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[e][h]Terran HeRoMaRinE
Player Information
Gabriel Segat
July 4, 1997 (1997-07-04) (age 19)
Alternate IDs:
mouzCCMarine, Clueless, Shinichi, Marine
2011-11-05 - Present

Gabriel "HeRoMaRinE" Segat (often abbreviated to simply Marine) is a Terran player from Germany, currently playing for mousesports.


HeRoMaRinE is a German StarCraft II professional who started out playing StarCraft: Brood War until he switched to the StarCraft II Beta and playing Protoss. He first gained recognition in the professional scene when mousesports picked him up as a talent in November 2011 when he was just 14 years old.

Despite his academic obligations, HeRoMaRinE still became known as one of the few promising foreign Terran players, and could not even participate in the most important competition in Germany, ESL Pro Series Germany, until he was 16. Eventually, he won the second season of EPS in which he participated, and also becoming the first Terran player to win the German championship.

Wings of Liberty

On January 2011, HeRoMaRinE switched to Terran.

HeRoMaRinE joined mousesports on November 5, 2011.[1]

Heart of the Swarm

In late 2013, HeRoMaRinE participated in the ESL Pro Series Germany Winter Season 2013, where he was able to win a weekly cup and became runner-up in another one. Thereby he collected enough points to make it to the playoffs, where he convincingly placed first in his Group, only dropping a map to the former EPS Champion Hanfy. Being advancing out of the group stage, he was invited to play the offline finals in the ESL-TV Studio alongside three protoss players. HeRoMaRinE advanced out of the semifinals beating his teammate HasuObs with a score of 3-1 to play against Socke in the grand finals, where he was albe to beat Socke 3-2 in a close series, taking home the first place prize of €3,000.

In January 2014, HeRoMaRinE qualified for the WCS EU Challenger League 2014 Season 1 in the third qualifier, beating Noname, uzer, souL and fraer. He was then matched against Starbuck in his Challenger League game, where he lost 3-1.

HeRoMaRinE failed to qualify for the WCS EU Challenger League 2014 Season 2 losing to Krr, SortOf and YoDa.

In October 2014, HeRoMaRinE qualified for the WCS EU Challenger League 2014 Season 3 in the second qualifier, beating StarNaN, NightEnD and hOpe. He was matched against jjakji and lost this series 3-0.


In Major Tournaments
Date Place Event Team Result Winnings
2016-05-08 A11st ESL Meisterschaft Germany: Spring Season 2016 Mousesports 3 : 1 Zerg Lambo €1800
2015-12-05 A22nd ESL Meisterschaft Germany: Winter Season 2015 Mousesports 2 : 3 Protoss ShoWTimE €750
2015-08-09 A11st ESL Meisterschaft Germany: Summer 2015 Mousesports 3 : 2 Zerg Lambo €1,500
2015-05-09 A22nd ESL Meisterschaft Germany: Spring 2015 Mousesports 2 : 3 Zerg Lambo €750
2014-12-12 A22nd ESL Pro Series Germany: Winter 2014 Mousesports 1 : 3 Protoss ShoWTimE €1,500
2014-08-16 A33 - 4th ESET Masters 2013 Mousesports 2 : 3 Zerg Golden $1,500
2014-08-13 A11st ESL Pro Series Germany: Summer 2014 Mousesports 3 : 0 Protoss ShoWTimE €3,000
2014-05-02 A33 - 4th ESL Pro Series Germany: Spring 2014 Mousesports 2 : 3 Protoss Patience €550
2013-12-15 A11st ESL Pro Series Germany: Winter Season 2013 Mousesports 3 : 2 Protoss Socke €3,000
2013-03-24 A33rd ESET UK Masters 2013: Season 1 Mousesports 3 : 1 Protoss BabyKnight £1,000
In Minor Tournaments
Date Place Event Team Result Winnings
2014-01-27 A11st Kaspersky Arena #11 Mousesports 3 : 0 Protoss Grubby €400
2014-01-26 A44th NVIDIA Germany Cup #5 Mousesports 2 : 1 Protoss HasuObs €50
2013-11-05 A11st EPS Germany 2013 Winter Season Cup #5 Mousesports 2 : 0 Zerg Delphi €240
2013-08-28 A11st ESET Masters Season 2 Qualifier Cup #6 Mousesports 3 : 0 Zerg HyuN $100
2013-08-19 A11st Go4SC2 Finals July Mousesports 3 : 0 Terran Strelok €300
2013-05-24 A11st Kaspersky Arena #3 Mousesports 3 : 0 Terran KrasS €400
2013-04-22 A11st Kaspersky Arena #2 Mousesports 3 : 2 Zerg TLO €1,000
Complete Results in any Tournament


  • Studies at a Cologne grammar school.[2]
  • Played Terran in StarCraft: Brood War.
  • Is a guest commentator at TaKeTV.
  • Is a guest at a weekly German show called AheadOfTheMetagame with KnowMe and Biphy.
  • Is known for his special sitting position while he's playing.[3]
  • Runs a VOD series called "Sit and Own" on HomerJ.de where he explains special builds in German.[4]


StarCraft 2 - HeRoMaRinE vs. Lambo - ESL Meisterschaft Spring 2015 - Grand Final