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[e][h]GeForce Starcraft II Pro/Am
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League Information
North America
Prize pool:
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:
South Korea Ticon small.png MMA
South Korea Ticon small.png Mvp


Press Statement: "NVIDIA is pleased to announce the GeForce Starcraft II Pro/Am! Get ready to showcase your Wings of Liberty skills as the GSPA opens for registration. The Amateur Tournament is free, open to all ages 16 and over (see Official Rules for international eligibility), with no limit to the total number of entrants. All players start in 1v1 group play to ensure accurate evalulation of skill and plenty of game time. Group winners will move on to double-elimination brackets where the final winners will take home generous cash prizes plus the latest GeForce graphics cards courtesy of ASUS."


Pro Format[edit]

Qualifying Round

  • Group Play Format
  • 16 Groups
  • 6 Players Per Group (5 Rounds of Play)
  • Top 2 Players From Each Group Advance
  • One Match A Week


  • Double-elimination Bracket Format
  • 1 Bracket of 32 players (10 rounds of play)
  • Top player is crowned ultimate champion!
  • Best of Five Format

Amateur Format[edit]

Preliminary Qualifying Round

  • Group Play Format
  • 250 Groups
  • 16 Players Per Group
  • Top 2 Players From Each Group Advance

Qualifying Round

  • Group Play Format
  • 32 Groups
  • 8 Players Per Group
  • Top 2 Players From Each Group Advance

Tournament Round

  • Double-elimination Format
  • 4 Brackets of 16 Players
  • Top Player From Each Bracket Advances


  • Double-elimination Format
  • 1 Bracket of 4 Players
  • Top Player Win The Event

Prize pool[edit]

Professional Division[edit]

Place $ USD Player Team
1st $4,725 South Korea Ticon small.png MMA SlayerSlogo std.png SlayerS
2nd $3,150 South Korea Ticon small.png Mvp IMlogo std.png Incredible Miracle
3rd $1,575 Germany Zicon small.png DarKFoRcE Alternatelogo std.png Team ALTERNATE
4th $1,050 South Korea Ticon small.png dreamertt IMlogo std.png Incredible Miracle
5th-6th - South Korea Ticon small.png TaeJa SlayerSlogo std.png SlayerS
Canada Ticon small.png Drewbie Complexitylogo std.png compLexity Gaming
7th-8th - South Korea Ticon small.png Ryung SlayerSlogo std.png SlayerS
South Korea Picon small.png AcE Startale 2011 logo std.png StarTale

Amateur Division[edit]

Place $ USD Player Team
1st $1,800 USA Picon small.png rsvp Complexitylogo std.png compLexity Gaming
2nd $1,125 South Korea Ticon small.png Hack ZeNEXlogo std.png ZeNEX
3rd $675 Canada Zicon small.png jEcho InfintySevenlogo std.png Infinity Seven
4th $450 USA Ticon small.png TriMaster Complexitylogo std.png compLexity Gaming
5th-6th $225 Germany Picon small.png AcRo Nfacultylogo std.png n!faculty
Canada Picon small.png IefNaij Fnaticlogo std.png Fnatic
7th-8th - Canada Zicon small.png Miishelle ZZZZZLogo filler std.png
Canada Zicon small.png Raine ZZZZZLogo filler std.png

In both divisions places 1 to 10 receive a graphics card.


Pro Playoffs[edit]

Picon.pngProtoss (6) Ticon.pngTerran (14) Zicon.pngZerg (12)
South Korea AcE Germany GoOdy USA Mystik
Ukraine White-Ra South Korea dreamertt Germany Delphi
USA CrunCher Poland Gomas Sweden LaLuSh
France ToD Canada dde France Stephano
South Korea cOre Sweden SjoW Germany DarKFoRcE
South Korea Squirtle Canada Drewbie Poland Nerchio
South Korea mOoNan Denmark Ciara
South Korea BoxeR Netherlands Ret
South Korea MMA South Korea horror
South Korea SeleCT Sweden HayprO
South Korea Ryung South Korea Cella
South Korea Virus USA Sheth
South Korea Mvp
South Korea TaeJa

Amateur Playoffs[edit]

Picon.pngProtoss (6) Ticon.pngTerran (5) Zicon.pngZerg (5)
Germany AcRo USA TriMaster Canada jEcho
USA Nineteen GetWorked USA veechee
Canada StealthyPoo USA Domorin Canada Raine
USA rsvp South Korea Hack USA Icedtea
Canada IefNaij Psycho Canada Miishelle
USA Flashback


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Amateur Division[edit]

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