Evil Geniuses Master's Cup Series VI

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The Evil Geniuses Master's Cup Series VI is a North American team league for StarCraft 2 teams.

Evil Geniuses Master's Cup Series League VI
League Information
Organizer: Evil Geniuses
Sponsor: Intel Monster Energy Intel Extreme Boards SteelSeries Kingston HyperX Bigfoot Networks
Game Version: Wings of Liberty
Patch 1.3.6Patch 1.4.0
Server: North America
Event Type: Online
Format: Team League: 3x 1v1 Bo3, 1x 2v2 Bo3, 1x 1v1 Bo3 Ace Match
Prize pool: $10,000
Start Date: 2011-08-01
End Date: 2011-09-22
Links: TLPD
Official Website
Number of Teams: 8
Evil Geniuses • Team Dignitas • Fnatic • Mousesports • compLexity Gaming • Sixjax Gaming • It's Gosu eSports • Team Empire
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The Evil Geniuses Master's Cup Series VI is a team league organized by Evil Geniuses, it features eight teams from North America and Europe competing for a $10,000 prize pool. The matches are broadcasted by Marcus "djWHEAT" Graham with weekly guest commentators such as Greg "IdrA" Fields, Geoff "iNcontroL" Robinson and Taylor "PainUser" Parsons.[1]


Each of the eight teams will battle in a round robin. Weekly games will be played in the following format:[1][2]

  • Three 1v1 matches, each best-of-three
  • One 2v2 match (mandatory), best-of-three
  • Ace 1v1 match (if necessary), best-of-three

Map Pool[edit]

Prize Pool[edit]

Offering $10,000 spread among teams as follows:[1][2]

Place Prize (USD) Team
1st $5,000 Mousesports mousesports
2nd $3,000 Team Empire Team Empire
3rd $2,000 Fnatic Fnatic


The top six teams from last season will return along with two teams from both North American and European qualifiers. Team Empire and It's Gosu eSports qualified and will be the seventh and eighth team to compete in this season.[2]


Group Stage[edit]

For detailed results click each week's header

Week 1[edit]

August 8–11

Week 2[edit]

August 15, August 22–24 [11]

Week 3[edit]

August 29 - September 1

Week 4[edit]

September 5–8

Week 5[edit]

September 12–15

Week 6[edit]

September 19–22

Week 7[edit]

September 26–29


Evil Geniuses Evil Geniuses
Fnatic Fnatic
Mousesports mousesports
Team Empire Team Empire
Winner's Finals
Fnatic Fnatic
Mousesports mousesports
Loser's Round 1
Evil Geniuses Evil Geniuses
Team Empire Team Empire
Loser's Finals
Fnatic Fnatic
Team Empire Team Empire
Grand Finals
Mousesports mousesports
Team Empire Team Empire


Teams are sorted by Wins, in case of a tie the Points scored will be used. Top 4 teams advance to Playoffs.

Team Matches Wins Losses Points
Evil Geniuses Evil Geniuses 7 6 1 21
Mousesports mousesports 7 6 1 20
Team Empire Team Empire 7 5 2 19
Fnatic Fnatic 7 4 3 19
Team Dignitas Team Dignitas 7 4 3 17
It's Gosu eSports It's Gosu eSports 7 2 5 12
Sixjax Gaming Sixjax Gaming 7 1 6 6
CompLexity Gaming compLexity 7 0 7 6

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