcraft II so far. Both players have made it into the Ro4 of the GSL January 2011 Sponsorship League without losing a single game. They would play against each other in the Ro4, where Mvp defeated NesTea 3:1. Mvp went on to win the January season, becoming the first Terran champion as well as making Incredible Miracle the first team with two champions.

In GSL March, Mvp briefly fell to code A. At the same time however, LosirA won the Code A tournament and secured his Code S status through the Up and Down Matches. While still in Code A, Mvp won the World Championship tournament, becoming the first two-time champion on the team. Mvp quickly made it back into Code S in May, the next season, while NesTea got his second championship in the same season.

In GSL July, NesTea and LosirA met in the Code S finals, this would be the first time there was a team kill in a GSL final. NesTea won, becoming the first three-time champion, as well as the only player to win every game in a GSL Code S, without dropping a single set.

In August, Mvp won his 3rd championship, making Incredible Miracle the first team with two three-time champions. No other team is remotely close to obtaining this achievement. Mvp won his 4th championship in 2012 Season 2, the first player ever to do so, and as of May 2012, NesTea and Mvp together have more GSL championships than all other champions combined, having 7 between them out of 12 tournaments.

In 2012 GSL Season 3, Seed won his first GSL championship against MC, going 4-1 in a very fast series, making him the second Protoss GSL champion. IM now has a champion from each race and 8 out of 15 total GSL championships.[3]


  • October 10, Incredible Miracle was founded.

Player Roster[edit]

Roster after winning the 2011 GSTL Feb. League


ID Name New Team
krSouth Korea zZerg Lucky Lee In Soo
krSouth Korea zZerg ByuL Han Ji Won CJ Entus CJ Entus
krSouth Korea pProtoss YongHwa Choi Yong Hwa MVP (team) MVP
krSouth Korea pProtoss Trap Cho Sung Ho Jin Air Green Wings Jin Air Green Wings
krSouth Korea pProtoss Squirtle Park Hyun Woo
krSouth Korea tTerran Mvp Jung Jong Hyun
krSouth Korea pProtoss Ruin Hong Deok Wayi Spider Wayi Spider
krSouth Korea tTerran UngNim Shim Jae Hyun
krSouth Korea zZerg NesTea Lim Jae Duk
krSouth Korea pProtoss First Kang Hyun Woo TCM-Gaming TCM-Gaming
krSouth Korea tTerran YoDa Choi Byung Hyun TCM-Gaming TCM-Gaming
krSouth Korea zZerg Losira Hwang Kang Ho MVP (team) MVP
PeruPeru tTerran Fenix Jian Carlo Morayra Alejo
krSouth Korea zZerg RagnaroK Shin Hee Bum AZUBU AZUBU
krSouth Korea pProtoss Seed Ahn Sang Won FXOpen e-Sports FXOpen e-Sports
krSouth Korea tTerran Happy Ahn Ho Jin
krSouth Korea pProtoss Ready Moon Jin Hyun
krSouth Korea ZZerg True Yoo Ki Sung
krSouth Korea tTerran dreamertt Kim Ji Hoon
krSouth Korea zZerg horror Kim Hyo Jung MVP (team) MVP
krSouth Korea zZerg Sopia Park Min Kyu
krSouth Korea tTerran KYumer Choi In Kyu
krSouth Korea pProtoss TT Park Sung Hoon
krSouth Korea tTerran GanZi Kim Dong Ju SlayerS SlayerS
krSouth Korea zZerg Sleep Kim Sung Han SlayerS SlayerS
krSouth Korea tTerran IceCream Cho Jae Won ZeNEX ZeNEX
krSouth Korea pProtoss HwangSin Hwang Seung Hyuk MVP (team) MVP
krSouth Korea pProtoss NalZa Kong Won Wook MVP (team) MVP
krSouth Korea zZerg MinSeOk Kim Min Seok
krSouth Korea tTerran Apocalypse Kim Min Hyung Quantic Gaming Quantic Gaming
krSouth Korea pProtoss BBi Park Hyo Jong
krSouth Korea zZerg Junwi Park Gyung Lak


Name Position
South Korea Kang Dong Hoon Head Coach
South Korea Choi Seung Min Coach

Team Achievements[edit]

Date Event Result
2013-07-20 2013 Global StarCraft II Team League Season 1 Incredible Miracle 5 : 3 MVP (team)
2013-03-29 2013 IGN Pro Team League Season 1 Incredible Miracle 4 : 5 MVP (team)
Date Event Result
2012-11-21 2012 IGN Pro Team League Season 1 Incredible Miracle 1 : 5 StarTale
2012-08-11 IPL Team Arena Challenge 3 Incredible Miracle 1 : 5 / 5 : 3 Team Liquid
Date Event Result
2011-12-22 IPL Team Arena Challenge 1 QIM 0 : 5 / 5 : 3 Mousesports
2011-03-24 2011 Global StarCraft II Team League March Incredible Miracle 4 : 5 SlayerS
2011-02-10 2011 Global StarCraft II Team League February Incredible Miracle 5 : 4 StarTale


 Global Starcraft II Team League Champions

Preceded By:
10 February 2011 – 24 March 2011
Incredible Miracle Incredible Miracle
GSTL March
Succeeded By:
SlayerS SlayerS
2012 GSTL Season 3
Preceded By:
FXOpen e-Sports FXO
2013 GSTL Season 1
20 July 2013 - Present
Incredible Miracle Incredible Miracle
2013 GSTL Season 2
Succeeded By:
Axiom-Acer AxA
 IPL Team Arena Challenge Champions

Preceded By:
5 December 2011 – 23 January 2012
QIM Quantic Incredible Miracle
Succeeded By:
Prime Prime
Preceded By:
Prime Prime
11 August 2012 – 29 March 2013
Incredible Miracle Incredible Miracle
2012 IPTL Season 1
Succeeded By:
StarTale ST

Highlight Videos[edit]



  • 2013-12-13 | IM Hirai by OnGamers (trans. EngSpeaking)