ESL Pro Series

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The ESL Pro Series, commonly abbreviated EPS, are StarCraft II national leagues held and organized by Electronic Sports League.

EPS Leagues[edit]

League # of Seasons Current Champion
Germany EPS Germany 15 Germany Protoss ShoWTimE
Spain EPS Spain 6 Spain Zerg VortiX
Poland EPS Poland 6 Poland Protoss pal
Latvia EPS Baltics 1 Lithuania Protoss Krr
France EPS France 2 France Protoss ToD
United Kingdom EPS UK & Ireland 1 Cancelled
Sweden EPS Nordic 1 Sweden Terran SjoW
Austria EPS Alpen 1 Austria Zerg bioboyAT
Netherlands EPS Benelux 1 Netherlands Terran ServaNT
Greece EPS Greece 1 Greece Protoss TheMista
Bulgaria EPS Bulgaria 1 Bulgaria Zerg JacK

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