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Team Information
Sung "trOt" Jin Park
Kim "Hwanni" Sung Hwan
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:
Picon small.png 4
Ticon small.png 5
Zicon small.png 5


EG-Liquid was a partnership between the teams Evil Geniuses and Team Liquid. The two teams formed a combined roster of players in order to compete in Proleague. The partnership was announced on December 4, 2012.[1][2]


2012-2013 Proleague[edit]

EG-Liquid made their debut as the first foreign team to compete in Proleague on December 8, 2012. Their first match was against KT Rolster, which resulted in a 0-4 loss for EG-Liquid. For this match, EG-Liquid had to play without TaeJa, HerO, and Stephano. EG-Liquid scored their first win in Proleague in Week 2 with a 4-0 win against Samsung Khan. By the end of Round 1, EG-Liquid ended up 4th overall, with a record of 3-4.

Round 2 marked the debut of Stephano in Proleague. During Week 1, EG-Liquid was all-killed by KT Rolster’s Flash, but managed to beat SKT T1 4-2. Week 2 was Stephano’s first appearance in Proleague, in the matchup versus CJ Entus. After being down 1-2, Stephano was picked to play against CJ’s herO. During the start of the match, Stephano typed “gl, hf” and was given a warning by the KeSPA referees. Stephano won 2 games for EG-Liquid before falling to Hydra, with EG-Liquid ultimately losing 3-4 to CJ Entus. Round 2 ended with EG-Liquid going 3-4, with an overall score of 6-8 for the entire season.

By Round 3, the EG-Liquid hype had died down after 2 losing rounds. The beginning of Round 3 was no improvement, with 4-1 losses to STX SouL and Samsung KHAN. EG-Liquid’s lack of Proleague experience showed, with a 1-6 record in Round 3 and a 7-14 overall record for the season. This poor performance put EG-Liquid in last place, behind Team 8

After the poor performance in Round 3, EG-Liquid announced on March 13 that they would be adding former SKT Coach Park Yong Woon as the new head coach.[3] After releasing PuMa, EG picked up both aLive and Oz, reaffirming their commitment to a focus on Proleague. [4]

On July 22nd, Coach Park left EG-TL to become the head coach of CJ Entus.[5]

Player Roster[edit]


Team ID Name
Liquid2017logo std.png
SouthKoreaSouth Korea PPicon small.png HerO Song Hyeon Deok
Liquid2017logo std.png
SouthKoreaSouth Korea TTicon small.png TaeJa Yoon Young Seo
Liquid2017logo std.png
SouthKoreaSouth Korea ZZicon small.png Zenio Choi Jung Min
Liquid2017logo std.png
NorwayNorway ZZicon small.png Snute Jens Aasgaard
Eglogo std.png
SouthKoreaSouth Korea pPicon small.png Oz Kim Hak Soo
Eglogo std.png
SouthKoreaSouth Korea PPicon small.png JYP Park Jin Young
Eglogo std.png
SouthKoreaSouth Korea tTicon small.png aLive Han Lee Seok
Eglogo std.png
SouthKoreaSouth Korea TTicon small.png trOt Sung Jin Park
Eglogo std.png
SouthKoreaSouth Korea zZicon small.png Jaedong Lee Jae Dong
Eglogo std.png
SouthKoreaSouth Korea ZZicon small.png Revival Kim Dong Hyun


Team ID Name
Eglogo std.png
CanadaCanada PPicon small.png HuK Chris Loranger
Eglogo std.png
SwedenSweden TTicon small.png ThorZaIN Marcus Sebastian Eklöf
Eglogo std.png
UKUnited Kingdom TTicon small.png DeMusliM Benjamin Baker
Eglogo std.png
FranceFrance ZZicon small.png Stephano Ilyes Satouri


ID Name Position
SouthKoreaSouth Korea tTicon small.png trOt Sung Jin Park Player-Coach
SouthKoreaSouth Korea tTicon small.png yongun Yong Woon Park Head Coach


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