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Player Information
Name: Nam Tran
Country: USA United States
Race: Zerg
Alternate IDs: HeavensLighT, HeavOnEarth
KiwiClone Army, LighT eSports

Nam "Heavens" Tran is an American Zerg player who was a member of LighT eSports.

Wings of Liberty[edit]

In 2011, he attended two MLGs under the nickname "HeavOnEarth", representing the KiwiClone Army with his teammates Caliber, binski and GotC.[1]

Heavens managed to get pretty far into the loser's bracket, defeating State 2-0. He then proceeded to lose the next round 2-1 against now teammate KawaiiRice, earning a final top 44.

State eventually got his revenge by knocking Heavens into the loser's bracket of MLG Providence, only one round away from the championship bracket. He lost his next two games to Artist, leaving the tournament with a final top 40.




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