HomeStory Cup IV

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The HomeStory Cup, organised by Dennis "TaKe" Gehlen, is a tournament where TaKe invites star players from around the world into his home to compete and socialize with one another. Providing multiple streams and interviews over three to four days, it is a fun atmosphere for both players and fans alike.

[e][h]HomeStory Cup IV
League Information
Germany Krefeld
1v1, Group Stage
Single-elimination Playoffs
Prize pool:
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:
South Korea Protoss MC
South Korea Terran Sound
South Korea Protoss JYP
South Korea Zerg viOLet
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:
Protoss 12
Terran 10
Zerg 10


HomeStory Cup #4 is a StarCraft 2 Tournament hosted by Dennis "TaKe" Gehlen at his studio apartment in Krefeld, Germany.


Three online qualifiers were held from the 16th to 18th of December, one for Europe, one for North America, and one for Korea.[1]

Main Event Format[edit]

  • Ro32: Eight groups of four players each, top two advances.
  • The Top 4 players, based on map score, from Group Stage #1 will be able to switch their groups in Group Stage #2
  • Ro16: Four groups of four players, top two advance.
  • Ro8: Single-elimination bracket, Bo5.
  • Grand Final: Bo7.

Prize Pool[edit]

$20,000 are spread among the players as seen below:

Place $ USD Player Team
1st $7,500 South Korea Protoss MC OGs.SK oGs.SK
2nd $3,500 South Korea Terran Sound StarTale StarTale
3rd $2,000 South Korea Protoss JYP Evil Geniuses Evil Geniuses
4th $1,000 South Korea Zerg viOLet ZZZZZCategory:Free Agents
5th-6th $300 South Korea Terran MarineKing Prime Prime
South Korea Protoss ReaL Type Gaming Type Gaming
7th-8th $200 Ukraine Zerg DIMAGA MTw mTw
Poland Zerg Nerchio Team Acer Team Acer

During the second day of the event TwitchTV announced that they have added extra $5000 to the prize pool, making it a total of $20000.[2][3]

The two finalists will also receive a direct seed to the Intel Extreme Masters Season VI World Championship. Players placing in the top 16 will receive Intel Extreme Masters ranking points.[4]


Invited Players
Protoss Protoss (10) Terran Terran (7) Zerg Zerg (8)
USA iNcontroL Germany DarkHydra Netherlands Ret
Romania NightEnD Germany GoOdy France Stephano
South Korea JYP [5] South Korea MarineKing [6] Germany DarKFoRcE
South Korea HerO Italy ClouD France MoMaN [7]
Germany Socke Sweden ThorZaIN USA Destiny [7]
United Kingdom BlinG [7] France AureS [7] Poland Nerchio [7]
Germany HasuObs Netherlands PoYo [8] Sweden HayprO [7]
Netherlands Grubby Germany Delphi
South Korea MC [9]
South Korea ReaL
Qualified Players
Protoss Protoss (2) Terran Terran (3) Zerg Zerg (2)
France Adelscott Finland Naama Ukraine DIMAGA
Canada Attero USA KawaiiRice South Korea viOLet
South Korea Sound

On December 17th, 2011, it was announced that PuMa would be attending,[10] but he wasn't listed in Blizzards HomeStory Cup IV announcement on December 29th.[7] Even though Revival qualified through the Korean Qualifier by placing 2nd, he was not listed in the Blizzard announcement either.[7] TaKe later said that PuMa was not attending because he wanted to participate in the preliminaries for Code A of the 2012 GSL Season 1.[11] DeMusliM canceled due to illness, DarkHydra would be his replacement.[12] White-Ra had to cancel too,[13] he would be replaced by PoYo.[8]


Group Stage #1[edit]

Group Stage #2[edit]


Quarterfinals (Bo5)
 South Korea Sound
 South Korea ReaL
 South Korea MarineKing
MarineKing Terran
Zerg viOLet
January 8, 2012
During game 4 on Bel'Shir Beach there was a server disconnect and both players were dropped from the game. Even though MarineKing seemed to have the game in hand, both players agreed to regame.[14]
 South Korea viOLet
 Poland Nerchio
Nerchio Zerg
Protoss MC
 South Korea MC
 Ukraine DIMAGA
Protoss JYP
 South Korea JYP
Semifinals (Bo5)
 South Korea Sound
 South Korea viOLet
 South Korea MC
MC Protoss
Protoss JYP
January 8, 2012
The first game on Metalopolis ended in a draw.
 South Korea JYP
Finals (Bo7)
 South Korea Sound
Sound Terran
Protoss MC
 South Korea MC
3rd Place Match
 South Korea viOLet
viOLet Zerg
Protoss JYP
 South Korea JYP

