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[e][h]Convergence Gaming
Team Information
Matthew "Thunderz" Silvas
Team Captain:
Marcus "AGIANTSMURF" Bazan
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:
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Convergence Gaming (CVG) was a Prominent North American eSports Organization during the years of 2011/2012. The main focus was with StarCraft II, however over its span it began to move into more fields, acquiring multiple teams in different gaming disciplines. In addition CVG also had a successful streaming network employing many personalities including renowned Runescape streamer, 'Craftingrubies'. CVG was ultimately composed of teams competing in the following games:

  • StarCraft II
  • Counter Strike 1.6
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
  • League of Legends
  • World of Warcraft: Arena


Convergence Gaming was founded on August 14, 2011 as a merger of several organizations including Stimulus Gaming and North Texas LAN, as well as players from several teams with its first sponsor, Vague Designs. On November 25, 2011, Convergence Gaming took over Unrestricted Esports, acquiring new sponsors EO Reality, Kontrol Freak, and Dust-Off.

The team disbanded in May of 2012.[1]

Player Roster[edit]

Player Roster[edit]

Roster shown at time of disbanding

ID Name
USAUSA PPicon small.png AGIANTSMURF Marcus Bazan Monomaniaclogo std.png Monomaniac eSports
CanadaCanada TTicon small.png AlexCMoi Alexandre Michaud TeamKSlogo std.png Team Killing Spree
USAUSA ZZicon small.png Bio Lucas C
USAUSA zZicon small.png Birdkicker Randy He
USAUSA PPicon small.png DoctaD Ryan Lee
USAUSA TTicon small.png Kiom Mike Mainsville
USAUSA PPicon small.png Kyo Luke Yocum Teamreplikalogo std.png Team Replika
USAUSA TTicon small.png Noobasaurus David Guest
USAUSA TTicon small.png Proxima Corey Wright
USAUSA PPicon small.png Ragnarok Alex Baranov


ID Name New Team
USAUSA ZZicon small.png Sasquatch Gage DuBose Complexitylogo std.png compLexity Academy
USAUSA PPicon small.png PuCK Brandon Qual Rootlogo std.png ROOT Gaming
USAUSA ZZicon small.png Goswser Michael Dobler Complexitylogo std.png compLexity Academy
USAUSA ZZicon small.png Fitzyhere Connor Fitzpatric HabitatLogo filler std.png Habitat
USAUSA ZZicon small.png GETSLAMT Jay Tran N/A
USAUSA PPicon small.png Lobber Nicholas Adolph N/A
CanadaCanada TTicon small.png SGTofLuck Eric Shi N/A
USAUSA TTicon small.png OpticalRH Minseo Choi N/A
USAUSA pPicon small.png YaTa Jason Hoang Itsgosulogo std.png It's Gosu eSports


ID Name Position
USA Squeegee Harrison Kaye CFO/Co-Founder
USA Fury Zane Castillo COO/Co-Founder
USA Thunderz Matthew Silvas Co-Founder
USA jshea James Shea StarCraft II Division Manager
USA Cheeseypoofs Josh Hoberman Head Writer
USA Twist Alex Patrick Social Media Director
USA Wakanoid Kyle Harrington Co-Founder