Havens Lagoon

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Havens Lagoon
Creator: Timetwister22
Size: x
Spawn Positions: 2 at 1,5
Versions: (TLPD)

Havens Lagoon v1.5


  • Map increases in height as more and more expansions are taken
  • Map emphasizes exploiting the height differences to gain an advantage
  • Rewards players for controlling their units well and taking slightly longer paths for better position
  • Allows for a variety of playstyles including air and harass based play due to the large space between mains
  • One of the most enjoyed maps by playtesters[1]

Official Map Description[edit]

Use the various choke points and terrain veriation to your advantage to crush your opponent!

Notable Features[edit]

  • All standard bases are 8 blue mineral patches 2 vespene geyser layouts with the exception of the high yields, which are 6 mineral patches with 2 vespene geysers.
  • Expansions are located at increasingly higher elevations.[2]



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