Hellbat (Legacy of the Void)

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This article is for the Legacy of the Void multiplayer version. For the Heart of the Swarm version, see Hellbat (Heart of the Swarm).
[e][h]Terran Hellbat
Unit Information
Ground Unit
Built From:
Minerals 100 Gas 0 Game Speed 21 Supply 2
Ground Attack:
18 (+2)
Ground DPS:
12.6 (+1.4)
+0 (+1) vs Light
+12 (+1) vs Light (Infernal Pre-Igniter)
Bonus DPS:
+0 (+0.7) vs Light
+8.4 (+0.7) vs Light (Infernal Pre-Igniter)
135 Armor 0 (+1)
Cargo Size:
Strong against:
Weak against:


A tough melee-range unit with conical splash damage which can be produced from the Factory or transformed from the Hellion once an Armory has finished .

The Hellbat is both a Biological unit and a Mechanical unit, thus, it can be healed by Medivacs and repaired by SCVs. The Hellbat has 45 more health points than the Hellion and more reliable, conical splash damage. This makes the Hellbat effective at taking and delivering damage in close combat.

Soon after Heart of the Swarm's release, Hellbats were found to combo well with the speedy Medivac ability-buff to move quickly by dropping and picking up the Hellbats to attack groups of workers or other ground units for quick harassment. However, since an Armory is required to produce Hellbats, this early harassment favors mechanical unit mid-game more than biological.

Hellbats cannot load into a Bunker and take four cargo space, compared to a Hellion's two.

Transformation between the two modes requires four seconds. Until the 11th of July patch, the Infernal Pre-Igniter upgrade did not affect Hellbats.


Hellion Mode
Hotkey: E
Transforms the Hellbat into its Hellion form.


Minerals 150     Gas 150     Game Speed 79 Hotkey: I
Researched from: Tech Lab
Improves the Hellion's bonus against Light units by +5 damage and the Hellbat's bonus against Light units by +12 damage.

Competitive Use

  • Are especially strong against Light and Melee units. Can also be used efficiently against armored units such as Marauders, Stalkers, and Roaches if the opposing units are not microed.
    • Even more effective against Melee troops in chokes.
  • As a high health and relatively low DPS unit, Hellbats are best used in combination with high firepower units like the Marine and Siege Tank.
  • Hellbat drops are very effective at harassing mineral lines, and the Medivac Afterburn ability makes it possible to chase down retreating harvesters.

Vs. Protoss

Hellbats take six shots from Colossi to kill and deal with mass Zealots very effectively; giving Terran a strong tanking unit against a popular Protoss mid game composition. However, since they are Biological, they are dealt with very easily by Archons, and their low movement speed makes it difficult for them to dodge Storms.

Vs. Terran

Hellbats in this matchup can be part of a Mech composition, along with Siege Tanks, Vikings, and eventually Ravens. They do not have the mobility and range of Hellions, which makes it more difficult to establish positions, but have more health and can therefore take more damage from Siege Tank lines, making established positions more secure. They are commonly placed between sieged tanks to nullify drops on the tanks.

Vs. Zerg

Early Hellbat drops in this matchup can be more difficult to deal with than in the other two, since generally Zerglings are used to deal with drops until Mutalisks are out or the Zerg player can establish sufficient static defense. The DPS of Queens is not high enough to effectively deal with the drop by themselves, but they can delay the Hellbats long enough to allow Zergling reinforcements to arrive. Hellbats are not usually used in mid-game compositions with other bio units, since they lack the mobility and range of Marines and Marauders with Stim. If used in combination with Siege Tanks and Thors, the Terran army runs the risk of being overrun by Mutalisks and Zerglings, since it is difficult to maintain sufficient production of three Factory based units.



Hellbat's quotes (sound) - YouTube video.

Patch Changes

No patch changes so far in LotV.