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Team Information
Jan "Jabz" Chua
Yoo "Verde" Chang Jun

Dream Team Gaming (dtG) is an international team, created on December 2011 with players from various top Korean clans.

The team attempted to qualify for IPL Team Arena Challenge 2, with notable wins against RoX.KIS and HoSeo, however they ultimately failed to qualify. dtG also participated in the qualifiers for the IPL Team Arena Challenge 3, reaching the Semi-Finals twice. Despite not qualifying for the main event, dtG was later announced as a replacement for Team Vile, after the latter was absorbed by Quantic Gaming. dtG defeated aTn.Type in the first round, but lost against the eventual winners, Incredible Miracle in the Winner Bracket Round 2, and were then eliminated by Evil Geniuses in the Loser Bracket.

dtG, in partnership with inFerno eSports, took part in the IPTL Season 1 Amateur Division, and after defeating Monomaniac eSports and Team 4Not, they qualified for the Contender division of the subsequent season, that is, 2013 IPTL Season 1.



  • March 14th, dtG announce GGanDoL as their new player after successfully qualifying into Code A.[1]
  • March 18th, dtG announces a new Terran player, Nette,[2] and a new Protoss player, sCar.[3]
  • July 12th, Dream Team Gaming and inFerno eSports announce a partnership.[4]
  • December 2nd, Sickness, who traveled to Italy under the inF-dtG partnership, officially joined inFerno eSports.[5]


Player Roster[edit]


ID Name New Team
krSouth Korea PPicon small.png MasterE Gang Min Chul
krSouth Korea TTicon small.png Pulsar Seong Ju Hyeon
krSouth Korea pPicon small.png sCar Jung Woo Sung
krSouth Korea PPicon small.png GGanDoL Lee Dong Min Quanticlogo std.png Quantic Gaming
krSouth Korea ZZicon small.png Happen Kim Kang Bin Primelogo std.png Prime
krSouth Korea PPicon small.png MadBull Shin Ji Hoon HoSeologo std.png New Star HoSeo
krSouth Korea TTicon small.png Zenith Jo Geun Sik
krSouth Korea TTicon small.png Always Young Jae Na
krSouth Korea PPicon small.png Oracle Kang Seung Hyun
Military Service
krSouth Korea pPicon small.png Sickness Kim San Ha Infernologo std.png inFerno eSports
krSouth Korea pPicon small.png row Kim Gun Woo
krSouth Korea PPicon small.png Saga Lim Seung Won
krSouth Korea zZicon small.png NalrA Kim Jong Ho
krSouth Korea zZicon small.png Peony Kim Jong Beom
krSouth Korea zZicon small.png Royal Kim Kyung Su
krSouth Korea tTicon small.png Nette Uk Dam Lee
krSouth Korea ZZicon small.png AriA Byun Jeong Geun OGslogo std.png Old Generations
krSouth Korea PPicon small.png NalZa Kong Won Wook Wayispiderlogo std.png Wayi Spider
krSouth Korea PPicon small.png TatOv Young Hoon Moon Itsgosulogo std.png It's Gosu eSports
krSouth Korea TTicon small.png Miso Sung Park SlayerSlogo std.png SlayerS
krSouth Korea PPicon small.png Brain Kim Dong Kyu ZeNEXlogo std.png ZeNEX


ID Name Position
philippinesPhilippines pPicon small.png Jabz Jan Chua Manager
krSouth Korea tTicon small.png Verde Yoo Chang Jun Manager


ID Name Position New Team
AustraliaAustralia PPicon small.png DUCKVILLELOL Liam Metzeling Caster
PHPhilippines ZZicon small.png Dualan JM Dualan Manager/Coach Quanticlogo std.png Quantic Gaming


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