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The Female Starcraft League (FSL) offers female Starcraft 2 players (old and new) a fun and competetive environment. The FSL was founded by Marc 'Judeau' Dochan in June 2016. Core of the League is the so called Season Mode where participants face each other on a weekly basis. The FSL also hosts tournaments, showmatches and other fun events for female players. FSL was closed in July 2017.

Season Mode[edit]

Season mode is played in a round robin format, which means that every player has to face every other player once during the season. The players get newly paired every week and have the ongoing week to arrange their matches. At the end of every season the top 8 ranked players will get an invitation to the season playoffs.

Every season mode match is played as a BO5. The mappool the players can choose from is always the current ladder map pool.

Broadcast / Casters[edit]

The FSL Season Mode is being broadcast every Tuesday and Wednesday at 20:00 CET


Female Starcraft League

Event Date 1st 2nd SF SF
Season 1 2016-06-29 - 2016-09-24 France Ticon small.png Miyako Germany Zicon small.png Miezekotze Russia Zicon small.png Sunokasuri USA Picon small.png Koshkii
Season 2 2016-10-19 - 2017-02-25 USA Picon small.png Koshkii France Picon small.png Miyako Russia Zicon small.png Sunokasuri Germany Zicon small.png Miezekotze
Season 3 2017-04-19 - 2017-07-08 USA Zicon small.png WyScion Russia Zicon small.png Kyuubi France Ticon small.png Miyako Poland Ticon small.png Estatte

Other tournaments

Event Date 1st 2nd
FSL Diamond Skill Cup #1 2016-10-04 Austria Ticon small.png Sylvanas Russia Zicon small.png Sunokasuri
Real Starcraft Master Tournament #1 2016-08-20 France Ticon small.png Miyako USA Picon small.png Poizon
FSL StarCrafts Mod 2v2 Cup - #1 2016-11-26 France Ticon small.png Miyako
Russia Zicon small.png Sunokasuri
Germany Zicon small.png Schnubiiii
USA Picon small.png Wryza