Evil Geniuses Master's Cup Series VII

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The Evil Geniuses Master's Cup Series VII is a North American StarCraft 2 team league.

Evil Geniuses Master's Cup Series League VII
League Information
Organizer: Evil Geniuses
Sponsor: Intel Extreme Boards SteelSeries Monster Energy Kingston HyperX Beyond Gaming Sapphire Technology
Game Version: Wings of Liberty Patch 1.4.3
Server: North America
Event Type: Online
Format: Team League: 4x 1v1 Bo3,
1x 1v1 Bo3 Ace Match
Round Robin Group Stage
Double-elimination Playoffs
Prize pool: $10,000
Start Date: 2012-03-05
End Date: 2012-07-01
Links: Official Website
Number of Teams: 12
coL.MvP • Evil Geniuses • Fnatic • It's Gosu eSports • Millenium • mousesports • SlayerS • Team ALTERNATE • Team Dignitas • Team Empire • Team Liquid • Team Vile
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The Evil Geniuses Master's Cup Series VII is a team league organized by Evil Geniuses; it featured twelve teams competing for a $10,000 prize pool.[1] Several Evil Geniuses players, like IdrA, DeMusliM, Machine, and iNcontroL broadcast, as well as guest casters like djWHEAT, and PainUser, who usually cast the games played by EG.[1][2] Following some controversy over language, orb was dismissed from the Evil Geniuses team house and further work for the team and was no longer the tournament's main caster.[3] Replacing orb, Evil Geniuses employed their long-time WoW player Azael as the main host of the Series.[4]


  • Each team versus team match included four 1v1 best-of-three match-ups. In the event of a tie, an additional 1v1 best-of-three ACE match was to be played.
  • The 2v2 match-up has been removed.[1]
  • Round Robin Group Stage
  • Top 4 gets placed into Double-elimination Playoffs

Prize Pool[edit]

Offering $10,000 spread among teams as follows:

Place Prize (USD) Team
1st $5,000 CoL.MVP coL.MVP
2nd $3,000 Fnatic Fnatic
3rd $2,000 SlayerS SlayerS


The top six teams from last season will return along with five invited teams and one team chosen via poll.[1]

* Incredible Miracle and StarTale were announced to compete but canceled their participation. Team ALTERNATE and Millenium will be their replacement.[5]
**SjoW left Team Dignitas after the week 1 matches were played.[6] Shortly after that he rejoined Dignitas[7] and played for the team again in week 4.
*** ThorZaIN left mousesports and joined Evil Geniuses after week 7.[8]
****The partnership between compLexity Gaming and MVP ended after week 5.[9]
*****CatZ and Drewbie left compLexity Gaming after week 8.[10]
******ViBE left It's Gosu eSports after week 7.[11]


Group Stage[edit]

Group Stage
1. SlayerS SlayerS 10-1 36-11 +25
2. Mousesports mousesports 8-3 31-17 +14
3. Fnatic Fnatic 8-3 29-16 +13
4. CoL.MVP coL.MVP 7-4 28-19 +9
5. Team Empire Team Empire 7-4 27-20 +7
6. Team Liquid Team Liquid 6-5 26-22 +4
7. Evil Geniuses Evil Geniuses 6-5 23-23 0
8. Millenium Millenium 5-6 20-27 -7
9. Team Dignitas Team Dignitas 4-7 22-26 -4
10. It's Gosu eSports It's Gosu eSports 3-8 21-26 -5
11. Team ALTERNATE Team ALTERNATE 2-9 17-29 -12
--. Team Vile Team Vile* 0-11 0-44 -44


SlayerS SlayerS
Mousesports mousesports
Fnatic Fnatic
Winner's Finals
Fnatic Fnatic
Loser's Round 1
SlayerS SlayerS
Mousesports mousesports
Loser's Finals
Fnatic Fnatic
SlayerS SlayerS
Grand Finals
Fnatic Fnatic

Detailed results can be found here.

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