Racial Distribution[edit]

  Protoss TerranZergRandom
Round of 32
Round of 16
Round of 8
Semi Finals
Grand Final

View Games[edit]



Day 1[edit]

Stream 1
Match Group Commentators VOD Time
Sweden Terran ThorZaIN vs. Germany Protoss Socke A MrBitter, RotterdaM, Naama [1] 00:02:00
South Korea Zerg viOLet vs. Germany Protoss HasuObs B MrBitter, RotterdaM, Stephano [2] 00:42:00
Sweden Terran ThorZaIN vs. Poland Zerg Nerchio A MrBitter, ClouD [3] 01:27:00
South Korea Zerg viOLet vs. South Korea Terran MarineKing B MrBitter, Destiny, Naama [4] 00:26:00
South Korea Protoss MC vs. Netherlands Terran PoYo D Grubby, NightEnD, Naama [5] 01:54:00
France Protoss Adelscott vs. Ukraine Zerg DIMAGA C MoMaN, RotterdaM, BlinG [6] 00:28:00
Italy Terran ClouD vs. South Korea Protoss MC D Socke, iNcontroL, GoOdy [7] 01:17:00
Netherlands Terran PoYo vs. France Terran AureS D ThorZaIN, ClouD, GoOdy [8] 00:41:00
South Korea Protoss ReaL vs. Ukraine Zerg DIMAGA C MrBitter, Attero, MoMaN [9] 00:12:00
Stream 2
Match Group Commentators VOD Time

Day 2[edit]

Stream 1
Match Group Commentators VOD Time
South Korea Protoss JYP vs. Germany Zerg DarKFoRcE E MrBitter, RotterdaM and Socke [10] 00:23:00
South Korea Protoss HerO vs. Finland Terran Naama F ThorZaIN, ClouD and iNcontroL [11] 01:02:00
Germany Zerg DarKFoRcE vs. United Kingdom Protoss BlinG E RotterdaM, iNcontroL and NightEnD [12] 01:47:00
Sweden Zerg HayprO vs. Finland Terran Naama F MrBitter, PoYo and MoMaN [13] 00:16:00
South Korea Protoss JYP vs. United Kingdom Protoss BlinG E MC, MarineKing and Reis [14] 00:57:00
USA Terran KawaiiRice vs. Finland Terran Naama F RotterdaM, ClouD and PoYo [15] 00:15:00
Netherlands Protoss Grubby vs. Netherlands Zerg Ret H RotterdaM, iNcontroL and Destiny [16] 01:14:00
France Zerg MoMaN vs. France Zerg Stephano G MrBitter, iNcontroL and BlinG [17] 00:54:00
Germany Terran GoOdy vs. Netherlands Protoss Grubby H RotterdaM, iNcontroL and Naama [18] 01:35:00
France Zerg Stephano vs. Romania Protoss NightEnD G MrBitter, iNcontroL and BlinG [19] 00:24:00
Germany Terran GoOdy vs. USA Zerg Destiny H HasuObs, DarkHydra and DarKFoRcE [20] 00:47:00
Stream 2
Match Group Commentators VOD Time
Germany Terran DarkHydra vs. United Kingdom Protoss BlinG E Attero and PoYo [21] 00:00:00
USA Terran KawaiiRice vs. Sweden Zerg HayprO F MrBitter and DIMAGA [22] 00:47:00
South Korea Protoss JYP vs. Germany Terran DarkHydra E NarutO and HasuObs [23] 01:40:00
USA Terran KawaiiRice vs. South Korea Protoss HerO F Attero and NarutO [24] 00:14:00
Germany Zerg DarKFoRcE vs. Germany Terran DarkHydra E NarutO and Delphi [25] 00:55:00
Netherlands Protoss Grubby vs. USA Zerg Destiny H Attero and DIMAGA [26] 00:11:00
Romania Protoss NightEnD vs. South Korea Terran Sound G Attero and DarkHydra [27] 01:14:00
Netherlands Zerg Ret vs. USA Zerg Destiny H Attero and Foxy [28] 00:00:00
South Korea Terran Sound vs. France Zerg MoMaN G Naama and Foxy [29] 00:35:00

