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[e][h]IPL Team Arena
League Information
North America
Weekly Online
USA United States
All-Kill Format
Prize pool:
Start Date:
End Date:
Week 8+ Introduced Maps

The "IPL Team Arena" is a team tournament organized by IGN Entertainment.


The IGN ProLeague Team Arena is a weekly team KOTH showmatch series. IGN eSports will be inviting the world's top teams to put up five players each. The winning team of the week is awarded $500 and continues on to meet a different opponent in the next week of the series.


  • A best-of-nine All-Kill Format between two teams with five players on each side. After each game losers picks the map and their next player.
  • Winning team receives $500. A new team is invited the next week, to take on the previous winning team.
  • For each win, the winning team gains a $100 accumulating bounty challenging teams can earn, if they defeat the current champions.

Map pool

After week 8, iCCup Testbug and Bel'Shir Beach were replaced by Daybreak and Antiga Shipyard respectively. Dual Sight was also added.


The IPL Team Arena will be cast by IGN's in-house casting team:

Teams & Bounty


Week 4

Team Vile Team Vile 0 5 Team ReIGN Team ReIGN

Week 8

Fnatic Fnatic 2 5 Team Liquid Team Liquid

Week 9

SlayerS SlayerS 5 3 Team Liquid Team Liquid

Week 11

SlayerS SlayerS 5 0 Team Acer Team Acer

Week 12

SlayerS SlayerS 5 0 Team ALTERNATE Team ALTERNATE

Week 13

SlayerS SlayerS 4 1 Millenium Millenium

Week 14

SlayerS SlayerS 5 4 TyLoo TyLoo

Win Ranks

  • Overall Win Ranks & All Kill Count as of December 2, 2011.


  • IGN's First Team Event for Starcraft 2.


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