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[e][h]ESC Gaming
Team Information
Stephan "BlAckSuN" Pierenkemper
Alexander "jayDe" Duchene
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:
Picon small.png 0
Ticon small.png 1
Zicon small.png 0
Recent Player Trades:
2016-11-21 GoOdy leaves
2016-07-24 GraVe leaves
2015-08-06 - Jade leaves


ESC Gaming (previously known as "ESC ICY BOX") is a professional German eSports organisation founded in 2007. ESC Gaming is the competitive division of the Electronic Sports Centre, a facility in Pulheim, Germany designed for bootcamps for eSport professionals. It also serves as a headquarters for ESC Gaming, and often houses players, including ESC's Korean StarCraft II players. The ESC facility often receives high profile eSports professionals across all eSport titles to practice before an event.

ESC is known for having housed several big names in different eSport titles in the past, such as k1llsen in Quake Live, and the 'Golden 5 Counter-Strike 1.6 section. In Brood War they were notable for owning the squad that later transferred to mousesports, which included White-Ra, Ret, Strelok, IefNaij and others.[1]

ESC Gaming's StarCraft II division was founded on the 1st of August 2010 with seven players, including GoOdy and DaBoO.[2] Whilst the team is mainly focused on the national scene, they also enjoy an international presence with a few ace players. ESC's StarCraft II division is complemented by an Academy lineup. Since 2010, GoOdy has been the team's premier player, although players such as Daisy, ShoWTimE and Arthur have recently been the forerunners of the brand in international competitions.

ESC competed under the name ESC ICYBOX in representation of their previous main sponsor. The organisation fields divisions in various games, including StarCraft II, World of Tanks, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends and FIFA amongst others.


Player Roster[edit]

Professional Squad[edit]

ID Name 2015 2016
ESC Pro Squad
deGermany tTicon small.png ProPheT Enrico Warzecha - -

Notable Former Members[edit]

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ID Name New Team
deGermany tTicon small.png GoOdy Sascha Lupp ZZZZZLogo filler std.png
plPoland pPicon small.png GraVe Adrian Dembnicki RomandyGaminglogo std.png Romandy Gaming
usUSA pPicon small.png KoNtiNuE Sean Andersson ZZZZZLogo filler std.png
plPoland pPicon small.png Jade Mikołaj Andrzejak Karnage esports std.png Karnage eSports
luLuxembourg pPicon small.png JackO Jacques Fuchs Ecvisualizelogo std.png ECVisualize
INIndia ZZicon small.png DemiLove Varun Immanuel Psistormgaminglogo std.png PSISTORM Gaming
deGermany pPicon small.png ShoWTimE Tobias Sieber Alternatelogo std.png Team ALTERNATE
krSouth Korea pPicon small.png Arthur Yoon Myung Hyuk Team Spectre std.png Team Spectre
PolandPoland ZZicon small.png MilkDealer Łukasz T.
dkDenmark tTicon small.png Khyira Jens Justensen
GermanyGermany ZZicon small.png Wurmi Andreas Meyer
GermanyGermany pPicon small.png FeaR Richard Au Ecvisualizelogo std.png ECVisualize
GermanyGermany tTicon small.png Notavailable Enrico Warzecha ZZZZZLogo filler std.png
krSouth Korea PPicon small.png Daisy Lee Jong Hyuk WesternWolvesLogo std.png Western Wolves
deGermany PPicon small.png Jaxx Alexander Quaiser ZZZZZLogo filler std.png
GermanyGermany zZicon small.png Akki Arthur Roskos Retired
AustriaAustria PPicon small.png monchi Phillip Simon XMG std.png XMG
SwedenSweden PPicon small.png viPro Rasmus Östersjö Teamreplikalogo std.png Team Replika
GermanyGermany PPicon small.png kAra Thomas Ciolak NOMlogo std.png NOM Gaming
GermanyGermany ZZicon small.png SaltTheWound Bastian Brouwers TypeLogo2012 std.png Type
SpainSpain ZZicon small.png VortiX Juan Moreno Duran Karont3 std.png Karont3
Czech RepublicCzech Republic TTicon small.png Rikytan Jan Kusák ESubalogo std.png eSuba
GermanyGermany ZZicon small.png Delphi Lukas Hilgers Alternatelogo std.png Team ALTERNATE
frFrance tTicon small.png ShAyErS Alexis Hamon Mymlogo std.png Meet Your Makers
frFrance tTicon small.png Origine Thomas Aufresne Ldlclogo std.png Team
nlNetherlands zZicon small.png DaBoO Patrick Bolleboom File-Praetoriani std.png Praetoriani


ID Name Position
Germany BlAckSuN Stephan Pierenkemper Team-Manager
Germany jayDe Alexander Duchene Team-Manager

Team Achievements[edit]

Date League Result
2012 January 4PL Clan League Season 1 ESClogo std.png ESC 3 : 2 ImbaFXOlogo std.png Guild of Imbalance
2011 July SC2CL Season 2 37 Points
2010 December SC2CL Season 1 55 Points


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