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[e][h]Ence eSports
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Team Information
Petri "Procyon" Hämälä
Team Captain:
Player Breakdown
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Ence eSports is a multigaming organization which aims to make the Finnish eSports scene more professional. After having a StarCraft 2 team for 10 months, the team disbanded in early 2014.
On 16 April 2016 the opening of a new division for Starcraft 2 was announced.[1]

Ence stands for Enceladus, one of the giants in Greek Mythology, as well as one of the moons of Saturnus. They use the motto "Ever to excel", to do better than others, which is fundamentally what Ence strives: to become a role-model in the Finnish eSports scene.[2]

They currently have teams for the following games:

  • Starcraft 2
  • Overwatch
  • Hearthstone
  • Rainbow Six: Siege


  • On April 16, with the acquisition of Welmu, a renewed Starcraft 2 division was launched.[3]
  • Ocotber 4, Serral joins the team.[4]
  • On February 20, elfi, Serral and Jagelius leave the team after elfi, the team captain, decides not continue with Ence to better concentrate to playing the game and leave everything else required by the team behind.[5][6][7]
  • On April 13, Ence eSports was unveiled along with its roster for StarCraft II, with the Finnish Protoss player elfi.[8]
  • On April 23 Joona 'Serral' Sotala was signed. elfi would become his personal mentor.[9]
  • On May 24 Jaakko 'Jagelius' Koski was signed.[10]
  • August 1st, Team Empire and Ence announce a collaboration for team leagues, adding Happy, Kas and Siw to the roster of Empire-Ence.[11]

Player Roster[edit]

Finland Zicon small.png Serral
 Joona Sotala
Finland Picon small.png Welmu
 Vesa Hovinen

Best Yearly Results[edit]

ID Name 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
FIFinland zZicon small.png Serral Joona Sotala - 33 - 48th 2012_DreamHack_Open/Bucharest 25 - 32nd 2013 DreamHack Open/Bucharest 17 - 24th ASUS ROG Winter 20142014 DreamHack Open: Summer2014 DreamHack Open: Valencia2014 DreamHack Open: Moscow Premier League 9 - 12th 2015 WCS Season 1 5 - 8th 2016 DreamHack Open: Leipzig 2nd 2017_WCS_Jönköping
finlandFinland pPicon small.png Welmu Vesa Hovinen 9 - 16th ASUS ROG Tournaments 9 - 16th ASUS ROG Tournaments Premier League 5 - 6th World Championship Series Premier League 5 - 8th 2014 WCS Season 1 Europe/Premier2014 WCS Season 2 Europe/Premier Premier League 13 - 16th World Championship Series 5 - 8th 2016_WCS_Summer_Circuit_Championship -


ID Name New Team
fiFinland PPicon small.png elfi Samuli Sihvonen Vega squadron std.png Vega Squadron
fiFinland PPicon small.png Jagelius Jaakko Koski Alloylogo std.png Alloy eSports
fiFinland ZZicon small.png Serral Joona Sotala Myinsanitylogo std.png mYinsanity


ID Name Position
Finland Chibulis Toni Jarkima Operational Activities
Finland Procyon Petri Hämälä Administration
Finland Wabbit Teemu Hiilinen Media



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