Guild of Imbalance

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[e][h]Guild of Imbalance
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Team Information
Ruslan "Adolf[RA]" Bajenov
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:
Picon small.png 1
Ticon small.png 3
Zicon small.png 1


The Guild of Imbalance, also known as imba.FXOpen between December 2010 and March 2012, is a Russian StarCraft II team which includes a female roster. After the release of the game, this former Brood War team participated in several online Russian events.

The Guild of Imbalance eventually earned a reputation in the beginning of 2011. FXOpen became their main sponsor, they recruited Strelok, and LoWeLy started to make his name amongst the European players.

In August 2011, Brat_OK, Strelok and LoWeLy competed in ASUS ROG Summer 2011 at Assembly, which was the first time that Guild of Imbalance sent players to a premier event. Strelok had to cancel his participation, and LoWeLy wasn't able to reach the main bracket, but Brat_OK had a good performance by taking fourth place. A few days later, Strelok had to again cancel his participation in a premier event, this time for 2011 MLG Raleigh, because he caught a bad cold while he was visiting Cologne during Gamescom [1].

In March 2012, the partnership between Guild of Imbalance and FXO came to an end, and the team was split into two, with the professional players moving under the FXO wing, whilst the Guild of Imbalance stayed true to its roots as a social clan.[2]


Player Roster[edit]


Best Yearly Results:

ID Name 2010 2011 2012
RURussia PPicon small.png Couguar Vitaly Roshin - - -
RURussia TTicon small.png Adolf[RA] Ruslan Bajenov - - -
RURussia TTicon small.png Vindikat - - -
RURussia ZZicon small.png Onelastgoodbye Vladimir Kirilov - - -
RURussia TTicon small.png dSKe - - -


ID Name New Team
RuRussia PPicon small.png Roll Sergey Moroz Virtuslogo std.png
UAUkraine ZZicon small.png Snake Dmitriy Grigoriev FXOlogo std.png FXOpen e-Sports
RURussia TTicon small.png Brat_OK Pavel Kuznetsov FXOlogo std.png FXOpen e-Sports
RURussia PPicon small.png Elbegast Pavel Semenov FXOlogo std.png FXOpen e-Sports
UAUkraine ZZicon small.png HappyZerg Svyatoslav Vlasyuk FXOlogo std.png FXOpen e-Sports
UAUkraine TTicon small.png Strelok Eugin Oparyshev FXOlogo std.png FXOpen e-Sports
BelarusBelarus ZZicon small.png LoWeLy Anton Plebanovich FXOlogo std.png FXOpen e-Sports
RURussia PPicon small.png wildSCV Marat Uryvsky
RURussia PPicon small.png max Maxim Yurkov FXOlogo std.png FXOpen e-Sports
BelarusBelarus PPicon small.png Kvetka Tatyana Mazanik
RURussia PPicon small.png rendis Reina Kröger
RURussia TTicon small.png sadisteeg
LatviaLatvia PPicon small.png soLOVEy
RURussia TTicon small.png Ural
RURussia TTicon small.png vindikat

Team Achievements[edit]

Date League Result
2012-01 4PL Clan League Season 1 ImbaFXOlogo std.png imba 2 : 3 ESClogo std.png ESC Gaming
2011-11-15 incredible Panic Team League Season 2 ImbaFXOlogo std.png imba 4 : 3 Empirelogo std.png Team Empire



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