Day 3[edit]

Stream 1
Match Group Commentators VOD Time
Germany Protoss Socke vs. South Korea Terran MarineKing B MrBitter and RotterdaM [30] 00:53:00
South Korea Zerg Sound vs. Ukraine Zerg DIMAGA A MrBitter, Naama and iNcontrol [31] 01:25:00
Germany Protoss Socke vs. South Korea Protoss MC B NightEnD, HasuObs and RotterdaM [32] 00:35:00
Ukraine Zerg DIMAGA vs. Netherlands Protoss Grubby A MrBitter, MoMaN and Ret [33] 01:11:00
Germany Zerg DarKFoRcE vs. South Korea Terran Sound A MrBitter, Delphi and PoYo [34] 01:45:00
South Korea Protoss HerO vs. Finland Terran Naama D RotterdaM, HasuObs and Socke [35] 00:45:00
Ukraine Zerg DIMAGA vs. Germany Zerg DarKFoRcE A MrBitter, RotterdaM and PoYo [36] 01:27:00
Netherlands Protoss Grubby vs. South Korea Terran Sound A MrBitter, RotterdaM and PoYo [37] 01:52:00
Germany Terran GoOdy vs. Italy Terran ClouD C Socke, HasuObs and iNcontrol [38] 00:38:00
South Korea Protoss HerO vs. South Korea Zerg viOLet D MC, MarineKing and Reis [39] 01:25:00
South Korea Protoss JYP vs. Germany Terran GoOdy C RotterdaM, Khaldor and HasuObs [40] 00:04:00
Germany Terran GoOdy vs. South Korea Protoss ReaL C MC, MarineKing and Reis [41] 01:10:00
Stream 2
Match Group Commentators VOD Time

Day 4[edit]

Stream 1
Match Round Commentators VOD Time
South Korea Terran Sound vs. South Korea Protoss ReaL Ro8 MrBitter, RotterdaM and iNcontroL [42] 01:10:00
South Korea Terran MarineKing vs. South Korea Zerg viOLet Ro8 MrBitter, MoMaN and KawaiiRice [43] 00:45:00
South Korea Protoss MC vs. Poland Zerg Nerchio Ro8 Destiny, iNcontroL and James "2GD" Harding [44] 00:38:00
Ukraine Zerg DIMAGA vs. South Korea Protoss JYP Ro8 MrBitter, RotterdaM and Grubby [45] 01:37:00
South Korea Terran Sound vs. South Korea Zerg viOLet Ro4 Ret, Destiny and ThorZaIN [46], [47] 01:39:00
South Korea Protoss MC vs. South Korea Protoss JYP Ro4 RotterdaM, HasuObs and iNcontroL [48], [49] 01:05:00
South Korea Terran Sound vs. South Korea Protoss MC Grand Finals Grubby, ThorZaIN and iNcontroL /
RotterdaM, ClouD and HasuObs /
Socke, HasuObs and iNcontroL
[50] 00:43:00
Stream 2
Match Round Commentators VOD Time
South Korea Terran Sound vs. South Korea Protoss ReaL Ro8 Khaldor and GoOdy
South Korea Terran MarineKing vs. South Korea Zerg viOLet Ro8 Khaldor and Stephano/HasuObs
South Korea Protoss MC vs. Poland Zerg Nerchio Ro8 Khaldor and HasuObs/Socke
Ukraine Zerg DIMAGA vs. South Korea Protoss JYP Ro8 Attero and MoMaN
South Korea Terran Sound vs. South Korea Zerg viOLet Ro4 NarutO and ReaL
South Korea Protoss MC vs. South Korea Protoss JYP Ro4 Attero and Lex
South Korea Zerg viOLet vs. South Korea Protoss JYP 3rd Place Match MrBitter and Attero


  • Team ALTERNATE's full roster was in attendance, as well as four players who were without a team.
  • During the show, TwitchTV employee and caster djWheat called in to announce that TwitchTV would add $5000 to the prizepool.[3]
  • After the tournament, a Homestory Fanclub thread was started on to show appreciation to the great atmosphere of the tournament.[15]

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