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Cyber Sports Network, abbreviated CSN, is a media coverage organization and competitive gaming league that was founded in 2010. CSN offers tournaments for multiple games, including StarCraft II, as well as media coverage of major eSports events.


Cyber Sports Network runs regular tournaments for users run by admins, and provides extensive media coverage for eSports. Most tournaments, such as playSTARCRAFT, are open to all participates from all countries, however some such as The Rundown and Clash of the Houses are invitational. CSN has also done some non-conventional tournaments such as the SC2/QL Free For All Amateur Cup in which players first competed in a free for all Quake Live event then those that advanced competed in a more conventional 1v1 Starcraft II event.[1]

Mission Statement[edit]

Bringing the community premier eSports content, unique and comprehensive media coverage, and competitive tournaments for all gamers!

Media Coverage[edit]

CSN has provided media coverage for many major eSports events in North America and Korea. CSN has also filmed many tours of Korean Starcraft II houses. New videos are posted regularly on their YouTube page.

CSN Training Camp[edit]

On Nov 5, 2011, viOLet was announced to be a participant of the CSN Training Camp, which would allow fans to watch him practice for 2 weeks as he prepares for the Open Bracket at MLG Providence.[2] It was later announced that viOLet would remain in the US to continue practicing at the camp even after Providence.[2] His run in the 2011 MLG Providence Open Bracket was ended by his fellow Korean pro-gamer GanZi in round 3. viOLet nonetheless made his way through the losers bracket, and eventually earned a spot in the Championship Bracket, where he was immediately eliminated by MarineKing.

viOLet's next attendance to a premier event took place in January 2012, in the HomeStory Cup IV. He narrowly reached the playoffs after finishing 2-1 in his group. In the playoff's, viOLet defeated MarineKing in the quarterfinals in a very close best of 5, and advanced to the semifinals. Both players disconnected in game 4, in which MarineKing was arguably winning, and both players decided to re-game. MarineKing would take the rematched game 4, with viOLet taking a convincing Game 5. In the following round, viOLet would face Sound, who would end up beating viOLet 3-2. In the bronze match, viOLet would face JYP and end up losing 1-3 to end up fourth overall.

viOLet joined Team Empire January 21st 2012[3]. viOLet resides in Texas with his manager.



Weekly Events[edit]

The Rundown[edit]

The Rundown is a weekly tournament featuring eight invited players for $100 to develop and promote the Starcraft II community. The finalists from the previous tournament are automatically invited to the following tournament. The tournament is casted by Gwin and runs every Thursday at 7PM EST.


playSTARCRAFT is a weekly cup series consisting of 4 to 6 weeks of single-elimination bracket cups with each cup rewarding players for participation, wins, and placement. Along with cash prizes, each Points Cup will earn participants playGAMES Points (pGp). These points are accumulated over the length of each series to determine the 8 players that will compete in a 'Finals Cup' for cash prizing.

playSTARCRAFT Finals Cup #1

Place Prize (USD) ID Team
1st $ 250 South Korea Ticon small.png aLive TSLlogo std.png Team SCV Life
2nd $ 150 South Korea Zicon small.png viOLet ZZZZZLogo filler std.png
3rd $ 50 Peru Zicon small.png CatZ Complexitylogo std.png compLexity Gaming
4th - South Korea Ticon small.png Heart TSLlogo std.png Team SCV Life

Weekly playSTARCRAFT Cup Series #1

# Date Gold.png Silver.png Score Participants
#1 2011-10-25 South Korea Ticon small.png aLive Peru Zicon small.png CatZ 3 : 0 32
#2 2011-11-01 South Korea Ticon small.png aLive South Korea Zicon small.png AnNyeong 3 : 0 29
#3 2011-11-08 South Korea Ticon small.png Heart USA Zicon small.png Goswser 3 : 1 32
#4 2011-11-15 USA Picon small.png rsvp South Korea Zicon small.png AnNyeong 2 : 0 26

List of CSN Special Events[edit]

Clash of the Houses[edit]

The CSN Clash of the Houses (or CotH for short) is a tournament between the top players in each Team House of 8 of the Professional Korean Starcraft 2 Teams.

Clash Date Winner Runner-Up TL Articles
World All-Stars Vs Incredible Miracle Showmatch 2011 (2011-04-07) IMlogo std.png IM GSLworld allstars.png All-Stars R&S
Clash of the Houses: Startale 2011 (2011-04-11) Zicon small.png July Picon small.png Squirtle R&S
Clash of the Houses: Incredible Miracle 2011 (2011-04-17) Zicon small.png Junwi Zicon small.png LosirA R&S
Clash of the Houses: SlayerS 2011 (2011-05-25) Ticon small.png TaeJa Picon small.png Frozen R&S
Clash of the Houses: HoSeo 2011 (2011-05-26) Picon small.png San Picon small.png Tassadar R&S
Clash of the Houses: ZeNex 2011 (2011-05-28) Picon small.png Puzzle Zicon small.png CoCa R&S
Clash of the Houses: MvP 2011 (2011-05-29) Ricon small.png GuineaPig Ticon small.png KeeN R&S
Clash of the Houses: TSL 2011 (2011-05-30) Picon small.png Killer Picon small.png TricKsteR R&S
Clash of the Houses: Prime 2011 (2011-05-31) Ticon small.png MarineKing Picon small.png anypro R&S
The Final Clash 2011 (2011-06-01) Zicon small.png July Ticon small.png TaeJa R&S
  • Winner of The Final Clash won all expense paid trip to MLG Columbus[4]

After the Clash 2[edit]

After The Clash 2 was a special tournament focused on lesser known players in the NA server for a $1000 prize pool.

After The Clash 2/Prize pool table

  • Open tournament

Project Dark Horse[edit]

After SlayerS disbanded in November 2012, owners BoxeR and Jessica teamed up with CSN to create Project Dark Horse. The project's goal is to auction off remaining SlayerS gear to raise funds for up-and-coming players.[5] In April 2013, Puzzle and CoCa were announced to be the first 2 players sponsored by the project. Both players will make their first appearance since returning from retirement in DreamHack Stockholm Open.[6]

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