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Player Information
Name: Devan Subramaniam
Birth: December 23, 1993 (1993-12-23) (age 20)
Country: USA United States
Race: Zerg
Alternate IDs: vile.Hawk, Hawk248
TLPD International Aligulac TeamLiquid.net Stream Twitch Stream Twitter TeamLiquid.net Profile Reddit Profile
N/A - 2012-05-04

2012-05-04 - 2012-12-04

Devan "Hawk" Subramaniam is an American Zerg player, who is currently retired from competitive StarCraft II.


Wings of Liberty[edit]

Hawk has done decently well at both MLG Dallas and MLG Anaheim, working his way through each open bracket to finish 29th and 33rd respectively. He was frequently sent out for Team Vile during the IPL Team Arena Challenge 2 qualifiers and main event.

Hawk was part of Team Vile until May 5th, 2012, when the entire StarCraft II team roster was acquired by Quantic Gaming.[1]

He was a member of Quantic until it disbanded on December 4th, 2012.[2]

Hawk announced that he had retired from competitive gaming on January 23rd, 2013.[3]



In Minor Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2011-08-15 A11st The V #23 4 : 1 Ticon small.png ThisIsJimmy €100
2011-08-07 A11st The V #22 4 : 3 Picon small.png Perfect €100
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WoL Matches[edit]

Beta Matches[edit]




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