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[e][h]Terran iaguz
Player Information
Ethan Zugai
November 9, 1990 (1990-11-09) (age 26)
Alternate IDs:
xGKingiaguz, aLtiaguz
2011-08-?? - ????-??-??
2012-08-09 - 2012-11-06
2013-01-02 - 2014-01-31
2014-01-31 - 2015-09-16
2016-04-28 - 2016-09-27
2016-11-10 - Present

Ethan "iaguz" Zugai is a Terran player from Australia who is currently playing for ROOT Gaming.


iaguz is an Australian player living in Sydney. Before SC2 he was known as one of Australia's top Red Alert 3 players, one of the few successful RA3 converts to the StarCraft genre along with deth. Before RA3 he already had a rich strategy game background, playing games like Dawn of War and Company of Heroes at a reasonably competitive level, and in the world of tabletop gaming played several games from the Warhammer series.

iaguz is also a founding member of Xeria Gaming, an SEA based Gaming organization which launch in August 2011 along with his team mates, Light, MaFia and JazBas.

Wings Of Liberty[edit]

iaguz was a noted performer in some of Australia's earliest tournaments in beta, but once Wings of Liberty was released he held off getting involved in the competitive scene until relatively late. In Wings of Liberty, iaguz has proven to be a contender for any of the online SEA server events and thrives at offline events, especially around the local Sydney area. His playstyle is macro-oriented with unique timing pushes and builds.

iaguz joined Mindfreak eSports on August 9, 2012.[1]

On January 2, 2013, iaguz joined Frenetic Array.[2]

Heart of the Swarm[edit]

On January 31, 2014, iaguz joined ROOT Gaming.[3] On September 16, 2015, iaguz left ROOT Gaming.[4]

Legacy of The Void[edit]

On April 28, 2016, iaguz became a player for the newly formed esports organization Nuovo Gaming.[5] On September 27, 2016, Nuovo Gaming announced to be entering an indefinite hyatus, releasing iaguz.[6]

On November 10, 2016, it was officially announced that iaguz had rejoined OSC-ROOT Gaming.[7]


  • Was a competitive Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 player as the Soviets faction.[8]
  • First games he played were The Lost Vikings and Dune 2.[8]
  • Plays WarHammer 40k and Bloodbowl.[8]
  • His competitive gaming "career" started in Dawn of War, where he hit 1v1 rank 1400 with Imperial Guard.[8]
  • Played Company of Heroes competitively, holding #1 USA faction player as well as holding spots in the other 3 faction's top 15 listings.[8]
  • Used to be a shoutcaster for Company of Heroes.[8]
  • Nicknamed Gimli by the Australian SC2 community due to his physical resemblance to the Lord of the Rings character.[9]
  • Bears an uncanny resemblance to Rory Swann and has rushed through the campaign on casual for at least 3 separate accounts to get the in game portrait.[9]


In Major Tournaments
Date Place Event Team Result Winnings
2017-04-02 A22nd 2017 WCS Austin - Oceania, SEA Qualifier ROOT Gaming 1 : 3 Zerg Probe $2,000
2016-06-19 A33rd 2016 WCS Summer Regional Challengers: Oceania, SEA, Japan Nuovo Gaming 0 : 3 Terran Seither $1,200
2016-04-17 A11st 2016 WCS Spring Regional Challengers: Oceania, SEA, Japan 4 : 2 Zerg KingKong $2,000
2016-02-14 A33rd 2016 WCS Winter Regional Challengers: Oceania, SEA, Japan 1 : 3 Zerg PiG $1,200
2014-07-20 A22nd ACL Pro Circuit 2014: Sydney ROOT Gaming 0 : 4 Zerg KingKong $2,000
In Minor Tournaments
Date Place Event Team Result Winnings
2016-09-24 A22nd ESL ANZ Cup September Nuovo Gaming 2 : 3 Terran Seither $250
2016-07-31 A11st ESL ANZ Cup July Nuovo Gaming 3 : 2 Terran Seither $500
2016-05-29 A22nd ESL ANZ Cup May Nuovo Gaming 1 : 3 Zerg KingKong $250
2016-04-30 A22nd ESL ANZ Cup April ROOT Gaming 0 : 3 Terran Seither $250
2016-03-12 A11st ESL ANZ Cup March ROOT Gaming 3 : 2 Zerg KingKong $500
2016-02-21 A11st ESL ANZ Cup February ROOT Gaming 3 : 1 Terran KingKong $500
2015-05-22 A33 - 4th WATCH This: Jord Invitational ROOT Gaming 2 : 3 Protoss Welmu $50
2015-01-18 A33rd OSC Global Allstars ROOT Gaming 0 : 2 Zerg Kane $125
2014-06-15 A33rd 2014 WCS Season 3: Oceania/SEA Qualifier ROOT Gaming 1 : 2 Zerg Petraeus $350
2014-03-30 A11st 2014 WCS Season 2: Oceania/SEA Qualifier ROOT Gaming 2 : 0 Zerg KingKong $600
2013-08-11 A11st ACL 2013 Pro Circuit: Season 2 Frenetic Array 3 : 1 Zerg Petraeus AU$1,000
2013-07-14 A11st Arena AVCon Tournament Frenetic Array 3 : 1 Zerg Petraeus AU$2500
2013-10-12 A22nd MSI Saturday Showdown Series #3 Frenetic Array 0 : 3 Protoss Arthur AU$50
2013-09-28 A22nd MSI Saturday Showdown Series #2 Frenetic Array 0 : 3 Terran Apocalypse AU$50
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Matches in Heart of the Swarm[edit]

IEM Season VIII - Shanghai[edit]

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IEM Season VI - Guangzhou[edit]